Healthier Ghost Cupcakes

Healthier Ghost Cupcakes

(evil laughter) [Caleb] Trick or treat. – Can you imagine going to
your next Halloween party with these cute little
ghost cupcakes in tow? That are naturally gluten
free, paleo and vegan friendly? I’m Taylor, but most
people call me tator-tot. And this is Food Faith Fitness. We’re about ditching your diets and loving and accepting your body the way God made it. Sometimes we eat a normal Halloween treat, and sometimes we eat
adorable little treats that are better for us like this. And today, I’m gonna
show you how to make ’em. So let’s go. (upbeat music) “Ditch your
diet and accept your body “the way God made you.” Boo! Did I scare you? Probably not, ’cause the
cupcakes aren’t that frightening. But, step one is we’re gonna
blend everything together to make our cupcake batter. So I actually used to
be terrified of bananas. I would only allow myself to eat one-third of a banana a day. And I don’t know if you’ve
ever had a third of a banana, but it’s miserable and it’s like one bite. It’s just pretty much a tease. But now, I can eat a whole banana. Not worry about the sugar, not worry about the carbs. And I hope that you do too. So we have our full banana, none of that “one-third banana” crap. Into a food processor. And then just some salt,
coconut flour, cocoa powder. Whoops. And some peanut butter and honey. And now, blend blend baby. (food processor whirring) Cupcake mode engage. And we are going to fill a mini muffin pan about two-thirds of the way full. And spread it out evenly. So step one, is- [Caleb] Taylor, you forgot your apron. – What. [Caleb] You forgot
your apron. Oops. Get it. – Apron crisis, averted. So, step two, step three, I
don’t really know where we are. Is now we’re gonna bake all our cupcakes until they’re nice and baked, I guess. So, we’re using chilled coconut cream. ‘Cause dairy-free. And like I told you a million times, my husband is dairy-free
and I wanted to make a Halloween snack that he could have. You could also totally
use a whipped cream. If that is more your thing. So it goes into a chilled bowl. Add a good drizzle of honey
to make it nice and sweet. You could also use regular sugar, again there is no rules. You do what works for you. And beat it up. (hand mixer whirring) Now we just gotta make
our little ghost friends on top of our baked cupcakes
with our coconut cream. So then we’re gonna give
them a cute little face. So, some dairy-free mini chocolate chips. (upbeat music) Time to get our yum dance on. (pop music) Sometimes, we’re gonna eat
a Reese’s peanut butter cup, ’cause it’s super
delicious and I love them, but sometimes we’re gonna
make these healthier, better for you Halloween treats. That’s what food freedom is all about. Eating all foods and knowing
they all fit in a healthy diet. Because we know that our weight does not equal our worth. So cross it off, drop it off. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Yum looks delicious i am making this soon perfect for office snacks drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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