Fortnite Loot Llama Cake / Boys Birthday Cake Tutorial / Orange Justice Dance

Fortnite Loot Llama Cake / Boys Birthday Cake Tutorial / Orange Justice Dance

Hi it’s Lorelie welcome back to my channel.
If it’s your first time welcome to wedding cakes for you cake tutorials and
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it for Braden wow that was amazing. This is Braden’s birthday cake. He’s
gonna be nine years old and he wants a fortnight cake, so grandma to the rescue.
I’m making him a chocolate buttermilk cake from my book wedding cakes with Lorelie
life step-by-step. The cakes are chilled and ready for filling. Sticky side goes
down. Vanilla buttercream is so perfect for this cake and I use my Italian
meringue buttercream recipe which you can also find in my book. and I have one
on youtube as well. And I’ll leave the links for all of that below. The Loot Llama from Fortnight starts with
a mix of pink and purple gum paste. And I used fondant and it just makes some
tylose powder in there, just a little pinch. Basically you make a
rectangle for the body Another small rectangle for the neck, and
an oval for the head. I’m not gonna lie this was a lot of work to create this
especially the shape of the head, but in the end I think it turned out pretty
good. To create the mouth you can use a knife
and make us a slit and just kind of open the mouth and pull the lower chin
forward a little bit. That makes it look a little more like a Llama. And also you
need to make lines with I used a skewer to make the lines for the bridle and
also to make nostrils, and let’s see skewers can also be used to hold the
pieces together So you’re gonna need skewers. Toothpicks are not going to be
heavy-duty enough, so get the skewers. Use a little bit of gum glue between the
pieces and then let it sit overnight. So for the legs just create some shapes
like I did here and push the skewer through. And you’re gonna have to play
around a little bit with the with were to cut it. Make sure to poke pre holes into the
underside of the body so that you can push the legs in the next day after you
let it sit. The ruffles are kind of fun just roll out the gum paste thinly and
then cut strips and then use an x-acto knife to cut little tiny strips Then brush a small amount of gum glue or
water and press the pieces on same goes for the eyes and ears the bottom teeth
and the bridle. Last but not least it’s the backpack or
whatever that thing is called and the last little touches like that little
arrows and a little tiny white, I don’t even know what they are, but they’re
little tiny white things that go on there. You’ll see that in a little bit
those little touches really bring the sky to life especially the eyes. Now the
eyes, I cheated a little bit, I had little eye candies you can make them with
fondant or gum paste as well. I’m scraping the cold cake here to get
it smoother you can just scrape it with the spatula or rather a bench scraper
and that helps to kind of smooth out the buttercream. Marshmello Man is super
easy just make a smile and some eyes and all I did was I went online I looked up
some pictures of what marshmello man looks like and it’s so easy to do. Just
cut them out with the paper and then I traced around them with a black. I just
added sprinkles all over the top because I wanted to keep this really really
simple the backdrop seems to go with my cake our dining area sprung a leak and
the guys are on the other side drilling and banging and making all kinds of
noise but they’re super nice oh and here they are.
I made the letters with tappits and I do have a link below to a really awesome
tutorial on that if you want to use those. And then silver ribbon was perfect
for this fortnight cake featuring Marshmello Man and Loot LLama If you like my cake tutorials subscribe
and hit the like button. Happy birthday to our adorable grandson Braden and he’s
a really good dancer and I’ll see you in the next video!!! 🙂

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  1. Hope you enjoy the cake, the Orange justice dance and the guys behind the plastic curtain LOL They LOVED the cupcake sample I gave them. Coconut lemon and Raspberry. Who wouldn't love that. The recipe is in my book on Amazon. Thanks for watching 🙂 Next week will be a Valentine surprise. 🙂 💕💞❣💃😍

  2. Another fabulous cake! Love the Llama colors, very festive. The dancing was an entertaining twist and the guys looked like they enjoyed the samples!!

  3. Enjoyed Braden dance, you all seem to be a fun group! I recieved your book last week and have enjoyed reading over the pages. The recipes look delicious….I don't know which one to try first.

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