Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro, welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a special guest, A Jesse
Cox! Jesse: CUPCAKE! Ro: I’ll put his link below
so you can go check out his Ro: channel, he is amazing, he does not only
video gameplay, but he does Ro: really cool voices, he’s like a legit
professional voice actor. Jesse: Oh, stop it! Ro: So it is, so entertaining
to watch him play Ro: video games. Jesse: As you can tell, from
that amazing CUPCAKE! Ro: I got so many requests for something Final
Fantasy, and I got so Ro: many requests to do a show with the Jesse
Cox, so I decided to Ro: combine them, today we are gonna make
Final Fantasy Cupcakes! Ro: Let’s get started! Jesse: What you’ll need is: 1 baking tin,
preferably cupcakes, if you want Jesse: to live dangerously, you can do it
without these. Jesse: A spatula, rubber. Ro: And pink! Jesse:
And pink! Preferably pink, Jesse: if you want to live dangerously! A
whisk, and a bowl! Ro: Yes, a big mixing bowl! You’ll also
need 3 eggs, box cake mix, Ro: we’re using yellow, vegetable oil, and
water. It’s time to bake! Ro: Jesse’s gonna add the cake mix. We’re
using a box cake. Jesse: Don’t add the plastic. Ro: Minus
the plastic. Jesse: It might not turn out the way you’d
like. Ro: And I really like these box cakes, because
this is just pre-mixed sugar, Ro: flour and baking soda. It just kind of
saves a little time! Ro: But you can make it from scratch, you
can make your favorite recipe! Ro: It don’t matter! Ro: OK, then you use 1 cup of water, bewp! Ro: 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Now we’re
gonna put in 3 eggs. Ro: We’re gonna do the 1 handed crack. You
hit, and then just kind of crush. Ro: And then put your eggs shells in here. Jesse:
OK… Ro: You ready? Jesse: Yes. Ro: 1, 2, 3. Crack, crush! Jesse: Yeragh!!!
Oh boy! Ro: What? Pro! Ro: What?!?! Jesse: I have experience with
food. Ro: Now we’re gonna mix it all together! Ro: OK, so you’ll just keep mixing. Jesse:
I am! Ro: All of the batter Ro: until the consistency is really smooth. Jesse: What’s the consistency I’m looking
for because there’s still a little Jesse: chunk, there’s still a…. Ro: You broke my whisk! Ro: Jesse! Ro: This…. You broke my whisk! Jesse: I’ve got powerful hands ladies! Ro: After what happened today, I would suggest
that you get ones that Ro: are woven together with metal. Jesse:
Or avoid baking with me, 1 of the 2. Jesse: So like I was asking before I destroyed
your property, there’s like Jesse: little chunkies in here. Ro: Mmmhmm.
Jesse: And I’ve always wondered Jesse: with them little chunky bits. Ro: Yeah? Jesse: Do you need to worry about those? Because
I assume they’re not… Jesse: They’re like pieces of the cake batter
that haven’tt fully… Ro: Well you want it really smooth, but as
long as there’s not a lot of them, Ro: and they’re very small, it won’t matter
in the baking process. Ro: Now we are going to pour le batter into
the cupcake trays, and I saw Ro: this technique online, so I’m trying
this for the first time. Jesse: Oh, it’s a new one! Ro: You take a plastic bag, and we’re gonna
scoop all the batter in here. Ro: OK, let’s do this. Jesse: I can’t help that it’s going really,
really slow. Ro: Oh, oh, oh! Jesse: Go, go, go! Ro: I feel like this isn’t working! Jesse: It’s working very, very well, we
got it, we got it! Jesse: That’s it, that’s it, that’s
it! Yeah! Jesse: The bottom here? Ro: Yeah, the little bottom
there. Ro: Use a bigger bag if you’re gonna to
this. Jesse: OK, OK. Ro: And then you just s-squeeze
him in there. Jesse: This works, it’s working really well! Ro: Look
at that! Ro: I don’t like this technique very much,
if you want to know the truth! Ro: Once you’ve filled your cupcake trays,
you’re gonna put them in the oven. Ro: Preheat your oven to 350 and bake for
about 25 minutes. Ro: Now that your cupcakes are done, voila!
