Flavored Buttercream Recipe for Cake Frosting | Craftsy Cake Decorating

Flavored Buttercream Recipe for Cake Frosting | Craftsy Cake Decorating

Frosting is the best part of the cake! I’ll
show you how to make three delicious flavors and decorate your cake to perfection.
Hey, it’s Joshua John Russell. The first step to great American buttercream is a consistent
texture. To get a great texture, place the butter in
the mixer on medium speed until smooth.  Make sure the butter is at room temp. 
Next, add half of the powered sugar on low speed until incorporated. Then add the rest,
along with the milk and vanilla. It’s done when all the ingredients are fully incorporated.
Now let’s talk about color.  To make the buttercream a pastel or soft color, use a
couple drops of gel food coloring and mix until incorporated.  For darker colors like
black or red, it gets a bit tricky.  See you have to add a ton of food coloring to
achieve dark colors and often it will break down the buttercream or leave a terrible taste!.
So for black, I like to start with chocolate buttercream because it is already dark brown.
To make chocolate buttercream, just add cocoa powder to the buttercream in the mixer. Make
sure the cocoa powder is sifted. Also, you may need to add a bit of milk if the buttercream
gets too thick. Then add your black color. Basic buttercream can be flavored too!! 
I tend to lean toward ice cream flavors, so I am thinking cookies and mint!
To do this, turn the mixer on low, and then add mint extract and cookies, then blend until
smooth. You want to make sure the oreos are in small
pieces so they don’t drag across the cake when you are doing a final coat!
And some final finishing touches and there you have it, a beautiful and delicious frosted
cake. Thanks so much for watching! Get these recipes
and more by clicking the “i” in the top right corner of this video, and start your next
cake today.

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  1. the best part of a cake is the buttery batter, not the sugary frosting. i like to bake cakes and serve plain, with a giant mount of whipped cream (the real deal) on the side, the way i learned at The Nosebag restaurant in Oxford, England. their food is the BEST!

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