Erin Andrews Wants It All And Deserves It, Too | Cold As Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

Erin Andrews Wants It All And Deserves It, Too | Cold As Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

– What’s goin on? I’m Kevin Hart. Right now, you’re watching Season 3 of “Cold
as Balls.” Oh my goodness, first let me give you a hug. – Baby Girl. – We are live here and I’m with Erin Andrews. – And hold on, I’m drunk! I’m trying to crash the Superbowl party! Let me up, let me up! – Stop it! – Best moment ever. – Stop it! – One of my favorites is that when you broke
it- Are we going now? – Yeah, no we’re not going, no, I’m joking. Come on, put your robe up. – I loved when you counted the drinks on your
Instagram. – You have to have a plan after After something
hits that you didn’t expect to hit. – Who was the actual player that was like,
“NO, no, you can’t do that!” – I’m gonna give you the whole story, you
gonna die laughing. – I need it. – Okay, – You gonna die laughing. Ladies and gentlemen, what’s going on? Welcome to our new episode of “Cold as Balls.” I, of course am your host, Kevin Hart And
I am with Erin Andrews. And Erin before we get into my story, I gotta
simply just tell you, that you dope. When I use the word dope. – Right. – I’m telling you what I mean by it, it’s
like – Oh God! – The success that you’ve never had in your
career, has put you in conversation to simply be one of the best. And I think that’s the dopest shit about it. – I don’t do well with this kinda stuff, do
you? – Why not? – Because it’s like fine, but it’s just like,
all right, all right, all right, how can I get better? I wanna learn more, I wanna do more. – You wanna fucken be the best. – Yes. – All right, first let me explain the Super
Bowl shit to you – Before you do, lets go a little lower? – Yeah, okay fine, lets… – Ready? – Shoot, yeah, lets do it, ready, one, two
and three. High kick and low, shit man. – It really, honestly – Stings the nostrils. – I just can’t, I just don’t like. – I take a while doing this kinda business. – Yeah, right. – Yeah. – It takes you a second. – It’s also harder for girls, lets be honest. – Well, no, you know what it is? – Come on big boy lets go. – You don’t see me trying? – One, two, three. – Okay. – Get the smelling salts and lets go. – All right, Super Bowl moment. – Yeah. – Here’s what shit! – All right, Super Bowl moment, everybody
knows I got drunk. – Everybody knows. – You did? It wasn’t obvious at all. – Everybody noticed I took all of my friends. – Right. – To the Superbowl, we got a box. – Yeah. – All right, Kevin Fraser came up. – Yeah. – And he was like, “Kevin, let me get it quick
in few ” – And you’re wasted. – And I’m already there. – Hammered. – And my wife goes, “Baby you shouldn’t do
no interview you in a little saucy.” I remember going, “F*cken Eagles all day!” – sort of. and he was just looking at me and
I was like, “Yeah just like a bitch!” – It was just the most… – Amazing. – It was just so aggressive, it was over and
I was like, “We going down to the theater.” And when we got there, everybody just kept
letting me buy. We didn’t have – Except that one security guard. – Yeah, he saved my life though. – Thank God, by the way. – He saved my career, I’d definitely fall
off that stage. Matter of fact, let me just shout out to the
security guard, let me just give you – Thank you Sir. – I appreciate it. – Yeah, what a guy. – Lets talk about why you jumped into this
business? – Oh I thought you meant the tab. – I’m in this business cause of my dad, I’m
a daddy’s girl. – Really. – He loves sports, that was easy, yeah it
was just what I did with my dad. Was watch games… – All the time. – All the time. – Do you feel like you’ve mapped this out
and this is happening the way that you thought that it would? – Kind of, it’s gotten bigger than I thought
it would, I never kinda thought I would crossover into the Hollywood side and be on a ballroom
reality show. – Mhm. – I never thought that you would finally accept
my invitation to do a talk show. – You know. – Lets just do a talk show, Monday through
Friday, lets just do this. – Just a talk show? – Yes. – Here’s, okay. – You’re busy, I get it. – Here’s the gift and the curse. – This is my talk show. – You’re on my talk show. Do you understand what you just did? She just canceled “Cold as Balls.” – No I didn’t, I want a “Cold as Balls” but
out of the tub, with some coffee and then we have like, first guest, Chris Hemsworth. – You’re trying to turn me into Regis! – Well you’re his size. – You just trying to make me Regis. Come on, Erin! Who wants to be a millionaire? – I do and that’s why I wanna talk to you
because you are very rich. – And I am about to start up a company and
I need a lot of advice. – What company are you starting up? – So I am starting a female NFL apparel group. – Are you talking like the equipment? – I’m going to sell apparel to women who are
sports fans – Huge. – And they wanna be able to wear this stuff. Not just at the stadium, where it’s like . I’m
a Philadelphia Eagle fan. It’s subtle, it goes with things. Like little bombers, jean jackets, T-shirts. – You have all ready started this, I assume? – We’re out, we’re live! Breaking news on “Cold as Balls” – She’s gotta clothing line launching – I have so many thoughts in my head at two
and three in the morning about this. How do you deal with all of this crap? – Okay, first things first, you’re a crazy
person. Lets put that in the side. – Valid. – Okay, you know, you just gotta learn to
sell, when you talk about selling, you talk about advertising, you talk about marketing,
