How to Make a Frozen Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

How to Make a Frozen Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Jenn: Hi everybody this is Jenn from Today I’m here with one of my favorite
little people in the entire world! What’s your name? Elsa: Elsa. J: This is Elsa she’s my niece and I’ve been waiting for
so long to make her a cake. And what’s your favorite movie? E: Frozen. J: Frozen. So I’ve heard all of your
requests for all the Frozen cake but I had to wait until my niece Elsa came so I could show you how to
make a Frozen cake with her. So today that’s our tutorial, how to make a Frozen
cake. So we’re going to be using candy here. Now I showed you how to make hard candy in a previous video. We’re also going to
be using white buttercream and we’re going to be using these white sanding
sugar, they’re just like little clearer pieces
of sugar and usually you can find them in the sprinkle aisle. We’re going to
be using 3 of the sugar cones and one of the regular kind of icecream cones
and then for the cakes were using these two, a 6 inch cake and an 8-inch cake but
the cool thing about this cake is that you can do any size that you want and
any flavor that you want and then what have we got here Elsa? What kind of sprinkles are those? E: Snowflakes. J: Snowflake sprinkles so we’re going to be using snowflake sprinkles as well. So Elsa what you’re going to do is take
a big scoop of icing. Can you take a big scoop of icing out and then rub it on
there? Good job and that’s going to help the little cake stick onto the big cake. So let’s put a little bit more over here
too. You need more on your knife? E: Yep J: Ok you take some more, I’ll hold that for
you, good job! Do you like doing this part? E: Yeah. J: Putting
the icing on. You’re doing a great job using the spatula! Good job do you think that’s enough? E: Yep. J: Ok so you can put your spatula down if
you want. And now I’m going to pick up this big
cake. You want to help me put it on there? E: Yep. J: Okay you hold it. Oh good job, thank you! Just like that! Ok so what
we’re going to do now Elsa, is we’re going to build the mountain that Elsa’s castle
is on. So what we have to do now is take some
more of the icing and we’re going to put it up here to help the cone stick so you
want to wipe some right on the edge here. There you go, perfect! And now can you put a cone in that in
that icing little pile there it will help it stick. Good job now we need some right here
right beside it. Ok and put another little smooth little
bit there and a little bit over here too I’ll help you. There we go ok now this cone goes up
like that right there. Can you put it on there? E: Sure. J: Ok now I’m
going to do something tricky I’m going to dip that in there and then can you
put that up there? Can you reach up there? And that’s going to help it stick
up there. E: I can’t. J: Well you did it, good job! Now we’re going to put another cone over
here. Can you reach around there should I do
it? E: I think I can. J: Ok you give it a try. Good job and the cone can go up there
too. So that’s how we build the mountain. So next Elsa I have to do the next part
because it has a sharp knife. What I’m going to do is I’m going to
carve out the mountain, going around the cones that you just put up because this
is going to be the part where Elsa’s castle goes. I’m just going to start
cutting out around that little corner and then I’ll be back when all of it’s
done. Now do you think you want to snack on this little piece of cake? E: Yeah. J: Ok I’ll put it on your plate there, there
you go. So I’m going to keep carving and you can
enjoy some cake! Ok, so now that we have our cake carved
away, what you need to do Elsa take all your
icing and you’re going to cover all the board and you’re going to start to cover
all the inside of this cake. So while you’re doing that I’m also
going to put icing on the mountains here. Oh you’re gonna work on the mountains too? Okay that sounds good but you’re doing a great job. So we’re going to cover all of the front
too and we’re going to cover the front of
the cake as well and we’re going to cover everything up so it’s all white. Ok so Elsa can you help me hold the
knife? E: Sure! J: Great and we’re going to cut our hard candy into long strips in
order to make all the pieces for Elsa’s ice castle. So they’re going to be about this in
shape and they’re going to be nice and pointy. So we’re just going to keep
cutting until we have all of our pieces that we need. Let’s cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! Ok so we’ve got all of our pieces cut
out now they’re long and pointy so Elsa now we need to put them onto the
