Gulab Jamun (2014) – Indian Dessert Recipe by Manjula

Gulab Jamun (2014) – Indian Dessert Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making Gulab Jamun. One can say gulab jamun is the most popular and loved dessert in India. It is best described as a Indian version of donuts immersed in sweet syrup. This recipe is especially dear to me as it was very first video showcased on YouTube. To be frank I never dreamed that I will be still doing what I loved seven years later. Not everyone can say they are truly following their passion. So in this spirit I have decided I will present another version of gulab jamun. This recipe is simple yet delicious. This recipe will make sixteen gulab jamuns and will serve eight. To make gulab jamuns we will need: 1 cup non-fat milk powder 1/4 cup all purpose flour (plain flour or maida) 1/8 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder 1/2 cup heavy cream For syrup we need: 1.5 cup sugar 1.5 cup water Gulab jamun is a simple and easy recipe. First I will make the dough and then make the syrup. Divide the dough into sixteen equal parts. Deep fry them and then immerse them in sugar syrup. Gulab jamun will be ready to serve. First I will make dough Milk powder All purpose flour Cardamom powder and baking soda. Mix it well. And now add the cream. And now just mix it well. This will become very soft and sticky dough. So like I said this is going to be very sticky and soft dough. So cover this and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I am ready to make the gulab jamuns. Dough has been sitting for about 10 minutes. So I will knead the dough. As you see dough has become much firm and just going to knead for few seconds. Okay this looks really nice. And I am just going to divide them into sixteen equal parts. Dough is looking really good. So just divide it into sixteen equal parts. Okay I have divided them into sixteen equal parts. And now I am going to roll them into a ball. And this is going to be about double the size after you fry them. See this is the last one. And make sure we have rolled them very smooth. I am ready to make the syrup. Bring the sugar and water to boil. Water Sugar Stir it and bring it to boil. I have heat on medium high. And as soon as sugar is dissolved we should turn off the heat. Syrup has come to boil and sugar is all dissolved. So turn off the heat. Syrup is ready and now I will fry the gulab jamuns. Heat is on low medium. I am ready to fry the gulab jamun. Frying pan should have about 1 inch of oil. So first I will test the oil if it is ready. So will put a little piece of dough. And as you see oil is sizzling. And this should come up slowly. If oil is very hot they will get cooked very fast and it will not be cooked enough from inside. So oil is looking good. I am just going to fry them and as you see it has puffed up. Don’t over crowd because they are going to puff up about double in the size. I will fry them in two batches. And just keep rolling them. That way they will get fried evenly from all sides. Gulab jamun will take about 6 minutes to fry. But keep rolling so all the gulab jamuns have the same color all around And they should be brown. Gulab jamuns are ready. Very nice brown colour. I will take them out. They have to cool off little bit before you put them in the syrup. Otherwise they lose the shape. I am ready to put the gulab jamun in the syrup. Syrup should be hot but not boiling. Don’t put the gulab jamuns straight in the syrup from frying pan. Give about 5 minutes before you do that. Otherwise they will lose their shape. So I am going to add the gulab jamun. Mix them really well. Gulab jamuns are looking very good and you should soak them about 20 minutes before you serve so they have absorbed the syrup really good. Gulab jamuns are looking great. They are very addicting. Gulab jamuns are one of my favorite dessert. First they are very easy to make and then they can be served so many many different ways. My grand kids like the gulab jamun with chocolate. So you can take the gulab jamun out from the syrup
for about 10 minutes and pour the chocolate ganache over. My daughter-in-law likes the gulab jamun with coconut. So I have put some coconut over. You can make many other different ways. Another good thing about gulab jamun they have long shelf life. Enjoy! Thank You Till we meet again, check out more recipes on

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  1. One thread consistency syrup will be achieved once the syrup cools down. If u boil it till one thread consistency, the syrup will crystallize once it cools

  2. Manjulaji gulab jamuns r my all time favourite dessert .i love having them at anytime.will definately try it for my family.thnx for my favourite

  3. Thank you for sharing your recipes!  I love your channel.  I am Italian and we have a similar dessert called zeppole.  Another great thing is learning the correct way to pronounce these dishes.

  4. Dear manjula aunty.. I m happily married for the last 3 years.. and u know what.. the first ever recipe that I followed from ur channel or I can say from internet was yours.. and it was the recipe of GULAB JAMUNS.
    And since then whenever I want to try something new I always search a particular recipe writing " by manjula"
    Just love ur recipes.. thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with us..

  5. Manjula, I absolutely love you…. My husband is not Indian but he is Nepali and he loves LOVES LOVES Indian food! Your channel has always helped me impress him! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful videos… I will definitely try this one for him as well!