you just gotta learn to do it. Watch this, watch this right here. – Okay. – Black hand! Black hand! This episode of “Cold as Balls” is brought
to you by Old Spice. Sweat defense, antiperspirant for 48 hours,
that’s right. Giving you protection for as long as two days. Thank you black hand. – Can I see what flavor it is? – What do you wanna see the flavor? – I’m around men 24/7, so I… – If you lick that deodorant. – Oh that one’s good. – Oh, that could’ve got ugly. – Well think about how many armpits I’m around
24/7. Because a lot of these guys are so much bigger
than me. So I’m around just armpits and dodging snot
rockets, all the time. – Snot rockets? – Yeah. – Whose hit you with a snot rocket? – I don’t know who… – Tom Brady! – No, he would never snot rocket. – Tom Brady doesn’t blow his nose – His nose is perfect. – Is that what he used to take the air out
of that football? – What, I don’t know what you’re talking about? You won. – When they called that play, were you just
like feeling special in yourself? That was so… – I was drunk Erin, I don’t remember. – I know, I remember, it was so incredible. – It’s so mean, that you trying to bring up
the game. Knowing I don’t remember. Get me your best athlete interview, who was
your favorite? – It’s easy, it’s Richard Chairman, NFC championship. Did you ever see, you probably have zero idea
of what I’m talking about. – Are you talking about, his famous line that
went viral? – So when he made the game saving play, to
take the Seattle Seahawks into the Superbowl. He made the play against Michael Crabtree. – Yes – I ran up to him and I said “take me through
that play”. First of all, that’s not even a question. – Well. – Shame on me. – It’s not. – What,when,where,why,how. – Are those the rules? – That’s what you should do, “Take me through
that play”. You know what he could have said? No, I’m not going to, because that’s not a
question. – So, I said take me through that play. And then he started going off about Michael
Crabtree. – Yeah. So after that all happened he walked away. And I just sat there and I was like oh my
god. Oh my god I can’t believe that happened, it
was so frickin awesome. Then my butt pocket started vibrating. – Wait a minute, whoa. – No! No it was my phone! – What the? No! Not on this show, No! – I’m gonna pee this tub. – Okay, No! Can we blur that? Is that blur guy here? I don’t know what that was. – So anyways I answered it and my husband
was going off, and I was like “I have to go”. – Of course he was going off. – Yeah – Of course, yeah, why would he not go off? – I’d hate to see you get back to back calls,
Jesus Christ. What’s that look like? – All right all right, let’s. Let’s take this to the next level. Do we get to ask the black hand to come out
again? – You don’t talk to the black hand like that! – I’m the only one who talks to the black
hand around here. Black hand grab the. – Snorkel for Kevin. – Here it comes, thank you. – Thanks black hand. – Don’t smell That cause she peed on it. – Not yet – I’m aware that you are a cancer survivor. – I am. – I’m also aware that you went through your
battle, with cancer privately. Why did you make the decision to be reserved
about it? – Work is such an escape for me, I feel my
best and just happiest on the football field. – Wow. – So I felt like for me to just have a four
hour get away was during my NFL games or Dancing With the Stars shows. And the doctors said you know, we probably
recommend you not work after this. You know, take a week off. – You had to, you had to. – I had Cowboys vs. Packers this week – Yeah. – Brett Favre’s name’s going in the ring of
honor. Mommy’s not sticking home are you insane? – Yeah. – So yeah I just had to, I feel like we’re
going very deep. Not just in a tub but in life. – That’s what this show does. – Well of course. – It takes you places that you didn’t expect
to go, through comfortable conversation that you didn’t know would happen. To be a great host you gotta go what,when,why,how,where. So when you went through your public sh*t. Oh my goodness this is all over the papers. – Yeah, what a time that is. – I mean, it’s unreal. – Don’t you feel like you’re on this island
and you’re like, I don’t know how to get off this island. – That’s when I realize who is actually in
your corner. – On your island, yeah. – Who’s actually there with you. – Absolutely. You choose to be a victim, and that’s what
I was for the longest time, like I felt bad for myself, I thought people were looking
at me because they remembered the video that came out, or the fact that I had a stalker
and everything like that – When you say longest time, how long? How long do you feel? – Honestly? – How long? – Probably up to like last year. – Really? – Yeah, I was choosing to be a victim. I was choosing to think oh my gosh, they’re
looking at me because of this, No I’m putting that out there why am I putting that out there. – That’s so dope that you say that. – God, I thought that this was gonna just
be hilarious. – It is hilarious! – And hysterical, but. – Watch this, Bam-bam do a two step, go! Bam-bam! Hit me with a two step, go! – Or in my world that’s called a salsa. Five and six and seven and eight. – Darryl give me a two step, Dance with the
stars style hit it! One two three get loose now. Hop hop hop, and hit it. – And really sway your hips, feel it! – That’s enough stop it. – Really good, they’ve got the stare down
well. – Yeah – Okay, one last thing, my dream not only
to be In this cold tub with you is to be fireside with Oprah sipping on tequila cause I feel
like she really likes that. Have you ever been interviewed by her? – Oprah did. Oprah actually made me cut my phones off at
