Hello, hello who are you Chloe that is right
you are Chloe hey folks it is Barry welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are making a
giant food right Chloe yeah, what are we making, a giant cookie of the moon, yes a giant cookie
the size of a moon, yes giant chocolate chip cookie basically you guys have been asking
for so much giant food I am going to try and do this every 4 weeks now sometimes it will
not always be possible to do it with James so will get family members, friends and maybe
even some other youtubers so we will do our best right mate, are you excited about this
cookie, yes! We have already been to the shops and got our ingredients haven�t we, whoops,
are you ok, a little bit hospital injury it hurts I just hurt my skin alright.
Chloe we are supposed to be buying ingredients got some that is not the right one put it
back got them alright nice got it, yes. Thanks mate you ok, get me some chocolate chips and
one more, all of them all of these yeah wow is that a lot of ingredients oh that is a
lot of ingredients we need huh, how was your first shopping experience for giant food,
good did you like it? Are you excited to get home and you have a toy too, perks of the
job. It�s a sdfhsdjlfhjlsd pet, ok I do not know what that means.
Tickle tickle, alright chloe are you excited to start this giant cookie, yes, how excited
are you on a scale of one to 5 billion thousand, ten, ok what is it then five what is this
right here that is a baking tray yeah custom shelf so a nice foil ridge on the shelf lined
with baking paper which we fill with cookie dough which needs to be made by my able assistant
are you ready, yeah. How ready are you, is that ten or five, four lets get going. What
you doing mate, cracking eggs, alright that is one perk to daddy being a food youtuber
they could both crack eggs from the age of two you have done 6 eggs for me, yeah because
I have been practicing all day long. The first thing is going to be this light brown sugar
can you help me pour it in, here we go, yes, so we want to cream this together do you know
what that means, what with this, no that is just mixing sugar with a spoon that will not
do anything. I was putting it in the bowl and now I put in the butter daddy that is
right now butter and sugar in there now that sugar at room temperature just gave the butter
ten seconds in the microwave now can you get that spoon instead of putting it on the table
that is it big old mix go, this is going to take quite a while, so when we cream it together
mate what is it going to taste like a unicorn, a unicorn. Oh my gosh you did not hold back
then mate what did you add in was that the eggs, cannot see your face looks like you
are in a space suit then so the eggs are in there they look tiny but that is six eggs,
in this cup is some vanilla extract smell it, smells like a really strong drink it is
mate but do not drink it I know it is in your cup in it goes mate, wahoo. Oh you just splattered
egg does that feel ok, what you doing mixing it through alright so you want to get the
egg and the vanilla all in there how you getting on mate, it just looks like golden poo golden
poo what are you on about ok I see the reference it does look like golden poo have you seen
that before, no well done you just created golden poo. So apart from looking like golden
poo when you stir it what does it feel like like a golden swimming pool, ok so it is wet
but what we want to do now is add our dry ingredients in we have a lot of flour here,
shall we just do this with one hand, just dump it in like so stir that fairly slowly
please mate do not want to spray flour everywhere this is also a little bicarb of soda we will
not put too much in otherwise it will rise and hit the ceiling and this is some salt
mate can you put a little pinch of that in no not that much just like pinch a little
bit, yes, that is going to make all the difference it is a bit hard, is it, I will help you and
the last step will be adding the chocolate chips. Is that going to be worth it if there
is any mixture left. 1,2,3 go, thanks mate she is giving me instructions
it has got to the stage where need clean hands to work the flour through you can see it is
coming together as a dough right *Chloe sings a song*, mate why are you singing a Christmas
song, because I want to. I tell you what mate, you may aswell tip those chocolate chips in
for me now can you do it, in it goes all in there ah ok, thanks mate keep going lets not
get any theres a few on the table but I am just going to work these in right now I feel
like wolverine thanks, she is just nibbling the chocolate chips off camera I have wolverine
chocolate chip claws this is my diary right now, Chloe is checking her diary to make sure
she has nothing going on in her busy schedule right now, so our mixture is nice and big
probably best I do this step anyway our custom mould is ready lets get that in there, right
probably heard that beep in the background our oven is ready and as I started shovelling
out the cookie dough my helper suddenly appeared didn�t you how was your schedule a bit quieter
now, yeah. What we doing mate, spreading the spatula with the dough that is right spreading
it out making it nice and even and if you are eagle eyed you may see a very hungry boston
sat waiting in the corner to pounce. I think we are done mate, just smoothed it
out it is enormous lets put it in the oven normal cookies take about 15 minutes but lets
give it an hour yeah, yeah and boston is just sat there eagerly waiting. Alright so in it
goes on the middle shelf just fitting in there, I really do not know how this will turn out
see you in a bit, to give you some perspective I am down here watching that cookie like a
hawk and chloe is over here chilling out what you watching mate, peppa pig peppa pig indeed
so there we go. Alright folks Chloe is just finishing her
lunch I am taking that out to cool completely does that look massive haha she is trying
to blow the candles out it will take a long time to cool down does that look enormous,
I think that is a yes. That took bloomin ages to cool down right mate, yes, and I have an
idea to use her to show you how big it is, Chloe is that the biggest cookie you have
ever seen right next to you, yes, are you ready to have a taste, yeah, lets do that
then. Oh my goodness chloe that tastes so warm and
gooey, proper stonker right there can you say stonking stonking! Amazing so who we gonna
give it to we have loads left over, we cannot just eat it all can we, need to give it to
our friends yes we do just like all the other giant foods it will not go to waste and we
will not give it out I have a huge queue of people that have already tweeted wanting some
of it so there we go folks if you have missed any of the other giant foods please check
out the playlist let me know any other giant food ideas you have got and we will see you
again next time right mate thanks for your help give me five yeah! Say bye, bye!

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  1. Your little one is such a sweetheart! I love watching your videos, especially the ones with the family! Keep up the entertainment! Cheers from Nova Scotia, Canada!!

  2. Your kiddos are so dang cute! She looks soo much like Mrs. Barry! Great job Chloe! I find it impossible to keep kids interested in anything for more than 5 minutes lol <3 your videos! Cheers!

  3. i just watched a video of another giant food with her all grown up. and now that i see this one its tooo cuteees

  4. Brilliant, bravo Chloe. You are one clever girl and made me smile throughout the video. Brought back happy memories doing the same with mine as toddlers. they're older now, it gets busy with all four of them baking and cooking with me. My 13yrs twins are like morcambe and wise together, except taller at 5ft 9" add in another 11 yr old boy and their 7 year old sister, its like a full show in a small galley kitchen. Thanks guys x

  5. I wonder how many pounds your friends have gained since you started making these giant foods and sharing them. lol

  6. I can't sleep because of panic attacks and went down a Barry YouTube rabbit hole and found this and OMG she may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. This has made me so happy. She is so funny.

  7. Chloe is channeling every motivational speaker ever, every time she answers a question.
    Who else is ready to manifest their destiny?! Bahahahahaha

  8. Chloe knows how to make a GOOOOOD cookie!!!! All brown sugar. Not a mix of white and brown! Shes going to be a pro chef indeed!!!!!

  9. Barry: why you singing a christmas song?
    Chloe: Because I just want to

    I reply (like they can hear me): because she can

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