Fruitcake Recipe Rum, Brandy, Marzipan, Best, Easy Candied Fruit Alcohol

Fruitcake Recipe Rum, Brandy, Marzipan, Best, Easy Candied Fruit Alcohol

So, we have a fruitcake mixture. Fruitcake yes. For Christmas, we are going to make little fruitcake loaves. And we cover them with homemade marzipan, and then we are going to decorate them. So, it’s quite a process. Yeah. First of all, you need, in here, which I have in here, one cup each, of diced candied cherries, of candied pineapple, diced pitted prunes, dried pears, one and a half cups of mixed peel, one and a half cups of chopped pecans, two cups of diced pitted dates, four cups of yellow raisins, one and a half cups of currants, and that’s all that is in here. Okay. Okay, now. And some nuts too right? Yeah the nuts, which were the, we said, the pecans. or use walnuts, or use hazelnuts, whatever you have. Right. How many cups of nuts? One and a half cups. Okay. And you’ve got the rind and juice of one lemon? Oh, okay, you tell it. So, okay, so we have that here. Now, if you don’t have candied pineapple, use something else, you know, use up what you have. You have to come to fourteen and a half cups of dried fruit, including, plus one and a half cups of the nuts, right. So, you come to sixteen cups of mixture. So, what we need then, we have a liquid mixture, which is the rind, okay, and the juice. The rind, we took the rind off with this, and then juiced it through the juicer, of an orange and a lemon. This goes in the compost. And then we put in a half cup of rum, you can also use brandy, if you want any hard liquor, put it in. Not a liqueur, don’t put the liqueur in, either rum, or cognac, or brandy right. Half a cup. And a tablespoon of currant jelly, Red currant jelly, I don’t have it, but I have crabapple jelly And it slipped, I put a little bit more in, it’s not a big deal. And then we mix this all up really nice, in a big bowl, right. And so, what we’ll do now, the next thing we do, is we have the liquid mixture and the fruit mixture. Then we have a dry mixture here, and the dry mixture is one and a half cups of flour, and a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of baking soda, and then we are going to put in ooh, I hope I find it now, here it is, a couple of tablespoons of gingerbread spice. It’s my own gingerbread spice, but by all means use a mixture of a half teaspoon of nutmeg, a half teaspoon of allspice, one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon, and a half teaspoon of ground cloves, or you use gingerbread spice, right. We have this. So, what we’ll do now, is get a half a cup of flour, because we just want that to sprinkle over here, and just kind of separate them a little bit right, first. That’s an extra cup of flour, right. I guess it’s method in this as much as ingredients. Yeah. Yeah it is, always, with these things that are such classics. Method is very important, you know, how you put it together. So see, it’s a little separated, okay. So what I’ll do now, is I’ll take my dry mixture, and I put it over the fruit, And I have gloves on, so the best thing to go, is like this okay. Fantastic, it smells so good. You know the rum and the gingerbread, amazing. Right, so, here you go, we have this. So, put this away here. Next thing we do, we take one cup of butter, My blender here, my mixer, my kitchen machine, looks dirty, but I’m just going to leave it because because I just chopped up fruit in here, so it all goes into the same thing. You don’t worry about it. So, we put the butter in, and about two cups of brown sugar. I like to use yellow sugar, because the dark brown demerara sugar makes the cake just too dark. It just doesn’t look good, just from an aesthetic point of view. So, put this in here, So, this in not quite, but we’ll put the eggs in, six eggs. and a shot of vanilla. So, how many cakes does this end up making? I think we get about twelve little cakes out of it. We’ll see at the end, how much. You know, it’s different. sometimes. Yeah. So, we can come back, and mix it all together. Okay. Try not to get my feet again. Okay, we’re going. Okay, so here we have the mixture, which is butter, a cup of butter, two cups of yellow sugar, six eggs and vanilla. So, what we’ll do, is we’ll pour this. Is there flour in that? No, not in this one, we did the flour mixture already. Oh, okay. You know, and we kind of fluffed it kind of, lifted it under the. Alright. Under the, okay? And I like to use my gingerbread spice, as I said, and we have that on a different movie, already posted. So, what you do, and I’m going to use my hands because this is very heavy. So, it’s mostly fruit, there is no filler, hardly any flour, so, totally different to store bought cakes. This is a substantial cake. What would filler be in? Tons of flour, yeah, more dough. Yeah. The dough here just keeps it together. And see, you want to lift it up, so you want to get everything where there’s a little flour, you want it all moistened. Right? Yeah. So, now what I did