Homemade Strawberry Cake Recipe From Scratch

Homemade Strawberry Cake Recipe From Scratch

In this video I’m going to share with
you the most amazing strawberry cake recipe I’ve ever tasted, and I think
you’ll agree it is the best, so stay tuned. Here’s what you’ll need for your
strawberry cake. 3 cups of sifted flour, that’s all-purpose, 1 tablespoon
of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1/2 pound of butter unsalted softened. 2 cups of granulated sugar, ITs FIVE EGGS NOT SIX) 5 whole eggs, 1 1/4 cups of strawberry
milk. 1 teaspoon of raspberry or strawberry extract and 1 1/2 or somewhere
around that amount of organic strawberries freeze dried .And they don’t
have to be organic, but I had just happened to find these delicious organic ones. And
it’s about 1 and 1/2 cups and I’m going to crush those. I’m gonna be making
6-inch hearts so I’ve got two little 6-inch pans which I’ve floured first I
put the shortening on then I flour them and put the wax paper down. And I do have a
video on that on YouTube which I can put the link in. And I have a dozen cupcakes.
So I’m just gonna make some basic cupcakes and this cake here is going to
be decorated for Valentine’s Day. So you want to start with your butter
and your sugar and your flat beater. Start with it un slow and then once the butter starts to mix
in a little bit with the sugar you can up the speed. Then you want to incorporate your dry
ingredients, so I’m putting the salt and the baking powder in with the flour. Just
give that a stir. Set that aside. And then you can crack your eggs. And then you want to add your eggs, so
add each egg and then just let it mix a little bit. And the next thing you want to do is
crunch up your strawberries. I find for me the easiest way to do it is with my
hands. and you want to have it a little chunky. You want to have little pieces. That kind of adds to the texture a
little bit of the cake, or adds a nice interesting crunch. And just give it one last scrape. I like
to use the actual paddle. And then you want to add your flour and your liquid
ingredients. I like to do a third. Put on low , put about a third of that in
there and then add the milk, a third of the milk. increase the speed. Give it a little scrape and just
continue that. So at this point you can add a little bit of color to it. Then add your dried strawberries. Make sure that color gets mixed in. Then you want to fill your pans. So about one and a half cups and these
are gonna go in the oven at 320 on convection. So if you’re using the
convection it’s 320 or 325 in that neighborhood. And then if you’re using a
regular oven 350 or below. Sometimes 350 for me is too high, so even if it’s not
convection I bake my cakes at 325. And then about a half a scoop is good for
the cupcakes. That would be about a quarter cup. I got a dozen and a half
cupcakes and two little 6-inch cakes. I made a batch of buttercream. And if you
need to see my buttercream recipe I have that on youtube and on my website so I
will put a link to that for you. And I have some lemon curd, which I made a
couple of days ago, and I’m going to I also have that recipe online and I’m
going to add that to my buttercream. I want to make this really lemony so I’m
just going to add the entire thing. The reason I add it to the buttercream
and not put it directly into the cake is because it’s pretty slippery and it
tends to want to leak out, so that’s going to be the filling. So I’ve got my
two layers and I’m cutting them in half because I would like to make a four
layer cake. I’m gonna go with a very elegant simple
design. Thank you for watching and I hope that
you like my recipe give it a try it’s amazing and also the Russian piping tips
if you haven’t tried those out they make really really beautiful tulips. That’s
the one tip that I really love it’s the tulip one because they’re really
gorgeous and they’re easy. They’re not hard to do once you figure out how much
to squeeze and when to pull away it really isn’t hard to do and I hope that
you like my design which is very simple I love it!
you could put some ribbon around here maybe to make it look a little more
colorful, but I think it’s really sweet. And I’m really happy that you’re here
and that you watched my tutorial. Leave me a comment below. Now before I go and
cut into that cake, because I’m planning on taking a bite, I wanted to just remind
you at because this is perfect timing Valentine’s Day! this is a perfect
Valentine’s Day gift it’s on Amazon it’s wedding cakes with floral I step-by-step
in case you don’t know about it and it makes just the perfect Valentine’s gift.
Even the cake on the cover it looks like a valentine cake, and it has all my
best recipes except for the strawberry cake, which I’m planning on adding down
the road. Alright well thanks for watching and happy Valentine’s Day and
I’ll see you next week and I’m gonna go ahead and cut that cake and take a bite…
ok see you later thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. I love strawberry cakes so I am definitely going to try this one thank you for the recipe.
    I have one question if I don't find dry strawberry can I add Frozen or fresh in it?

  2. Lorelie…what a beautiful little cake!! I ordered the heart pans after seeing your Chocolate Decadence Cakes, so now I can make this too! 🙂 Your tutorials are getting better and better! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, glad I found you. 👍 from me. I have Russian piping tips and wanted to make a cake for Valentine's Day. Did you use the same buttercream for piping the roses. Everything is perfect on your cake. I subscribed to your channel and now going to see all other videos of yours. Xx

  4. Lorelie, do you mind telling me the weight in grams of the freeze dried strawberries please? I can buy it already ground so would be easier than cup sizes.

  5. I'm so happy I watched your channel your very talented I love all the cake banana, carrots and this strawberry thank you so much for shareing your recipes love your work👌🌷🌹👍

  6. Hi Lorelie I’m making this beautiful cake for my daughter today. Visiting her family this weekend for her birthday. Thank you so much 😊

  7. Hi…i want to ask if what is my other.option for organic strawberry?? Because its also adds flavor in the cake..thank.you

  8. Ha, I just saw this I think. I am making a gluten free wedding cake for next weekend I had a dilemma with the 12 inch strawberry tier.I went with a combo of recipes and was glad to check ingredients and measurements with this! Thanks sweetheart.

  9. Looks pretty. How is the lemon and strawberry combination? U should do a video on how you use the Russian tip and coloring the frosting to get that look

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