hey guys welcome to my youtube channel
today Today I teamed up with amazingly talented Laura from Krazy Cool Cakes and together we prepared 2 tutorials for you Lora made this adorably Yoda copper so if you’re a Star
Wars fan this one is for you can find a full tutorial on her channel and I decided to go with dominos I
decorated each domino with different images
using other pop culture icons and images or just general geeky stuff that you see every day you want to start with a square
cookie cutter and then divide each cookie before it’s
baked into a rectangle shape and then once you have all cookies ready we can start decorating I’m using fifteen second royal icing once you have all the cookies dry or all the icing dry on a cookie you can start
decorating the tops if you don’t want to bother with royal icing you can also use
these edible pens they come in different sizes this one has a pointed tip for really fine details and this one has also wider tip and you can do
different things with it I’m going to be using royal icing in combination with
edible pens to decorate these Now were are ready to decorate I’m not going be to talking too much because this is pretty much self-explanatory so enjoy the video now that you’re done decorating these you can have little fun and put them together you can wrapped up in a clear bag and give them
to your favorite person in the world I hope you like this tutorial don’t forget to check out Laura over at Krazy Cool Cakes and her adorable Yoda thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  1. The "blue cabin" (I don't know if it's a blue cabin) is from doctor Who?? Hahaha
    I love all your video tutorials. Thanks for doing them.
    (Sorry for my English. I'm from Spain).

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