Family Favorite Holiday Treats | Heart of the Batter

Family Favorite Holiday Treats | Heart of the Batter

– Hey guys, welcome back. The holidays ar not complete
without some holiday treats. I’m going to be making
two of my favorite kinds that always make me so
festive this time of year. One is my Nana’s wedding cake cookies and also my Nana’s Almond Roca. In fact, this is the first
week of holidays with Kin and we’re all sharing
our holiday favorites. Mine just so happened to
be toffee and cookies. So make sure you check out
everybody else’s videos in the description below. All right, you ready? Let’s get this going. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Almond Roca is a toffee. It’s so good. It’s kind of like a hard
candy and there’s chocolate, and chopped almonds on top and
if you are allergic to nuts you can leave the nuts off. You don’t have to worry
but it’s so delicious that it melts in your mouth. And it makes your house smell so amazing. Okay. What we’re gonna
do is you’re gonna take a baking sheet and you’re
gonna line it with some foil. Put a little bit of baking
spray on it and then right here you have a pound of butter. I know that sounds crazy
but it is a pound of butter and it’s delicious. Okay, our butter already started melting so what you’re gonna do
is use a pound of butter and then two cups of sugar. What you wanna do is
constantly be stirring this. You have to keep an eye on
it because you don’t want the caramel mixture and
the hard toffee to burn. Growing up, my Nana used
to make it all the time just because you know,
boiling butter is probably not the safest thing
for myself to be around when I was little, but when
I got a little bit older she used to let me make it with
her and it was a lot of fun. I will never forget that and
it’s been a few Christmases. There have a been a few
Christmases I’ve been out of town and haven’t been able to
make it with her but I always remember doing it. But she still makes it
every year, never fails. Just constantly be moving it until it gets to kind of
like a crack caramel color. It’s kind of like a dark golden brown. One way to actually test that it’s done, this is my Nana’s trick is
you take a glass of ice water and you take a spoon and you
take out a little piece of it and you put it in the ice
water for a few seconds and if you pull it out and
it cracks, then it’s done. If you have a candy thermometer on hand, you want to get it to the hard-crack stage which it’ll say on here
which is about 300 degrees. You just simply keep mixing it together. ’cause you never want
it to sit on the bottom so that it’s always moving
so that it doesn’t burn. Okay, look at how golden brown this is. Oh, it smells so delicious. I love the smell of butter
browning and that’s exactly what’s happening here. Okay, so I think we have the right color. It smells like my Nana’s. It looks like my Nana’s. Okay, we’re gonna take this off now. You’re gonna take this and
you’re going to to literally just pour it onto the foil. Whoo. Be extremely careful. You leave it and let it
do its thing to harden. Literally just leave it alone. (upbeat music) Now another favorite thing that
my Nana makes for Christmas are wedding cake cookies. And these are actually the recipe from my great-grandma Gladys. It’s been passed down so it’s
fun to be able to do this because I feel her with me as well. So what we have is this
lovely plate of butter. I’m gonna put that in
here. Softened butter. Room temp so it’s easy to mix. And powdered sugar. And you’re going to cream the butter and the powdered sugar together. Make sure it’s all mixed. You’re going to take your flour and you’re going to pour that in. And then you’re going to add in your nuts. Okay, so we use pecans in
our recipe but if you want you can do walnuts or you can
leave the nuts out completely. But it does give a really nice
crunch and a lovely flavor. There we go. All right, look at that. I love recipes like this
because it doesn’t have the egg in it so sometimes I just
like to eat the batter. (upbeat music) I forgot the salt. You can’t forget the salt. What is wrong with me? And that’s my Nana’s
favorite thing is salt. How would I forget the salt? Okay, sorry. Salt. What I have here, before I do this, is I have my actual cookbook
that my Nana gave me with the recipe in it because
I wanted her to be here. My Nana actually lived two
minutes from me growing up my entire life. We always went over to
her house after school and holidays she always did a big thing. It’s always decorated. She decorates her trees exactly
the same every single year and so for me I always look
forward to that familiarity. You know, being able to go
into her house and I see it and it just feels like home. You know, so, I love my Nana. She’s amazing. (upbeat music) I’m gonna get a baking sheet. With some parchment paper
so they don’t stick. You’re going to take a little scoop. You can use a spoon too if you’d like. But you’re gonna take a little scoop, put them in your hands, kind
of mold them into little balls and you’re going to put
them on the parchment paper and after you’re done filling up the tray you’re going to put them in
the fridge or the freezer. Depending on how much time you have or how soft your cookies are. And then that will help keep
