How to Make a Cake Shaped like a Hamburger

How to Make a Cake Shaped like a Hamburger

How to Make a Cake Shaped like a Hamburger. If the burger-lover in your life has a birthday
fast approaching, this guide will get their mouth watering with a delicious twist on the
average cake. You will need 1 box white cake mix 1 box chocolate
cake mix 1 can vanilla frosting Yellow food coloring Red food coloring Cocoa powder 3/4
c. chocolate frosting Pine nuts 12 lime candy squares 12 orange candy squares Sugar Equipment:
8-in. round pan 2-qt. bowl 9-in. round pan Cooling rack Yellow piping gel (optional)
Red piping gel (optional) and sugar for dusting (optional). Step 1. Prepare the white and chocolate cake mixes
according to package instructions. Butter the cake pans and the 2-quart bowl. Pour 1 3/4 cups of the white batter into the
8-inch round pan and the remaining mix into the 2-quart bowl. Pour the chocolate batter into the 9-inch
pan. Bake to package directions. Bake the cake in the bowl for at least 40
minutes and up to an hour, until toothpicks stuck into the center come out clean. Step 2. Divide the vanilla frosting and tint small
amounts of it red and yellow to make your ketchup and mustard. Then use the cocoa powder and yellow food
coloring to tint the remaining frosting light brown. You can also use red and yellow piping gel
to create the mustard and ketchup appearance. Step 3. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow them
to cool on a cooling rack before frosting. Step 4. Frost the 8-inch cake with chocolate frosting
to create your burger patty. Tap the sides and top of the cake with a spatula
to give it a rough, burger-like appearance. Step 5. Frost the bowl shaped cake with the brown
frosting and top it with pine nuts for sesame seeds. Frost the top of the 9-inch cake with the
red and yellow frostings. Step 6. Roll out the lime candy to 1/8 inch and pinch
the ends to simulate lettuce leaves. Do the same for the orange candy, but trim
it into squares to simulate cheese slices. Dust your cutting board or work surface with
sugar to prevent sticking. Step 7. Stack the chocolate patty on top of the bottom
bun with the red and yellow frosting, top it with the lime and orange slices, and finish
with the bowl-shaped bun on top to create your burger cake. Did you know McDonald’s restaurants in India
were the first to serve an all-vegetarian fast food menu.

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  1. the bun is the cake and 74 people did not die idiot and think before you type i mean really? how dumb are you? did you know im getting angry?

  2. if you're going to eat the whole cake yourself and indulge in it often then yeah. but it's not like you're going to do that..

  3. They aren't. Notice they said McDonalds. Maybe you eat there too much and can't see truth behind the fat surrounding your squinty eyes.

  4. Who would tatoo a hamburger on there skin that is stupid and then they will regret it when they get fat and end up with diabettes

  5. Why not pour the chocolate batter into the 8in. pan, and pour 1 and 3/4 of white batter into the 9in. pan? That way, you'll have a chocolate cake that already looks like a burger patty, and a white cake that already looks like a bottom bun.

  6. You guys need to all shut up! My sister made this and now one gives a flying fuck if nerdy nummies is better!! So you all need to just stop leaving negative comments! If you don't like it, the don't watch the video!!! P.s: the hamburger tattoo is fake!! So calm the fuck down people-_-

  7. Why not pour the chocolate batter into the 8-inch pan, and pour some of the white batter into the 9-inch pan? That way you have an 8-inch chocolate cake that looks like a burger patty, and a 9-inch white cake that looks like a bottom bun.

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