Giant Cupcake Cake / How to decorate a big cupcake tutorial.

Giant Cupcake Cake / How to decorate a big cupcake tutorial.

in this video I’m showing you how to
make this beautiful giant cupcake hey guys this is Veronica from and let’s start with this cupcake. okay to build up the bottom part
of the cupcake we need three layers of cake and two of buttercream filling. Let’s start carving from the top. The top has to be about two inches smaller in
diameter than the bottom of the cake. You can also use a smaller cardboard on top
so you can use it as a guide. just make sure you cut all around and it’s like slope. let’s add the first layer of buttercream this is called a crumb coat. Then we’re gonna put it on the fridge and this is gonna help us with the
crumbs they get seal with the buttercream so we don’t have to mess
with them later on. For the top part of the cupcake I’m using a half ball cake,
crumb coated with buttercream and put it on the fridge to harden up. Add the second layer of buttercream and smooth it out. I did not use a lot of
buttercream but you can definitely add more buttercream to your cake pop it
back in the fridge to chill for five minutes. Do the same for the top part of
the cupcake and at the tip instead of rounding it off try to make it like a
little heel kind of like more pointy here I’m cutting a cardboard to the
diameter of the top of the cake. Place it on top and turn the cake upside down.
Make sure your cake is level and put it to the side while we roll out a strip of
fondant to wrap it around. Use some cornstarch underneath the
fondant so this won’t stick to the mat and get rid of any air bubbles. Wrap the fondant around the cake letting the strip ends overlap to cut
the excess and get a clean cut to smooth out. Cut the excess of fondant at the top
and bottom of the cake. Turn the cake upside down and continue
smoothing out. Get rid of any air pockets by pulling the fondant back just a
little bit to release any air trapped and smooth again. Rremove the top
cardboard to insert the support dowels or bubble straws
as I used here. Put that cardboard back add some buttercream and we’re gonna add
the top of the cupcake Secure both cakes with a center dowel
this is gonna help us so the cake doesn’t move or tilt With a tip number 1M, I’m
gonna start doing rosette all around the top of the cake covering the seam
between the bottom and the top of the cupcake. The second row of rosettes are piped in
between the rosettes we piped previously Keep on piping until you have all the
top cover with a rosette. And if you have any parts that need a little bit more of
frosting just pipe like a little star and that should take care of it. Now that
is all covered with a buttercream just put it in the fridge and you can start
adding sprinkles or whatever other decorations you wanna put on top. Join the Facebook group where we share tips tricks and more cake decorating
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  1. So pretty, it doesn't really need decorations, but some tiny red hearts would be nice for a Valentine's Day Cake ❤

  2. OMG… I'm so in love with cupcakes.. but you.. YOU are taking me over the edge with all this goodness!!!!!! And now a giant one! OMG!!!!! Thank you for the joy! ~Elizabeth 🙂

  3. Wow! You are such an expert. You are fabulous at creating cakes and your video looks really professional. Love it and thanks for your comments on my own video. Keep at it! Lots of love. X

  4. I must share your channel with my mother in law, who LOVES to bake. She is the death of me, I tell ya <3

  5. You are a great cake maker and designer. Instructions are easy to follow. Like 25 + subbed 840. Please visit me and subscribe back if you like my video or channel.

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