How to Decorate an Easter Cake

A gorgeous candy covered easter cake is
the perfect finale to your easter dinner. With the seeming-less endless supply of
bunnies, eggs, beans and tarts, decorating an easter cake is as
much fun as eating one. We’ll show you 3 ways to decorate
a simple white frosted cake you make yourself, or pick up at the bakery. Give a round cake the look of an easter
basket full of candy eggs after the hunt. First, add a few drops of green food
coloring into a resealable plastic bag. Add shredded coconut, close the bag,
and shake until all the coconut is green; add more drops of food coloring if needed.
Next mound the coconut in the center of the cake, making a small indentation
in the center to look like a grass. Now add a clutch of chocolate
eggs, malted milk eggs, or jelly beans, into the center
of the nest. To make the basket handle, fold a
sheet of aluminum foil in half lengthwise, 4 times. Then, wrap with ribbon,
and tape the ends. Insert the ends of the handle into
the cake top. How about a bunny parade? This is easy enough to have the
kids help out. Place chocolate bunnies around
the sides of the cake, alternating their height, and size,
so they appear to be dancing. Decorate the top of the cake with the
colorful mosaic of jelly beans, and candy covered chocolates.
Just press them right into the frosting. Place of chocolate bunny in the middle,
for a focal point. Peter Cottontail needs a bunny trail
to hop down, and where better than on top of the easter cake. Use licorice whips to first make a
winding path. Line the outside of the path with green
colored coconut, and set in eggs, tarts, and beans, for Peter to
visit on his journey. Decorating Easter cakes is easy when you
start out with a plain cake, and lots of easter candy. Use your imagination to create colorful,
candy cakes for your next Easter dinner.

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