Make sure that they have had Ro: plenty of time to cool, and now we are
going to frost them. Ro: We are going to frost 1/2 white, and 1/2
yellow. Because 1/2 of our Ro: cupcakes are gonna be Moogle from Final
Fantasy and 1/2 of them Ro: are going to be Chocobo. Ro: Once your cupcakes are done frosting we
are going to start decorating! Ro: We are gonna start making, first, Moogles,
with your white cupcake. Ro: So the things that you’ll need to decorate
will be: Pink Starbursts, Ro: red Tootsie Roll Pops, pink jellybeans,
and, black licorice! Ro: The little rope kind. Ro: We’re gonna unwrap the pink Starbursts.
Jesse: OK. Ro: These are my favorite flavor. Ro: Put it down on the wax paper. Then we’re
gonna cut him in 1/2 but Ro: diagonal, so they look like this. Jesse:
Cute little ears. Ro: Cute little ears, little Moogle ears! Ro: Then we’re gonna take the white frosting,
and frost on the outside Ro: of the Starbursts, they’re really small.
Jesse: Why on the outside though? Ro: So it looks like fur! Jesse: Um, how far
apart should I spread the Jesse: Moogle ears? Ro: Here, wherever you
think it will look cute! Jesse: Like that? Ro: Yeah, just leave a little
bit of room in the middle. Jesse: Nothing says awesome like adding more
icing, now on Starbursts. Ro: Ta-da! That’s what it will look like.
Now we’re going to add their Ro: little noses… And eyeballs! Ro: For the noses, pink jellybeans. Ro: So take your jellybeans, and you’re gonna
do it the long way. Jesse: So like this? Ro: This way. No that’s
the, the, I mean the horizontal! Jesse: So I should, like that, yeah. Jesse: Oh, they’re already looking too cute
for their own good! Ro: Now, we’re gonna take the black licorice.
Jesse: OK. Ro: And it’s rope licorice, this was actually
a little bit harder for me Ro: to find, I found this at World Market.
Um… Jesse: World Market, that’s the place. Ro:
You can also find it at Trader Ro: Joe’s. You’re gonna take your baking
scissors. Jesse: Oh OK. Ro: And we’re gonna cut, I’ll cut for
you. Jesse: Thank you. Ro: Like so, little pieces. Berp! Ro: A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Jesse: I’ve had enough
of this, mister! Jesse: I’m pretty bad at this, oh boy! Ro: Boom! Adorable! Jesse: I’m adorable!
Ro: Adorbs! Jesse: I’m so adorbs. Ro: Beep-beep-beep!
Jesse: Beep-beep! Jesse: Keep away from me! Ro: AH! Jesse: So
mature! Ro: Now for the final step, you’ll take
your red sucker, unwrap ‘em, Ro: and then you just push it right in there.
And try to do it down, yeah. Jesse: Like, like that? Ro: Yeah! Jesse: Oh
my goodness! Ro: So now, we’re gonna decorate the Chocobo,
we’re gonna take these Ro: little yellow Starbursts, and we’re
gonna cut them in 1/2, just like Ro: the Moogles, at a diagonal angle so it
will look like this. Ro: And you’re gonna stick 3 of them on,
as Jesse has already done over here. Ro: Take a gander, and just do this to all
the cupcakes. Ro: And what we did is we took white and blue
Airheads and this little Ro: circle cutout, and cut them out for little
Chocobo’s eyeballs. Ro: Then we placed the little blue airhead
on top of the white. Ro: Now you’re gonna put these on your little cupcakes. Ro: Now take your orange Airhead, you’re
gonna roll him out, and cut out Ro: these shapes of little beaks. And stick
him on your cupcake. Ro: Then the final step is you’ll take a
pink Airhead, and roll Ro: little balls with the airhead, like so,
and then stick him on the Ro: side like cheeks. Both: Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da! Ro: Boom! Here are our Final Fantasy cupcakes, Ro: They look perfect, especially Jesse’s
over here, my favorite, Mr. Derp! Ro: Derp-da-derp! Who’s little, oh his feathers
even falling off, here Ro: let’s help him. Jesse: Don’t, you’re
hurting him! Ro: Thank you so much for being here. Jesse:
Thank you. Ro: Jesse Cox is amazing, again, I will put
his link below so you can go Ro: check it out, and if you have any other
ideas for any other Ro: Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave
me a comment and I will do my Ro: best to make it happen! Ro: OK, thanks so much! Bye-bye!

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