princess Elsa’s castle. So can you put this piece up here too,
beside the center one? E: Got it. J: Got it. Can you put it up there? Oh good job and the next one. E: Which one? J: Let’s go with that one how about? Candy
sticky isn’t it? E: Yeah. J: Ok let’s put it up next, good job. Now your little one on the end. Going to
put your little one up next? Peel it off. It’s super sticky isn’t it? E: Mine is. Yeah you want to put it there? Awesome
let’s move it around a little bit. There we go, good job, and then I’ll put
this one over here. E: Can I do this one? J: Ok can you reach it? Over there? Can you put it over there, good job! Thank you. Great now we’re going to do
the front of the castle next. So we have our back of the castle ready
now we have smaller shorter pieces and we’re going to put those in the front. so
which one do you want to put up first Elsa? Oh the little guys? Ok so you choose where to put them we
can put them. Ok you want to put them in the back, a
backdoor castle? E: Yeah. J: Ok so let’s put this big one in
front like that and then we can put these ones on either side of the front
and put that one down and this one here E: Where can I put mine? J: How about you put it right there, that’ll be
great if you put it right there. E: Where? J: Right there, perfect! E: Sticks to that one. J: It is it’s on top of it because if you
look in the movie Elsa’s ice castle is pretty pointy isn’t
it? E: Yeah. J: Should we put these ones on too? Over here? E: Yeah. Can I put this one on? J: Yep, you can put that one in the front,
that can be the front of the castle. Perfect! Thank you! Now we need to put on the sprinkles. Ok so
what we’re going to do next is I’m going to put some sugar crystals down to make the
snow glittery and Elsa do you want to put on some snowflakes on the cake here? E: Yeah. J: You can put them wherever you want, it will look really cool. Oh good, yeah you can put lots of
snowflakes on and lots of sprinkles just makes it really shiny. Put on as much as
you want! Do you get snow in Minnesota? E: Yeah. J: Yeah you guys got lots this year didn’t
you? Do you think you have as much as Elsa does at her ice palace? E: Ummm no. J: No? Not quite as much as her? E: No. J: Up next
we’re going to work on the border. So next up we have chunks of ice. No who are the ice choppers in the
movie? Who chops the ice in Frozen? Does Kristoff and the Ice Choppers? E: Yeah J: Yeah ok so let’s take a piece of
ice you choose one which one do you want to use? E: This one. J: Ok and now let’s put a little bit of
icing on the back to make it sticky and then put it along there and it’s going
be like a border around the cake. Ok and we’re also going to make a border
around the bottom of the cake so can you choose another piece of ice? Is it really ice or is it sugar? Sugar
candy is it sugar candy or ice? What do you think? E: Sugar. J: Sugar. Let’s put a little bit sticky icing on,
now put it right on the bottom there. Will make a board or let me help you, oh
stretching! Oh you’re covered in candy! Ok so now
we’re going to finish it off and then we’re going to find, see if we can find
some frozen people to finish our cake off. So what I’ve got here are some of the
little characters from the movie. I found these on Amazon. So you have Elsa in your hand. Where she
going to go? Where can you put her on the cake? Reach and pull her up in front of her
castle oh yeah. Should we turn her around so she can see all
of her people? There what town does Elsa live in? E: Umm I don’t know. J: Was it Arendelle? E: Yeah. J: Oh yeah! What did she do – does she freeze the whole town? E: Yeah. J: Oh she did didn’t she! But who rescues her? E: Anna. J: Where’s Anna? Can you put Anna on the cake? She needs to be there too. Now sometimes
when you guys play, does you and your little brother Leo have to be Anna? E: Yeah. J: That will be nice and embarrassing
for him when he’s 16. Good job! So we are going to put the rest of the
characters on and then we’ll be back to finish off the video. E: Where can one more be? J: Why don’t we put him
down here with Sven? So thanks everybody for watching I hope
you enjoyed learning how to make the Frozen cake and I want to thank my very
special guest Elsa for visiting us today. Can you say
goodbye to everybody? Bye everybody! Thanks for watching,
remember to subscribe to the channel. Say bye? We clap? Good job, good job, is it sticky? And smash it! 1, 2, 3! Good job! A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p
q r s t u v w x y and z! Now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing
with me? High Five!

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