Hello Kitty Cakepops! Make Hello Kitty as a Cake pop! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello Kitty Cakepops! Make Hello Kitty as a Cake pop! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Hello
Kitty Cakepop Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this absolutely adorable Hello
Kitty cakepop. You might have [caught] our Hello Kitty cupcakes, and this little cakepop
will be the perfect accessory to those. Tools and equipment that I will be using today:
I’ve got some sticky tape. I’ve got a pre-rolled cakepop ball. If you
don’t have a great recipe for getting your cakepop balls to this stage, ready to decorate,
I will leave a link to the one on our channel in the description box below.
I’ve got a toothpick and a lollipop stick. Some melted white chocolate.
I’ve got Hello Kitty’s dress. Now, I’ve got a little template for you guys and I will
leave a link to that in the description box below. That’s found on our Facebook page.
So you can just print those out on a regular household computer, printer, with just some
normal paper. And you can see there, I’ve cut Hello Kitty’s head off because we’re going
to be making that today. And I’ve just cut around the outline of her dress.
I’ve got some little pink love hearts sprinkles. These are just little pink love heart sprinkles.
They come out at a lot of different cake decorating shops and you can also buy them online. If
you don’t have access to this where you are, you can make a little flower out of fondant.
Otherwise, you can cut it out of perhaps roller or something like that.
I’ve got some candy-covered chocolate chips. Now for us here in Australia, at our local
supermarket, these are called rainbow-choc chips and that’s how they come. But if you
don’t have access to those, anything small and yellow so Nerds are a great option. But
you just want something small and yellow. You can use a little bit of yellow melted
chocolate or you could also use a little bit of yellow fondant.
Let’s get started. So firstly, we need to shape Hello Kitty’s
head. I’ve got 2 versions here because this one’s been refrigerated just to save us some
time today. Taking your cakepop ball — it’s in a nice
ball shape — so taking that ball, you just want to very very slightly roll it, just so
it’s a little kind of like an egg shape. And give it the tiniest little squish. You don’t
want to squash it down. We’re just making it more of an oval.
Now with that oval, from the outside, you’re just going to use your finger and your thumb
just to pinch up a little ear. And the same on the other side. So make sure that you’re
not going too into the center with them because Hello Kitty’s ears are quite on the outside
and they’re not very big. So don’t make them too big or too pointy. And with your thumb,
we’re just going to push down that top just to give us a nice Hello Kitty sort of a head
shape. Just turn it around to face me so that I’m happy with how it looks.
Alright, so that should be what you have for your Hello Kitty head shape. Now as I mentioned,
this one here has been refrigerated so this is really firm. You want this to be really
nice and firm. We’re going to take the lollipop stick and dip it in that melted white chocolate
about a centimeter or so of chocolate. Take Hello Kitty, turn her upside down and insert
that into the bottom of her head. Now, because we know we’re going to be putting
her dress on her, you want to take… Now if this should happen. See the little crack
appearing in my cakepop? You want to just take a little bit of that chocolate and just
push it into the crack. Those cracks will actually close your cakepop to crack at once
you dip it into the chocolate. So if you can see anything like that, just coat it in a
little bit of chocolate. Because we know we’re going to put the dress
on her, I’m just going to take my fingers and just remove that little seal. So the chocolate’s
still going to be holding our cakepop ball on but I don’t have that big chunky seal which
is going to separate her head from her neck. We’re going to let that one completely set
so I’m going to pop it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and then we’ll back to
continue dipping and decorating. Alright, so we’re back from the fridge and
I’m happy that it’s completely set and nice and firm so it’s time to dip. Taking your
melted white chocolate, just dip your Hello Kitty head in. Make sure that it meets all
the way up with that stick. Pulling it out, just give it a few taps to get off any excess.
Make sure that you do turn your cakepop while you’re tapping it to make sure you get an
even distribution of that white chocolate. Alright, so my Hello Kitty is nicely-dipped.
And it’s time to add on our flower and nose detail. Now I’ve found it easiest to do the
flower first because the nose is quite low down on her face. So taking one of those little
yellow choc chips or whatever it is that you’re using, just carefully place it right up the
corner of her ear there. And then we’re going to take our little pink
love hearts and we’re just going to fashion them around like a little flower. I left mine
standing up a little bit out of the chocolate to give it a 3-dimensional look.
If you love this tutorial, make sure that you do head over to our channel My Cupcake
Addiction. Lots of great tutorials on there and we would love to have you stop by.
You can just use your toothpick like I am here just to position them. I actually normally
have a pair of cake decorating tweezers and they’re just for cake decorating and you’d
be amaze of how much I use them. I kind of wish I have them now.
When you put that last one in, just grab your toothpick, and just give them a little bit
of an adjust so that they’re relatively even. I’m just going to flip them back up again
to make sure none are falling down. I’ve still got my lovely 3D flower. Beautiful.
Also got to pop in our little Hello Kitty nose. So the Hello Kitty nose should be right
down low, about a quarter up her face. And I’ve popped that pointy side in so that it’s
just a nice round yellow nose. So Hello Kitty is currently looking like this. And now we
have to wait for her to completely dry before we can put her eyes and whiskers and beautiful
little dress on. Alright, so Kitty is all set, completely dry,
and it’s time to add on her details. So taking your sticky tape — very kind of primitive,
just a little bit of sticky tape — I’m going to attach one side of it to one side of her
dress, and lifting her up, push the neck. So you can here a nice, clean, neat bottom
on her head. Push the neck right up flashed and bring that sticky tape around at the back,
and curl it around. You can use a pair of scissors if you’ve got a little tiny bit of
excess sticky tape just to neaten it up. Push it right up. And now she’s dressed.
Alright, time to add on just the eyes and the whiskers and we’re just going to use a
little bit of black food coloring. You can also use black candy melts. And I generally
like to just put a tiny tiny bit of alcohol, Rose Spirit or vodka, just like a drop to
maybe a quarter of a teaspoon of food coloring. That just helps it dry and set a little bit
faster. Alright, so for her eyes, and I like to do
the eyes first because we don’t want to drag through the whiskers as we’re trying to do
them. They’re down quite close to the nose. They’re quite far apart. So we just want 2
nice, little ovals — 1. Do make sure that you’re looking at her front on here so you
can make sure that you’re getting them nice and evenly spaced.
Alright, so there you’ve got her 2 eyes. And the whiskers: Now I’m going to take off
a bit of that color just so that I’ve not got too much on my little toothpick. And I’m
just going to come right out to the edges and just kind of drag the side of the toothpick
up on a slight angle. And I’m turning the toothpick to hopefully get a fresh side, out
on a bit of a straight, and down. Make sure that you don’t have too much black
on your toothpick at this stage. You don’t want to do a big chunky, thick whisker.
So there you have your gorgeous, competed and fully-clothed Hello Kitty cakepop, perfect
for your next event for the Hello Kitty lover in your life.
As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial as much as I have loved making
it for you, and thank you very much for tuning in.

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