Hochzeits Cupcakes: Blütenpaste Rose mit Zuckerperlen Brosche – Satin Ice  – Wedding Cupcake Toppers

Hochzeits Cupcakes: Blütenpaste Rose mit Zuckerperlen Brosche – Satin Ice – Wedding Cupcake Toppers

Hello and welcome to Keyk Today I am making these gum paste flowers using Satin Ice, to create simple and elegant cupcake toppers for wedding cupcakes. Roll out gum paste thin and cut out three flowers. Two smaller and one larger flower. Using a fondant ball tool to thin out the edges … on foam The thick foam is useful for cupping the flowers – to give them more dimension. Allow gum paste flowers to dry in curved bowl. The flower didn’t hold its shape – so it was to early to take out. Using two different sizes of sugar pearls to create the brooch center. Cupcake covered with a piece of fondant – a bit of buttercream underneath to create the dome shape. Or use a dome shaped foam to create the shape. Laced cupcake liner. Like this video for support and subscribe for more! Thank you!

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  1. Wow sind die schön, auf einem Hochzeitstisch kann ich mit die so schön vorstellen…toll 🙂 Liebe Grüße Bea

  2. Amaaazing. Where do you buy the cutters ? I live in Germany and I don't know the stores that sell those equipments. Maybe you could let me know because I see the website is keyk.de

  3. очень красиво получилось и нежно! а как можно в Россию заказать такую вырубку?

  4. How long it take to set?? I used gum paste n keep those shaped petals for dry straight one day but still it didnt hold its shape nor did ot get dry? Do may i know why? What should be right temperature of room for making them for dry?

  5. Absolutely stunning! So elegant in white & silver. Thank you for showing what a little patience will do 🙂

  6. I saw that gum paste tastes really awful. Don’t think these flowers should be on a cupcake without a warning. Fondant is less repulsive and molding chocolate is the best for taste.

  7. What beautiful flowers! Thank you so much for sharing. I am trying to make a cake for my daughter and this was very helpful.

  8. Very beautiful and elegant!… Thank you for this tutorial you make it look so easy … ! Thank you for your videos.. Totally love it… You have a new subscriber to your channel…

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