Fall Wedding Cake Decorating – Fondant Ruffles

Fall Wedding Cake Decorating – Fondant Ruffles

In this video I’m sharing a gorgeous
ruffled fondant wedding cake with fresh flowers. Inside all of these ruffles is a
moist and delicious chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and an orange butter
cake with white chocolate and Raspberries. the cake begins with my
orange butter cake recipe also known as my wedding cake recipe. Each tier is made
one step better by brushing on a simple syrup, This one is lemon. A layer of white
chocolate buttercream is next followed by fresh Raspberries. Next crumb coat your cake with your
favorite buttercream. Mine is an Italian meringue buttercream, and if you would
like a complimentary copy of my Top 5 Buttercream Recipes and Your Buttercream
Questions Answered, go to Wedding Cakes For You and click the little red book.
This is going to be the middle tier. This chocolate buttermilk cake combined
with dark chocolate ganache is outstanding you can get all of my
recipes that I use to blow my brides and grooms away at cake tastings in my book
Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by-Step. The link is below the videos for you. Now
I didn’t capture all the cakes being frosted so we’re going to get right to
the fondant frills. Take a small handful of fondant and press or roll it out so
it fits into a pasta roller. If you don’t have a pasta roller you can roll them
all out by hand. Using a pizza cutter or knife create
wavy shapes, then press them onto the buttercream. For the rest of the pieces use a small
amount of water wherever the fondant overlaps to attach the pieces. If you
want to see the live demonstration that I did on these fondant frills I’ll put
the link for you below the video and also in the video for you. Now a few more
tips. Use a very small amount of water to attach the pieces together,
otherwise the fondant will break down and get mushy. For the bottom pieces use
the pizza roller to cut any excess off, and to create a clean edge. Another thing,
if your fondant frills are drooping use a ball of fondant to prop them up if
needed until they dry. You can refrigerate your cakes uncovered. The
fondant will harden up. It’s time to deliver the cakes. They are
safely packaged and ready for the one-hour trip north. The cakes are
delivered individually as they were very heavy. Enjoy the rest of the decorating. I’m
using fresh flowers provided by the florist. If you have any questions at
all you can just ask me a question underneath the video in the comment
section and I will get back to you ASAP. Wedding Cakes For You provides aspiring
bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills and confidence to create
beautiful cakes and cherished memories. Thank you so much for being here and
we’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Do you cover the flower stems ,also do you put the fruit on the cake the day of the wedding or day before ,thank you xx

  2. @weddingcakesforyou Lorelie, does ur.book wedding cakes for you book is available at Target or any other book store?

  3. thank you so much for these beautiful inspiring ideas. have you ever done a q&a where you addressed how long it takes you to make a cake like this and how much you charge for them. Because i would really like to know, please. thank you very much. and keep making beautiful things for people to celebrate with!

  4. Too Beautiful to be true. Thx for Sharing. Pls I need your advise on if its OK to use a lemon buttercream icing under fondant.

  5. If you like my videos and channel please subscribe and ring the bell 🍰💞🌺 Thanks for visiting and watching my videos. Here is a link to another modern wedding cake design using the same fondant technique https://youtu.be/eHqFbJsZbLs

  6. How’d you store the cake after adding the fondant? And where’d you buy the stick to hold them all together?

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