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  1. Banquet – "That's real solid." I feel very sorry for anyone that took their food judgements to heart in the past or moving forward.

  2. Man! I'm bummed about their reaction to Marie Calendar's. I eat that Turkey dinner at least once a month. I think it's really good.

  3. They have lots of vegan "turkey" options now . Maybe you can taste them next year! Tofurky has been around the longest and is my favorite for that processed, nostalgic quality – but there's also Gardein's, Trader Joe's, and two varieties from Fieldroast, the basic Celebration Roast and the fancier Hazelnut Cranberry Roast An Croute.

  4. Video suggestion: “can you guess what animal organ we are eating”. You have to eat several organs from a certain animal and try to guess what organ you are eating.

  5. "Right" in German is "Recht".

    "Left" in German is "Links".

    Rhett sits on the right, and Link sits on the left.

    Let's talk about that.

  6. I may be a penniless grad student with crippling debt, but I've never had a microwave dinner in my life. I have some standards 😛

  7. … do… you guys not have apple and cranberry sauces on your dinners? Because, that's… totally a thing.

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