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  1. Water doesn't induce the state of wetness liquids do so water can be wet with another liquid or a different density liquid

  2. Josh, to put the batter into the bag, place the bag into a cup and fold the top of the bag over the edge of the glass and fill. Easy!

  3. Okay WTF YouTube I open you up to see 7 grilled cheese related videos in a row in my recommendation list. THIS IS TO FAR….

  4. The fact that they reused a dead channel, already have a few hundred thousand followers and have consistently had this channels videos on the trending page alongside the two other GMM channels should tell you that the GMM team understands how to game YouTube's algorithm better than anyone else. Either that, or someone is dating someone important at YouTube.

    Also, don't think I'm taking away from this, he's awesome, super entertaining!

  5. Josh just bare hands touching hot oily really puts fear into my bones. I drink my tea like 20 minutes after making it because it's too hot to drink

  6. 5:02 lost a little respect for the man. ketchup is the red devil sauce and should not be consumed by any one over the age of 14.

  7. #13 on "Trending" – anyone else think Josh won't be our Mythical chef for too much longer as he ends up elsewhere doing his thing, just bigger and e ven better-er?

  8. This looks amazing. Though, I think I will try a french toast grilled cheese instead. Love these videos though! They always make me want to cook new combinations.

  9. Yeah this is honestly gonna be one of the channels i binge and re watch, and will sooner or later copy the recipes make and sell them for profit, give back to make a wish, a send some money to this channel

  10. To put batter into a ziploc baggie by yourself, I like to use a large mug or stein. Push the baggie into the mug and then fold the top of the bag over the edges of the mug and pour. Might not be able to fit all your batter in at once, but I dont mind doing two rounds if needed (:

  11. I found that folding the seal of the ziplock bag backwards towards the outside of the bag helps keep the bag open to fill.

  12. okay story time: this one time I went to an un-named amusement park, smoked a BUNCH of hash with my friends mum, terrified myself to death on the roller coasters and then ate like a BUCKET of funnel cake and the mere thought of it makes me physically ill to this very day

  13. If you take a cup put the corner of the bag in and push it down with your hand and fold the rest over the cup to put it in the bag or use pipier bags and put it in the cup

  14. Okay, now I'm starting to wonder. Someone said that Jen, Ellie, and Christine had left. But we've seen both Christine and Ellie on the show. So is Jen even really gone?

  15. Baker tip!: An easy way to get batter into a bag is to put the bag into a cup and curl the zipper part over the rim of the cup and just spoon in your batter or frosting, whatever you need in the bag 👌🏻

  16. Josh, my main man, ease up on the energy drinks. I need to put the video on half speed to keep up with how fast you’re talking in this episode 😂

  17. If anyone could cashapp me a couple dollars…i haven't eaten today and I'm trying to get a couple sandwiches. God bless

  18. Josh should be making 100k+ now.. grinded thru the GMM trenches and now leads a dope (new) channel.

    Also, that's def more than 4oz of white cheddar…but I ain't mad.


  19. Well, Josh said "Trevor taught me how to whip and nae nae" but the subtitles decided that Josh was gonna "whip in mayonnaise" 😂

  20. Of all the crazy nonsense that has taken place in this kitchen, you saying you dip grilled cheese in ketchup is by far the most bizarre. The only time cheese and ketchup ever go together is in burger form.

  21. That looked way too good. Who would of thought putting both of those together. I think I gained 20 pounds just watching you make that….😆😆

  22. I've never seen a grown man try so hard to be funny and yet fail so miserably. Well I suppose the young kids who watch the show must find him entertaining. Wow.

  23. 1:20 …I just now realized why Josh made a very specific 'Mhm!' noise after Rhett mentioned that it was wise to use a 'mild' cheese in the funnel cake yesterday xD

  24. The trick to filling a bag with batter/icing/etc is to put the bag in a tall cup/bowl and flip the edges back over the edge. This will hold it up for you and keep the top open. You're welcome, Josh

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