Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Toy Chica and Cupcake [Tony Crynight]

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Toy Chica and Cupcake [Tony Crynight]

Aawee, such a cute sleepy dessert… TC is probably reading the part where Annie slaughters a cop with a lawnmower. Naughty stalky, what are you looking at? Whoever you are, I think you need some eyedrops… If TC wore panties, she’d need new ones now.. Luckily this scene is in silhouette, or we’d have some R-rated gore here! Yep, TB, you’re officially a murderer. Back in the days when fizzy drinks were 47% alcohol… Is it me or this picture is freaking creepy? “Well, to expiate my guilt I’ll spend the rest of my life helping people and volunteering at- Nah, I’ll just create a blood-thirsty zombie on the loose, that’s way better.”

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  1. So, will Toy Bonnie try to bring Cupcake back from the dead? Or will he try to talk to Toy Chica? Or maybe the Puppet has other plans…?
    As you can see, after a short pilot, the possibilities are numerous… ;3
    What's your ideas?

  2. i remember you when i was younger i was watching some of your videos and i think back then you were 300k subs and now youre 1M ;-;

  3. sorry for doing this but uh when the cupcake falls off the table you guys should add the piano man meme to it
    its pretty funny also slow down the video

  4. hello, i'm a fan from Brazil. I watch your series for a loooong time ago. oh gosh, i love your job! it's so cool and have a nice history with the fnaf characters. go ahead, bro! 😉

  5. 1st stage: Shock
    2 stage: sadness
    3rd stage: Depression
    4th stage: Even more depression
    5th stage: Accept
    6th stage: crazy
    7th: Ahh its rewind time!

  6. I only have one problem with this. Isn't Carl an animatronic cupcake, meaning he's made of something like plastic or metal. So how would it just go splat. No hate, this is cool but, why?

  7. hey tony, sorry I haven't watched these videos in aloooooooooooooong time. So tell me…. IS THIS SESON 2?! Or just something you wanna do for fun?

  8. Am I the only person not quoting a reference, but questioning why it says sematary and not cemetery? Is there something I'm missing?

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