your cookies nice and together so they don’t kind of like
flatten out in the oven. All right, let me get one more row here. This is fun. All right, I’ll just save
the rest of this batter to eat with a spoon. And then we’re going to put them to chill. (humming) Do I have stuff in my hair? Happens all the time. Did I get it? That’s all right. Batter, batter, batter, batter, taste. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. So now that they’ve been
chilled, we’re gonna take them to your preheated 325 degree
oven for 15 to 20 minutes until the bottoms are golden brown because it’s a round cookie so the tops might not be golden brown. I’m just gonna leave them in there and let them do their thing. (upbeat music) Okay, so now the Roca has
cooled off a little bit. What I’ve done is melted
some milk chocolate chips. You could use dark
chocolate if you’d like. You can substitute all
different kinds of things. We have almonds that
we’re going to put on top but first what you do after
this is you see how I’ve got this nice sheen on top? Which is great. You want
it to look like that. But there’s that excess
butter that’s kind of risen so the chocolate sticks. You wanna pat it off. So you’re just going to take a paper towel and kind of just with
your hands gently pat off kind of like you would do
a pizza when you wanna get the excess oil off the pizza. We take off some of the
excess butter so the chocolate has a firm stick on top of the toffee. All right. And that was the part that
my Nana always let me do. If I couldn’t cook the
toffee itself on the stove, I got to pat it and get the butter off and also spread the chocolate. So you just take your milk chocolate. You can just pour it I guess. (humming) Because it’s going all over, so. Take all the chocolate. Put a nice glob of chocolate. That’s always good. Spread the chocolate around. Try and get all the corners if you can. You wanna cover as much as you can. It may seem like there’s
not enough but there is. And then you’re just going
to take your almonds. You just chop them up however you want. They don’t have to be pretty
or anything like that. You can leave the almonds
off if you have an allergy or replace it with a different
type of nut if you’d like. And you just sprinkle them on. Some nuts down. I love this recipe
because it’s super easy. And that’s basically what
it’s going to look like. And then you just kind of
give it time to sit again and then we’re going to crack it. That was my favorite part. (upbeat music) Now we have to wait until
the wedding cake cookies cool so we can toss them in the powdered sugar or the powdered sugar will
melt. And nobody wants that. (sighs) I wanna eat them. Cool off. Okay, so now that they’ve
cooled, now comes the fun part. So you have a bowl of powdered
sugar because you want enough to coat all the cookies. And then basically you
just take a cookie, boop, you toss them in, get it in there. Roll them around. And they look like this, tada. Super easy. My brother is gonna kill
me for telling this. So we were baking cookies with my Nana and my Nana was like,
hey, PJ, you wanna help? He said, yeah, sure, I’d love to. So she said okay, you can put the cookies in
the powdered sugar and he did. And when we tasted them
we all were like… What just happened? When we looked up there was
a bowl of flour right next to the bowl of powdered sugar
and he tossed the cookies in flour instead of the powdered sugar. It was really funny. We raz him about it every single Christmas because she makes these
every single Christmas. So we like to bring it up. I do love the idea that
these treats are only made during the holidays. It gives me something to look forward to and also that memory of knowing oh, it’s Christmas time when my
Nana makes these cookies. Oh, I wanna eat one. I can’t wait. The cookies are pretty much
always gone by the time the holidays are over. (upbeat music) Now it is cooled. (vocalizes) We’re going to break it. Okay, so Roca is Spanish for rock. Which makes sense because is a hard candy. So like a rock candy. It’s gonna be uneven so
don’t worry, it’s fine. But you kind of want pieces
that will kind of fit in the palm of somebody’s
hand and that makes it easy to store and it makes it
easy to give as a gift. It makes it easy to eat
too because you want pieces that people can actually pick up. Okay, so you wanna take
this and you’re just gonna, whoop, whoop, whoop. Break it. It’s okay if you get some small pieces. Whoop. (humming) Mmm. (humming) Oh, my Nana, I hope
she’s gonna be proud of me. She’ll probably go, Jordan,
you should have waited until the chocolate was a little bit more solid. Yeah but Nana, I couldn’t wait. I had to eat it. Oh my gosh, these cookies and
this Almond Roca are so good. Please tell me in the
comments any of your favorite holiday treats and let
me know if you make these and what you think about them. Also be sure to check out
the holiday with Kin playlist in the description below and look at all of their amazing videos. Next week it’s a holiday
progressive party across Kin shows you are not gonna wanna
miss it and please as always don’t forget to subscribe. See you later. I’m going to eat all of this now, bye. (upbeat holiday music)

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