here, is I have these little pans, I have a whole bunch of them. Right. So, I’ll go and I’ll use some baking paper, and we have the commercial big ones, so the big sheets, and I kind of measure, I’ll show you here, baking papers, I kind of go like this on the bottom, measure the bottom, and then I kind of go like this, this, this, flatten them out, slice them, with a knife, okay. I’m sure you can figure this out. And then I’ll take it here, and cut it in half. So what we’ll do now, is we’ll line them like this, okay? Just like this, you don’t need to do the ends. You will get it out on the ends, you just go in with a knife, but the reason you need the paper, if you don’t have baking paper, use paper from brown paper bags. Really? Yeah, and just, they work fantastically, brown paper bags, right. So, I’ll just show you one here. My grandma used to iron brown paper bags. Mine too. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! See, yeah. And you were asking me before, if the rum evaporates when you bake it? Yes, the rum evaporates, it just gives a little flavour to it. And how people get the rum into the fruitcakes is by pouring a whole bunch into the bottom of a cookie sheet, and then setting the baked fruitcakes into a cookie tin, and then just let it sit there, so this enough. It will come up a little bit because it has baking powder and baking soda in it. Slam it down. Yeah. And it goes into a pan. You put it in a pan. Why do you put it in a pan? Because I’m going to put water in the bottom. Oh, okay. And then I’m going to cook it on very low heat, so the fruitcakes are extremely moist, and wonderful. Oh yeah. Absolutely amazing. Okay. I know they are, yeah. Okay? So, I’ll just do that and then we can come back. Okay thanks for sharing all your secrets. Thank you. Ha ha! Looks like you got your cake pots filled. Yeah. Cake pan. I got them all filled, and yeah. And what I’ll do here, is I’ll cover one with plastic wrap, and I go and make it flat. Put a little oil on it, and the reason you want to do it, when they come out, you don’t want the tops all. All lumped up. Yeah. And they kind of stand up, and it’s not very good. Right, so this way, they are nice and flat, and this here needs a little more oil, here, little bit of messy thing. And that way, they don’t stand out because when they stand out when they bake like that the top gets a little harder. Yeah. But when they are immersed, they’re much better. So, what we’ll do, water in the pan, and now don’t forget, these here need to be baked very very slowly. So in my convection oven, 250, two hundred and fifty degrees, for about an hour, these little ones, okay? Yeah. That’s wonderful. So, I’m just going to put them in, and I have some more here. Mm Hm. Do all women have ovens like that? Oh, you always ask me that, no. Ha ha ha. But you just have to bake them in small batches, or just do half a batch, right. And how many degrees? Two fifty in any oven? Two fifty here. I would do two seventy-five in a regular oven, So, how many do we have? Two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. That’s good. We use them as presents for Christmas. Yeah. Okay. You probably make all women jealous here. Oh I’m not. So, two fifty. Okay. You’re like the tool time guy, you’ve got more power. More power. More power. Ha ha! Hi. Hello Dean. Hi. Ha ha ha. Are you ready to go? Yeah, we are ready to go here. Okay. Our fruitcakes are in the oven. Okay. In the meantime, we are making the marzipan. Okay, homemade marzipan. Homemade marzipan. Very simple to do. You buy yourself some ground almonds, because you, it’s very hard to grind them that fine, you have to grind them in small batches, in a coffee grinder. And that even. That’s the only way. And that even. Four cups and four cups of icing sugar, I need another two cups here, this is only two. And this is two. Okay. Now we start pulsing here, just a little bit, now okay. just to blend it together a little bit, right. Yeah. But it’s not a big deal, it will be blended anyway, right. It’s going. Okay. So, what we’ll do now, a little bit of lemon juice, this here is sugar water. You boil up equal amounts of sugar, cup of sugar, cup of water, until the sugar is dissolved. And I always have it in the fridge for baking, so. Not much. Okay, not much. A tiny little bit of almond extract, okay, and rose water from the Lebanon. Rose water. And a bit more maybe. Just wait,okay. Marzipan is very touchy. When it’s too much, it’s too much. Too much water? Yeah, like you just need to have the right consistency okay, so. Yep, this is going to be it. Is that flour or sugar? Icing sugar. Mm hm. Okay. Icing sugar, no, there is no flour in the marzipan. right. No, I mean spreading on the thing. Yeah. No, so you can’t incorporate flour really, into it, so what you do, is you take it out, and this here has the perfect consistency. Absolutely perfect. And this here you can use for many many things. We will be making German Christmas stollen, stuffed with marzipan, so