GIANT HERSHEY’S KISS Candy Bar How To Cook That Ann Reardon

GIANT HERSHEY’S KISS Candy Bar How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I’m Ann Reardon And today we are making a giant Hershey’s
Kiss We started this Giant Series a couple of years
now and I make giant candy bars and give them to people who are doing giant things. We’ve done a Snickers, Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher,
Mars bar and a Twix. I’ll link to that playlist with all of those videos at the end… You’re
are going to love who we give this one to today. To make your giant Cookies and Cream Hershey’s
Kiss you will need loads of cookies of course … and heaps of white chocolate, more than
this, I am just going to melt it in batches. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the website for you. Melt and temper your white chocolate. If you
don’t temper it it won’t set firm at room temperature. I have a video called chocolate
secrets that shows you how to temper chocolate so you can watch that one and make sure you
get it right. Now for the shape of a Hershey’s Kiss we are
going to need a mold. The closest thing I could find is a huge funnel. I got this at
a car supply store. It’s got a few bumps that we don’t want because the kiss is more rounded
shape but what we’ll do is just shave some chocolate off once it’s set to make it match.
And we obviously we’re going to need to block the end. So take some blue tak and place it over the
end and press it on firmly. Then put the whole thing upside down into a container to hold
it upright. Ladle some of your tempered chocolate into
the funnel and along the sides. You want to make sure you are using real chocolate that
contains cocoa butter. Compound chocolate just doesn’t taste as good and if you’re giving
someone a giant gift you want it to taste amazing not just look good. Add in your Oreos. Pressing some onto the
sides so that you can see them on the outside of the kiss. Add heaps of cookies and then
more chocolate. The more cookies you add, the less chocolate
you will need because it’s going to displace some of that chocolate there. Add more chocolate
and more cookies. Temper another big bowl of chocolate and pour it in – this is going
to be a huge Hershey’s Kiss. If you need to add in some support to make it stand up straight.
Then add more cookies to the top and push them into the chocolate. Leave that at room temperature overnight so
the chocolate can set up properly all the way through. Then take your heavy chocolate
filled funnel and tip it upside down. Give a little shake and it should just fall out,
the weight of it there is helping it come out of the funnel. Now to make it the right
shape. Use a knife and gently shave off some of the chocolate round the outside edge there.
Try not to touch the chocolate with you fingers just hold it with some of the baking paper. We also need to get rid of this ridge at the
top. And I am going to use a potato peeler to shave off a layer at a time and make it
smooth. Now we need the top to be rounded too, it’s
a bit taller than we need so just carve into it and use your peeler to make it round. The funnel is also quite flat and the Kisses
are more rounded or dip down, so if you want to you can use a knife to shave off a layer
all the way around. I’m using the knife to shave it off and then using the peeler smooth
it out. Now you can use all these shavings down the bottom on top of ice cream or a dessert
or on top of a cake. To make the wrapper take some foil and place
another sheet over the top, make sure they’re nice and long. Fold it down once and flatten
it out, then fold it over again, this will make our join. Once you’ve got that flattened,
open it up and squash it down. Add a strip of Kisses to the middle I’ll put
a PDF of this on the website so you can print your own. And position your Kiss right in
the middle. Pull the foil up and then push onto the Kiss and smooth it around the shape.
Then move around pulling the next section up and smoothing it on. Keep going like that,
pulling it up and smooth it around the shape, leaving the paper sticking out on one side. If you have too much foil at the top you can
just trim it off and then bend it around over the top. Continue all the away around lifting
and smoothing. Then trim the paper a bit shorter. And there you have a giant Hersheys Kiss,
let’s go give it to someone amazing. Today I have with me Lamont O’Neil from the
Nubian Gents. Lamont was a Spanish teacher in New York when he noticed that some of his
students were struggling with low self-esteem and had a lack of direction in their lives,
so he thought he’d do something about it. He started a step dance group and 70 students
signed up and now they danced all around the world. Can you say welcome to How To Cook That in
Spanish? Bienvenido a cómo al cocinero que Apart from actually teaching them how to dance,
which they do amazingly well, what are the other priorities – what are you trying to
teach? Basically how to be men. Men of valour, men
of integrity, how to make productive decisions that are going to contribute to the communities
within which they live. And that discipline, those things that you
are teaching them are going to put them in good stead no matter what they are doing in
life? Definitely. We’d like to think that because
they are so young that they haven’t begun to experience things, negative experiences
that are battering their self-esteem and self-image and their confidence, but it’s real. I mean
they can be as young as 10, 11, 12 or 13 and dealing with some really strong things that
are just constantly telling them they are not worth it, that they have nothing of value
to offer … and I wanted to turn that around. If you could say one thing to people who are
sitting there saying that’s how I feel, what would you say to them? I would say to them never allow a negative
experience to define you or to dictate the outcome of your lives. Choice is a powerful
thing and you can choose to become imprisoned by circumstance or you can choose to make
life work for you. I tell my students all the time, make it a good day, make it a great
day. Because you have the power of choice, always have the power of choice. I love that – make it a great day. Make it a great day! That’s awesome. On How To Cook That we have
a special way of saying thankyou to people who have gone above and beyond and are doing
amazing things. And so we have a gift for you, there’s some vouchers in there and a
Hershey’s Kiss, do you like Hershey’s Kisses? I love Hershey’s Kisses! Great. And then we also have another gift
so if you just undo the ribbon you should be able to just lift the box off the top. Gosh I feel like it’s Christmas. And then it should just lift off. So this is a giant Hershey’s Kiss! It’s a
little bit bigger than the other one. I want to see it! Wow! Awesome, that is so awesome. Oh man, oh man! It has Oreos in it. I know right. This is so cool. That’s the touch right there – Oreos. This is amazing, tastes amazing. You can find out more about the Nubian Gents
on their website and I’ll add a link to that below. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more
cakes chocolates and desserts, click here for the recipe, here to go to last week’s
Magic Moving Cake, here for all the giant chocolate bar videos and here for my YouTube
channel. Make it a great week and I’ll see you all
on Friday.

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