my house. Oprah’s that powerful. – She is. – Oprah came to my house and we did an interview,
and the phone rang and she said that can’t happen you gotta take the lines out. – What were you being interviewed for? – Well she was just doing it for the show
and uh. – Great. – You know when she said it I was like hey
but my dad, you know he’s flying in so when he lands he’s gonna call the house. – Yeah – Cause we don’t get reception she’s like
can’t happen right? Of course not, f*ck my dad. So we unplugged it and we got to the airport. My dad was the only one there. He was the only one there. sitting on his suitcase. – Pissed off? – Well he couldn’t be because Oprah did it,
I said what you gonna do get mad at Oprah? – The f*ck? – He’s interviewing you half time what kind
of adjustment are you gonna make at the half Kevin? – Well so far I’m thinking the interview’s
going great you know here on Cold as Balls what we like to do is we like to get active,
you know and I think the best thing is just getting our opponent in a position where they
feel comfortable. – What will you do in this second half to
improve this interview? – Well, you know the second half is when you
gotta play your best. It’s not how you start the game its how you
finish it. Throw some hard hitting questions that neither
one of us expect, and uh. What the f*ck are you? What are you doing? You do a bit, I go along with the bit and
then you take the bit away. Get your *ss over there. – I love that. – Proud of yourself? – All right listen you’ve been going deep
asking me some very difficult questions I’ve got- – Good questions! – Yeah they’re good! What when why where how. I’m gonna ask you some now. – What college did I go to? – Very easy, Devrai. – Motherfucker! Get your ass back! Damn near sh*tted myself. – What is my dog’s name? – Real motherf*cker. – My dog’s name is Howard, we had to take
him to Cesar Milan by the way. Have you ever been there? Major. – With Howard or just in general? – What laugh is that? Where do you go? What do you tap into? – That’s my deep dark laugh and I will- Why
do you turn into, you turn into a white lady that smokes a lot of cigarettes? Get off the- get off the couch. Look at this, what the fuck is that? – I am gonna pee! Now its getting really cold. – Yeah its called Cold as Balls – Yeah well. – All right Bam, come over here bam. I want you to do the journalist thing so we
can wrap up. – Oh wow here we go. Do you want me to throw it down to you on
the field? – Yes throw it down to me. – I wanna role play as well. We are happy to have Kevin Hart with us here
today Kevin we’ll send it down to you now. – Yeah, Hey Erin! Ha! Well I’ll tell you what first thing first,
the ducks are flying out here and I’m talking about the weather! You all listen, first of all lets just talk
about the game. I think today was a great day. You know you get guests but you don’t get
greats. and today we got ourselves a great. So lets do ourselves a favor and applaud that
one cause we’re not gonna see it again. Okay, before I toss back – I don’t understand what you’re doing with
your arm that’s what I’m so confused about. – This is what y’all do. – We don’t- I don’t do that! – You do this all the time. You do this and in the middle of it you go
wait! My phones ringing. – Oh you’re holding your earpiece, I never
do that. – All right we’re gonna wrap this one up man
this has been another episode of Cold as Balls. I of course am your host Kevin Hart. And today you blew me away. You blew me away because your story is amazing
and you’re just as amazing and you know what? You’re gonna be even more amazing. – When we have our talk show Monday through
Friday here on FOX, tomorrow our first guest Chris Hemsworth. – Don’t cut me off! F*ck! – Jesus Christ, that’s it we’re don- Stop
it! Get. Get your *ss over there. – You may need Bam-bam on your offensive line,
really. – Bam-bam actually used to play a little football. Show your three point stance. – I love that. – Yep – Linemen are my favorite. – Yep, okay all right that’s enough, that’s
enough. All right Bam, You better. You nasty motherf- Bam, get your ass out of
here. You gon fan it? You gon fan it. That’s what were doing now? Bam-bam get out of there! You’re in my three shot. – All right guys thanks so much I am here
now with Kevin Hart. Kevin, the interview started slow. I gotta be honest, I don’t think I was really
expecting the serious questions but overall, how do you think the first half of that went? – I mean I don’t think it can get better. You know at the end of the day I’m great at
what I do. – Okay your thoughts on the second half? – Second half you know we played strong we
played defense, we came out we saw what we had to do and we got it done, thank you. – Rude!

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  4. Wow i was surprised he brought up certain topics and respect her for not dodging anything, but going even further thsn I imagined. Ans she is right about just focusing on doing you and not playing the victim. Hell even Kim K moved pn and bounced back after the video that she wanted to do. Erin had a stalker so she will be fine. Kim bounced back so well no one even mentions tht tape. Where mlst wojld have killed their career, she showed no matter what happens in life success make ppl forgive and even forget. And i do not even like Kim K. So what I am saying, is if Kim and Kanye can bounce bacm begter and they are in the spotlight then Erin will be fine and anyone can make it if they want to.

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