Grill Cake

Get your grill on with this fun
take on a summer barbecue. The grill cake– it’s good for if you have a barbecue. You feel like you’re
outside and grilling out, and having a good time. To make the grill, I started
with a 12-inch double layer cake. So I filled it, I actually trimmed
down the sides a little bit, I rounded out the corners and then iced it with butter cream
and covered it with fondant. Then I flipped it upside down,
and that was the top. And I did that so that the
bottom would all be covered, because you kind of see the sides. And then on the top of the cake, I cut out a little circle
to put a little glass bowl, which was going to
hold a surprise for later. So when you’re making
items with fondant, it’s important to think about details, because they’re so important
to make them look realistic. So I utilize all my tools. I mean, you have a tool set
that does so many things. The hamburgers on the
grill are just solid fondant. And I just made little fondant patties like you would a regular
hamburger– you know, pat, pat, pat. And then to get the texture on them, I actually took some aluminum foil and crumpled it up, and
just kind of pressed it into it. So that kind of gives the
random texture marks on there. Then there’s the kabobs on
there, which are super cute. It has little tomatoes, which are
just red fondant rolled into a ball. And then the mushrooms
are kind of fun to make too. And you just start with
a little disk of fondant. And I have a ball tool
that gets the shape on there so it looks like a mushroom cap, and then another
little piece of fondant. And you roll it between your fingers,
add a little dollop of water. That’s your glue. Stick it together,
and you have a cute little mushroom. A lot of things I make with fondant.
A lot of things I make with cake. And then sometimes I
also use Rice Krispie treats. I’ll use Rice Krispie treats when
it’s too big to make in fondant, but it’s too small to make in cake. I used Rice Krispies to
make the barbecue ribs because I wanted people
to still be able to eat them. I wanted people to cut
into the ribs and have a treat, and not just solid fondant. The oven mitt is a
Rice Krispie treat too. I covered it with fondant,
and then I used my quilting tool to make the lines in there
as if it looks like cloth. So it looks like an actual oven mitt. It’s the details, again. I used gum paste to make the flames. Gum paste is like
fondant in that it works the same, but it dries a lot faster. So had I made those in
fondant, I would have to have them dry for probably a week. Whereas the gum paste
just takes an hour or two. I think everything on this cake
was hit with the airbrush, just because it adds so much dimension. The ribs, and the hamburgers,
and the hot dogs all started white, and then I added all the
different layers of color. When that airbrush color can hit those marks that you
make with your fondant tools, it adds a whole nother
layer of looking realistic. I took some
strawberry jelly off the shelf and mixed in some color to it. And voila, you have a barbecue sauce that will taste good on
a Rice Krispie treat also. There’s a lot of artistry
that goes into it. That’s one of my favorite parts
is getting to feel like an artist. I kind of get lost in the cake, you know, adding all the details and things. When all of those were done, it
was time, basically, to assemble it. And that’s the really fun part. The grill– I took the 12-inch cake, and then added the detail of the
ring around the top of the grill and on the bottom of the grill. And then I put in the kabob sticks that were sprayed
silver for the grill slats. And then it all kind of came together and was ready for the food. The kabobs went on, the
hamburgers went on, the hot dogs. And then there was also a
hidden surprise inside too, which I was excited to do. I wanted to make it smoke. So to do that, I had cut
that circle out of the middle. And I filled it with dry ice, and took some hot water
and squirted it in there. And all of a sudden, the
barbecue grill started to smoke. Sometimes it’s the little details
that people really get a kick out of. This is a really fun cake to do. I love how the smoke added
that extra element of wow, and everything
turned out really realistic. People could think that they
were really going to a barbecue. And when people find out it’s cake, it’s what? That’s a cake? And I love that reaction.

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