How to Make a Cupcake Liner Floral Bouquet

Hey there, I am Jessica with Paper Mart ( Today I am going to show you how to use a little creativity and some great Paper Mart products to turn these ordinary supplies into this beautiful cupcake liner bouquet. Here is what you need: P.E.T. jar without the top A pair of scissors Wire cutters Pack of Cake Pop Sticks Floral wire Ribbon – any type. I’m using 1-1/2″ pink ribbon. Various colors of cupcake liners. These polka dot cupcake liners are from Paper Mart. Glue Gun First thing we are going to do is get our cake pop sticks and line our jar. Once our glue gun is heated up, we are going to glue hot glue on the jar. and then attach a cake pop stick on top Repeat this step till you cover the whole jar. Once the jar is completely covered, we have a vase to put our cupcake liner flowers in. Next, let’s make the flowers because that is the fun part. Take your floral wire and cut it to various lengths using your wire cutters. Cut your wire to different lengths so you can create a fuller bouquet. This wire is 7 to 8 inches long, I think. Take 4 to 8 cupcake liners and stack them. For a fuller flower, use more cupcake liners. And vice versa. Take your scissors and start cutting 1/2″ up from the ridge. Continue making cuts all around the cupcake liner stack, about a quarter inch apart. Do not cut all the way to the center. You can get the kids to help out too Cut the inside of the cupcake liner to the circle and then cut the circle out. We do not need the circle. Take the piece of wire you cut. And one cupcake liner from the stack. Dab some glue at the top of the wire about 1/2″ down. Place the bottom of the cupcake liner in the glue and start wrapping around the floral wire. Use extra glue if you need to secure it more. Wrap your cupcake liner really tight and keep it even as possible on the bottom. Continue this process with the rest of the liners. More liners used makes a bigger flower. Once our glue is cool, start fluffing out your flower to get it full. Reminds me of carnations. Give it as a birthday gift or put it out on your table. We have our nice beautiful flower and we will add it to our bouquet. There we go! It is a nice touch to our bouquet. I also put on this ribbon to tie it off. I hope you guys enjoyed making this craft. Remember there are so many more on our Youtube channel All the great products to make this craft are on Thanks for watching

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