Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen I am here with my mother today, she is not an actress it is actually my Mum
I fell out of her many moons ago. If you are not subscribed to my virgin kitchen
hit the button up there but if you are subscribed welcome back. What are we making today Mum?
We are making flour less cookies today. Yes flour free chocolate cookies, can you
list the ingredients while I do a random shout out to someone.
So these are great for you gluten free folks out there, we have got egg whites in this
bowl, yes, cocoa powder, icing sugar and melted chocolate just in here which is looking rather
lovely. Yeah so you can either melt that in the microwave
or on the stove giant food style, so I was going to do a random shout out for a fan,
the actual last person to tweet me was an MP John Penrose who says been liking the look
and the name of the Weston super burger, amazing times so thankyou John.
Right so the first step is to whip our egg whites, do you want me to do that? Yes, just
start the whipping process mum. Excuse me how do you turn it on, just flick
it up this is supposed to be a really easy recipe. Flick it up.
So my mum has whipped up the egg whites until soft peaks form, ooh we have got peaks we
are going to gradually add in our icing sugar ok? Amazing!
So I am going to put about a third of the mixture in there and my mum, do not whip it
yet they will not hear what we are saying I am putting the oven on to 200 or alternative
which is on the screen right now. Ok cool pre-heat the oven, you whip away!
Last bit of icing sugar in there is it going glossy mum? It is looking really smooth so
off we go again. Mum has finished whipping up the egg whites
or even whisking so they are looking amazing and glossy we have another mixing bowl here
and what we are going to combine is the cocoa powder, the other half of the icing sugar,
we will also add in a tablespoon of cornflour and last up a cheeky pinch of salt, mum can
you find that for me. Ok just a pinch please in that bowl. There
was not much there! So all we are doing now is mixing the powders
together getting it nice and combined, right mum looks good.
I�ve given this a good mix and it looks nice and pale brown and powdery so what we
will do is get our creamy sugary egg whites and combine gradually into that bowl, and
you are going to need the whipper again right oh my whisk, yep the whisk.
So gonna get the first third in and mix together, really looks lovely and smooth, thanks mum
what about the mixture. So we will just keep adding that mixture in
there until it is all fully dissolved and integrated so are you happy with your chocolate
mixture mother? I am very happy and the smell is delicious I feel like one of willy wonkas
nostril hairs right now singing and oompa loompa song it is just really smooth it looks
lovely look at it, just waiting for someone to join.
Mum is just pushing that melted chocolate in there, how is that looking to you Mum?
Fantastic. So mum is stirring this through and it looks
like we are nearly there, ooh I think we are definitely.
Mother has got this dough to the stage where it is quite firm and tacky it almost feels
too firm looking at it yes it is difficult to stir.
We have it at the stage now where we can pick it up quite comfortably and mould it into
shapes and that is exactly what we are going to do next.
I am enjoying this, yeah you have done a good job already really get them to about tablespoon
size ball shapes and they will spread as they bake so spread them well apart on a lined
baking tray. Quite therapeutic actually. We have only put 4 on this one just to make
sure they do not spread too much but they are going in for 8 minutes I know that does
not sound like much time but they can burn quickly. Mum will keep rolling up some balls
and they will be done. Ok then folks so to be precise that has been
9 minutes I hope you will agree they are looking sensational. We will make up the other balls
but lets show you how to finish them off. Mum has done a fantastic job on the icing
sugar I have already had a taste but will have another one, they are absolutely stonking
right mum, they are delicious firm on the outside but gooey on the inside they just
fall apart and are out of this world. And of course flour free so if you do have a go
at this recipe send me a picture @myvirginkitchen if you want to see a certain recipe of your
choice let me know down below and I will pick some out, mum thanks for coming along see
you next time guys.

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  1. I have been wanting to make something like this so thanks! Awesome video! I went to make oatmeal cookies once using ready brek.. forgot the ready brek

  2. It feels like a lot of the recipes have been very sweet lately, but that could just be me. I personally would like to see you make a calzone.

  3. yay bary this is amazing my 10yr old daughter has coeliac disease and we will really enjoy giving these ago 🙂 thanks barry and of course barrys mum 🙂

  4. I have that electric whisk at home and I have to say that the switch is rather hard to turn on… Great recipe by the way 🙂

  5. I should really be writing a booklet about the Stonehenge in French right now, but frankly I'd rather be watching this 🙂

  6. How many sexual references in one video! Especially the last one about the cookie firm on the outside and nice and gooey inside. Lol!!

  7. Hi, hope someone can help me… Can anybody tell me where I can buy Cake Flour? It's the really fine flour that Barry has used in some of his recipes. I'm in the UK btw… :S

  8. I personally didn't like the camera angle changing so much in the video, I find videos far easier to watch when they just include a very small number of different angles.

    Just my personal 2 cent, feel free to take it or leave it 😀

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  9. just an idea barry – folks doing their media degree at your local university would love to lend a hand if you need any practical help or even producer? could make some valuable connections – most importantly for free ha!

  10. These look so amazingly good!! 😋 I am going to try them, but I will use some cream of tartar instead of the corn starch. I hope they work out. (Sadly, I am allergic to all grains.) Thank god for chocolate!
    You and your mom make a great team.

  11. Your mums well a ninja. did you see those beating skills. They eggs never seen it coming. so smooth and swift. Barry your mum could be the one! we must consult the oracle. that being Delia Smith  😛

  12. Can we get an official video (or channel!!!) from your mom sharing with us how she manages to stay so youthful and pert? I noticed the close-up shot of her hand, and it's completely free of veins/age spots/wrinkles etc… How has she done it? Or is it all in the genes? Tell us about your mom! We want details :3

  13. Loving the look of those & loving the gluten-free recipes. Its difficult to find good cookie recipes for coeliacs, definitely giving them a go! 

  14. These look amazing – and I love that you are so diverse in what you make.  Frozen, gluten-free, special (my mind's telling me no) sinful treats, healthy dinners, snacks…you've got something really special here Barry! 🙂

  15. I just tried this recipe today at a dinner party I threw for the family and it was amazing, my family all has celiac disease so finding good cookie recipes I don't have to substitute anything with is kind of a rarity so this is so very welcome.

  16. Hi
    Could you start cooking more gluten free foods!
    Its something I would love to see more of as my brother is coeliac! 

  17. Wow… I'm
    just baking them Right now, but I have to say there are too sweet for me… :(. I hope when I'm replacing some of the icing sugar with cream there will taste less sweet… I Hope it will work out :-/

  18. Found this video great since I am gluten free because I have coeliac disease thanks Barry can't wait to try it out

  19. I will look forward to trying these out. Thankyou very much for doing a super simple gluten free recipe! I'd love to see more, most GF recipes I've found are really complicated.  

  20. Only problem is these are not gluten free still. basic icing sugar still has gluten unless you specifically look for the gluten free alternative. still a good recipe thought I would just give a heads up… also that may just be here in Canada. the UK may be different .

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