  6. I always like to use a thermometer when I deep fry. Can you tell us the temperature the oil should be at? I don't like to rely on my judgement when a few degrees in the wrong direction can ruin a dish.

  7. yummy but I am afraid if I am gonna make them once, then I'll be making them again and again, and then my shelf life is gonna get real short.

  8. Peace, mercy and blessings of God

    thank you very much, my mom Azizia …. manjula ….. I have learned a lot from you … I love all your recipes and I thank you …..

    Um Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia

  9. Thank you for all of your wonderful videos you have made me love to cook Indian food please keep on doing what you love I love you Manjula God Bless You

  10. Hello Manjula Aunty

    Thank you for this recipe. Made it yesterday, and has been an instant hit with family and friends. This time no mithai from outside for Diwali…thank you again…! 

  11. Thanks for the recipe.  This helped me make some Gulab Jamun for Eid and everyone loved it! I just had a hard time with the dough at first. For some reason it did not dry up after 10 minutes, I added more milk powder and slowly got a dough like texture that wasn't so sticky.  But they tasted great.  Thanks again for your yummy recipes and step by step instructions. Hope to try some more soon.  

  12. Namaste Manjula bhen…i found your recipes and like them a lot.  My teenager daughter says than looks easy when you cook.   i am your new fan.  regards from Panama

  13. Why start with non fat skim milk powder and add fats such as  heavy cream etc.. Why not start with whole milk powder that has about 27%  natural fat and comes close to Khoa which has also 27% fat. Haryali Khoa  is traditionally used for making Gulab jamun . Please examine and upload recipes with whole milk powder. Thanks

  14. I usually love you videos, I have followed many of your recipes. I am your true fan. Please continue with your passion. However I have to mention that I am a little disappointed with this video as there are no measurements provided. Also the important part of the gulab jamun is the syrup and you have not demonstrated on that at all because the consistency of syrup matters a lot and I have gone wrong in the syrup many times.

  15. this is my favourite indian dessert as well & im not even indian .my ex husband is indian & i love all the vegetarian indian dishes he would cook .were are good friends now .

  16. I feel we who have subscribed, are the lucky ones to have your marvelous presence teaching, and guiding us through the most wonderful Indian recipes, Manjula we all appreciate your talents, and expertise, here is to many more years of your marvelous cooking. Shanti, Minty

  17. Hello, I love your recipe for gulab jamun! I just have a question, sometimes when I put my gulab jamun to fry, they break apart in the oil and become powder. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  18. I had asked you a question that I did not get an answer for. It was that I followed your recipe for gulab jamun with heavy cream. My dough was still dry so I added little milk. Gulab jamuns came out ok but they were not holding the round shape. They got flat. Can you please tell me what was I doing wrong. Thanks.

  19. They are looking great CAN i add some sugar in the dought instead of putting them in the syrup
    And CAN i use milk instead of Cream
    Please answer me

  20. when you put the gulab jamun in the sugar syrup do you mean leave them in for 20 mins or just make sure they are ready for 20 mins before serving??

  21. Hi Mam,the recipe came out really nice…thanks for sharing this recipe….In india we can get the full fat milk powder(already has fat)in that case shall we replace heavy cream with regular whole milk?kindly clarify my above query

  22. hello manjula
    I tried making the gulab jamun initially it worked good for me for about 2 to 3 times. but now when m trying them again with some ghee n thickened cream , my gulab jamun is not coming up all the rolls disintegrate in the oil😔😔

  23. manjula-
    I just have recently come to your wonderful channel. I fell in love with a vegetable korma and mattar tofu I had a few weeks ago and I found your video for it and have gotten so excited at all the delicious dishes you offer here. I'm so glad you're here to teach us Indian cuisine thank you!

  24. hello , i am from spain . i saw your gulab jamun recipe 4 years before and 3 years i was making very good gulab jamun. but now from last one year i donot know what happen, always there is ball in side the gulab jamun. please guide me what should i do . thankyou

  25. hello aunty i made this but it became hard and syrup dint not immurse into it fully……and they got brown quickly and i side they were un cooked plz tell me what i made wrong

  26. Thank you so much for all this recipes I live in Uruguay I could try some Indian food with Indians who are living here know I can prepare and more Uruguayans will know how amazing is Indian food

  27. hello manjula aunti, this is Harpreet.
    can you tell me which cream(name of brand) are you using??
    how much 1/8 of teaspoon of baking soda.. CNt measure it…

  28. hello aunti, I made gulag Jamun yesterday and they were amazing. Everyone loved them. credit goes to you.. thanks alot for sharing easy and straight forward recipes….and keep it up…😃
    god bless you….

  29. Dear Manjula, Can I use Nido milk powder? I think that is full fat, therefore, could I use normal milk in that case? Or should I still use cream. I have followed many of your recipes, thank you so much, and God bless

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