How to Make a Cactus Cake – Coloring Buttercream Frosting

In this video I’m sharing a cactus cake
design with you. The focus will be on how to make these beautiful colors for a
realistic look so stay tuned. For your cactus cake you’re gonna need a cake
obviously. I am using my buttermilk chocolate cake. I’ve got three layers
here. You’re welcome to check out that recipe on my youtube channel. I’m gonna
put that aside. I had that in the freezer. A batch of chocolate mousse, actually
this is a half a batch, because it’s a very small cake, also on my youtube
channel and on my website. I’m going to experiment a little bit with the
chocolate ganache. Your gonna need a batch of buttercream.
That’s my Italian meringue buttercream which I also have a very detailed
tutorial on how to make. You’re going to need some colors. Now I’m trying this out
today and I’m also going to combine it with my gel colors. So we’ll go over that
in a little bit, as far as what colors you’re going to need. You’ll need a
couple of pastry bags that you make out of parchment paper some wax paper pieces
cut into squares. You can also use parchment. flower nails. I have two sizes
here you, don’t need two sizes. You’ll need some pastry bags with couplers,
some kind of a cake board. I’m gonna use my silver ones I really love these. You
can get these on my Amazon store or in my Amazon store. Graham cracker crumbs
and or gold sparkles. I like to combine them. I have a couple different golds
here. That’s gonna be for the sand, that’s going to be part of the
arrangement, a little decoration I’m going to put on top. The most important thing when it comes
to making the cactus, if you really want to make them look realistic, is the
colors. We’ll start with the green and then we’re going to add the other colors.
And I’ll show you how. Now normally you would start with white buttercream and
you color it. I happen to have green left over from a previous cake and I have a
couple different greens in here. So I’m gonna incorporate that into it. But if
you don’t have green already you would mix, and this is how I do it, I would mix
moss-green a Wilton Moss, a little bit of leaf green and a little bit of the
juniper, and maybe even a touch of black. So what I’ll do is I’ll show you here
how I would mix these colors. I would start with the moss, and I would
use a generous amount, a little bit of juniper, tiny bit of leaf green, and a little bit
of black. Now it’s starting to get that nice moss, but it could be a little
richer, so I go back and I would add a little more till you get it to the color
that you want. That’s pretty good. This will darken as as it sits. So I’m going
to let that sit. My buttercream recipe is nice and fluffy, the Italian meringue, but
it it sometimes it needs to be microwaved for a few minutes, I’m sorry
for a few seconds, and then whipped up a little bit to make it smooth. This is the
buttercream recipe that’s on the website, and it’s also on youtube. I have a
detailed tutorial on how to make it there, and one of the tips that I talk
about is how to get your buttercream smooth by using the microwave. I put this in the microwave for 10
seconds sometimes 20 depending and then I just mix it until it gets nice and
smooth. So it’s less air, less air bubbles. And the other thing is when you’re
coloring your buttercream… in order for the butter the in order for the color to
bind you need to add a little bit of confectionery sugar. The next color we’re
going to make is this grey violet. We don’t need a lot of grey violet, so I’m
going to put a little bit in a cup and I’m going to use my violet. So if you
have violet or purple, just put a tiny bit. Start off with a tiny bit. I’m going to go ahead and add a tiny bit
of black. Put that aside. You are going to want to
have a little bit of dark purple, so take about maybe half of this purple and make
that a little darker. You can see right here
purple blend it in with the green. And let that sit. And now for the brown. You can see I’m going to meet a lot. You
can also use Cocoa, or you can use ganache. I happen to have some ganache here. So whenever you’re trying to deepen the
color you can add black. Okay so we’ve got our brown. I think I’m going to add a
little red to that. Then we have our buttercup yellow. I
happen to have some made already. The perfect color right there. And that is
actually buttercup yellow, which you can get in already pre-made. Buttercup yellow.
I don’t need a whole lot of that. I am just going to take my already made
buttercup and add it to this, and then probably add more. That’s a real nice yellow for the cactus. Set that aside. If you happen to have
leftover green it makes it really really interesting if you can just very gently
mix other greens in. And you’ll see how great that looks once we get it in the
piping bag. One more color that you might want to consider is red. And again I
happen to have some already made here. And I’m going to add some fresh
buttercream to that. So we’ve got red, green, buttercup yellow, brown, and two different shades of violet
and I think we’re all ready to go. One more color that you might want to add is
a dusty rose. I happen to have some peach here. You normally use pink and a little
bit of brown. You could even just do one drop of this Brown and it will make a
dusty rose. Really the most work this cake requires is the colouring. So do
they’ll do all that ahead and then get all your bags filled and ready to go and
the decorating part will be a breeze. I’m going to add one more drop of Brown. Awesome. We’re gonna start with the
cactus. I used a large round number 12 to make the center, and then I have a 103
petal tip, wide end towards facing the center and just pipe a line up to the
top. And just repeat that all around This is a 101 petal and you’re gonna
make a little flower there. I’m gonna do one more here just extend it up a little
bit. And the flower is just four little petals ruffled on there. It doesn’t have
to look exactly like a flower. Just it gives the effect of a flower, and then
you would use the buttercup yellow again with the number one. And along all these
ridges you’re going to do little dots. This is the most time-consuming
part. Now we’re gonna make this beauty here. I
love this one, my favorite. Starts with a flat round base as big as you’d like to
make it. Switch your tip to a number 2 round and you’re going to make little
round balls all around. Your yellow or white, but I’m using
yellow, and just make a tiny little dot on the end of it on the top of each one. Next is a flower that looks like a mum
kind of, but it’s a little bit different, and then a mum that’s very similar and
you use the same tip it’s number 81. It’s the purple one right there. The difference is it’s more vertical. Now we’re going to make what looks kind
of like a rose with our dusty rose. This is super easy. This is basically a ribbon and it starts out like a rose. So you’re just do ribbons and the
piping bag stays vertical. So your and your tip is vertical the entire time. Some tips on mixing so you don’t want to
overmix it because you want to keep it kind of streaky. I’m just mixing it in a
little bit and then as I put it on the cake it will mix even more. So I’m just going to
take some ganache and kind of add that on there, So I want it to be textured
like wood. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for
more amazing recipe and decorating tutorials, as well as upcoming
collaborations with other YouTube creators. See you soon 🙂

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