Fondant Christmas Ornament Bauble Cupcake Tutorial: Cake Decorating For Beginners

Fondant Christmas Ornament Bauble Cupcake Tutorial: Cake Decorating For Beginners

Hi, in this tutorial you will learn how to
make these Christmas ornament cupcakes and I’m going to show you how to make one in this tutorial and you can feel
free to design as you wish. I’m going to actually show you how to make this red one right here So what I did was choose ingredients that just find at your house and you would need the minimum amount to spend so you’ll need one big cupcake and then a smaller one
if you wish to make mini cupcakes you’ll definitely need to purchase cookie
cutters which if you don’t purchase you can get creative
in your house and choose the right size cups it all work the same way you will
definitely need a rolling pin, a spatula for your icing you well have to buy fondant and I
recommend you buying the red and green fondant already pre colored for you
because red is really difficult color to obtain for decorations go ahead and buy sugar
pearls and then if you want to get more
advanced than I’m going to show you a more advanced technique on you will definitely need to buy
luster dust which is my favorite and in order to
make that leaves that you saw on my initial ornaments would have to buy this
press so again this is more if you wanna go a
little bit more advanced but for simplicity sake I’m just gonna
show you make a simple ornament so to begin we are going to frost our cupcake and to get domed effect you have to
place your frosting in the center try not to get it to the
sides because only push down with the fondant in a push frosting out with it so plop it down right in the center and the more evenly spread out from the
beginning the better your dome that’s usually how I do it and now I’m going to roll out my fondant secret to fondant is kneading it to a smooth consistency so the more you need it the better it’ll
behave and for this cupcake in order to achieve
a nice dome you have to roll it up a little thick
because we’re gonna be stretching it out across the cupcake so if you’re going to use a tabletop you
going to have some powdered sugar on the surface so I’m gonna go ahead and cut out when the
largest cutter for it regular size cupcake don’t worry if the shape is a little distorted because we are going gonna wrap it so what you do is you place it right in the center now here’s the fun part you slowly start shaping it to your cupcake. Pulling it down around the sides keeping the center untouched as much as possible don’t be scared to push fondant around. Just pretend it’s playdough going around and I’m I’m putting pressure not
just touching it, I’m actually putting pressure around because I wanna
cover as much of a cupcake as possible see from the top you have a beautiful
dome now to get the ornament tip you get your white fondant. Always try to clear your surface of red fondant so where you’re going to use is a little
cutter I found this works really great so
get gonna roll your fondant a little thick only
because we want to get a really nice shape yes I want to fill it up almost to the
very top so I may have rolled it out a little too thin gently get it out of here I would roll that out a little thicker I like giving cupcakes a lot of depth just gently push out, you don’t want to warp it if you did warp it, don’t worry too much use a little bit of water to act as glue you’re going to place it on the edge press it in so have from top and if you want to get
one step further grab some white fondant roll it out in your hands. This could take a lot of trial and error just curve it and place it on fresh it’ll be a little sticky so you
don’t need to add water to add the decoration for the
pearls water is going to be your best friend. So I’m going to show you a couple of pearls I actually recommend wetting the actual
pearl just place it where you want fresh you can press it into it pearls are a little tricky sometimes you
need a lot of patience because they tend to roll off if you don’t want them so I’m not initially the whole thing
because I want to show you how to apply luster dust my favorite thing in my bakery
so I’m going to show you what a beautiful transformation it can do to your simple cupcake before we apply it take a look at it luster dust goes a long way so grab a little bit on your paint brush
you start applying secret is to really spread it out and I’m going to do half of it so you can see the difference at the top where versus the bottom you can see the difference so if you want to do this with the mini
cupcake the same process as the larger cupcake gonna grab some frosting and put it in the center actually going to be honest with you, it’s my first time doing a mini ornament processes is the same again make sure it’s a little bit thick may use a the medium cutter in this case roll it out that thick place it in the center pushing down with your fingers

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  1. Hi! I used buttercream and I use it for two reasons:
    1. It helps give the dome shape
    2. No one likes to eat a cupcake without icing

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to share your work with me on Facebook!

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