we’ll use it for that as well. Why the rose water? Oh, the flavour is amazing. Yeah, it’s just in the ingredient. Many people make it without rose water. Yeah. But rose water is the kickstart, is really a good thing, right. Yeah. To use. So please make your own marzipan, don’t even think of buying things like almond paste, or so in the store. It’s really not worth it. And you see how quick it is, yep. Now the Lebanese rose water is very good, and so is the Persian rose water. and do yourself a favour, because I was sometimes very disappointed in rose waters. Buy one bottle, open it up right there, smell it. It doesn’t cost that much, it’s only a few bucks, right. So smell it. If it’s good, buy yourself more bottles. Okay. Okay? So here we have the marzipan. That’s it. Okay. Okay, that’s it? Mm hm. Done deal. Very nice. And fast, four minute marzipan. Okay. Fruitcakes are done. Yeah, here they are. Yeah. And actually, they took an hour and a half today. Yeah. And you have to watch that they spring back, you know that they are elastic in the middle, right. Yeah. That’s what you want to look for. I’m going to, I’m sorry, I’m going to get the second one too. Is the water all gone out of them? Yeah. The water is gone mostly. Yeah. One of the pans still has some in it. So, what does the water actually do? Does it steam up and keep everything moist? It steams up and keeps it moist. Yeah. Okay. So, see what you do. Oh, they do have a little water in there. So look here. Okay, we’ll take this out. Usually I let them cool down a little bit, right. Yeah. And then, just put them like this. Right? Right yeah. And then, we’ll put a little, you know, I’ll show you the decorating after. Right. Okay. Oh. Okay. What happened? Take it off, get onto the decoration part of it. Yeah. Well, you can be creative as you want here, right? Yeah. We make all kinds of different ones. That’s nice. And I always stay very organic. You know, but everybody can do what they want to do. I stay with the ingredients that are actually in the cake. I don’t do any sprinkles, or you know, it just doesn’t look good. It’s kind of an earthy cake, a fruitcake, so you lay it down, and it’s like, the marzipan is rolled out, and this is all icing sugar, of course, right. Not flour. You can’t, no no no. So what we have here, is you put it on, and then we brush the icing sugar off, Mm hm. Okay. Like this. That’s marzipan. That’s the marzipan. and then I take my sugar solution, and I go over it, see? It brings it nicely out. Are you a member of the painters union? Yeah. Ha ha ha! And let’s do a different one. Let’s do this, and this, actually this and this, mm hm. and do this. Mm hm. This and this. And let’s do one of these in the middle, Okay. And then, let’s go, this is play time. And let’s use the green cherries like this. Mm hm. Right? Beautiful, beautiful presents. Or of course, on your own table too. This is a piece of candied ginger here. You know, almonds. And what I would do here, These here are already glistening, but I would go over the nuts too, with the sugar water. Okay. Just to shine it up. Okay yeah. So, I’m going to make a few, and then you can have a look. Very nice. At our creations. Yeah. Oh, this looks like Christmas already. Yeah. Isn’t that nice? Yeah. And they do keep for a very long time, And they do keep, like even a full year. Right. We sometimes ate fruitcakes from the year before. Right. So, they really keep, and the marzipan keeps, and they make wonderful gifts. You can dress them up all the same, or you can do a project for the children, to decorate them. everybody decorates their own. It’s very cute. Right. Yeah. You can use, even bows, see. Fantastic, and little bags, or just use cellophane. Yeah. Right, here. And as I said, I just wanted to. You’ve got them all labeled. Yeah, English fruitcake. Yeah, I put on, because we use it for the B and B, some guests want some. Yeah. And buy it for gifts. But, anyhow, so what you do is, you roll your marzipan out, on the, just to recap it. Yeah. On the icing sugar, and then you turn the cake over, cut over, so you, so it’s kind of hanging over like a snow capped mountain, right? Yeah. It’s supposed to be snow. And then you take a brush, and you brush all the icing sugar away from it, and then you brush it with sugar water. Put all the decorations on, and brush it again with sugar water, Okay yeah. And then carefully put it in Saran wrap, and make sure you put the bulk on the bottom. Yeah. Like, the, right, so you can’t see it. And if you have bags like we do, you can put them in bags, or you can just put them in cellophane or, yep. And you also have the option of course, to put them into cookie tins, and put some rum on the bottom, and just let the rum soak up. Right. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Very nice. Yeah. All done. Thank you. They look perfect. Yeah, they look very nice, yeah. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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