[ENG SUB] 몰카 ) 역대급 [ 슴부심 대결 ] 여사친 친구랑 짜고 울기 직전까지 여사친 놀렸더니 ㅋㅋㅋ

[ENG SUB] 몰카 ) 역대급 [ 슴부심 대결 ] 여사친 친구랑 짜고 울기 직전까지 여사친 놀렸더니 ㅋㅋㅋ

I bet that you put something in your clothes No! It’s all mine!
I didn’t put anything in clothes This is not fake
As you can see, its’ all mine Today’s prank
Make a fun of a friend of Mogwa
(The big fight of boobs) Let’s get started Manner maketh man What about me? You can do it by yourself It has been awhile! – Did she pay for the taxi?
– I paid (Let’s trick the hell of her(in blue) today) – Why didn’t you pay for the taxi?
– What’s wrong with you? Did I do something wrong? (Apology Jamong in advance for the things that we are going to do lol) (Jamong is really good at taking care of people) Let’s have a coffee I’ll go get yours – I’d like to have a hot americano
– I’d like to have a chamomile tea – A ice americano??
– I’d like to have a hot americano lol – I want a chamomile tea
– Okay~ – Look at you! You’ve really slim down!
– Mogwa has told me that I gain weight Here’s coffee for you Where is mine? Where is mine? I told you I want to have a chamomile tea! Mogwa pretends that he doesn’t remember what Jamong has ordered – Did she tell me that?
– She was kinda murmuring You’ve told me that you got it and I don’t understand you get only two drinks because it’s three of us here! – I care for cost saving
– What the…. What a behavior huh?
You think this is funny? Here is a straw for you
As you can see this straw is in a heart shape ♥ Heart Straw ♥ Thank you for the straw – Go get my drink
– What did you say? – A drink for mine! I don’t have anything to drink!
– I’m out of cash – …..sigh
– You should trust me. I’m really out of cash He is such a bastard – I’m really out of cash
– (Jamong is getting pissed off) – Look at here
(Mogwa is showing her the credit cards only, not cash) I’m really out of cash! You were supposed to tell me early that you are out of cash so you can’t afford to buy drinks for three! – I do really like this american he bought it for me
– Are you making fun of me ? I’m telling the truth because this american is really good – Are you being serious? You really don’t have cash?
– I’m telling you the truth! (Jamong is getting her own coffee…oh dear) (Apology Jamong 🙂 You are a jerk
(Jamong gets her own drink) This looks very interesting
(Jamong seems to forget what just happened) – Is this chamomile?
– Yes it is (Mogwa has eyes on Jamong’s tea) (Jamong is explaining how to brew the tea) (Seungah is changing the subject) Look at this guys! Hello guys! Wow! I do like yours too
It tastes good – What drink is this?
– This is what they recommend to drink – I do really like this one
– It does taste really good Hey guys
Look at this first (Seungah is blocking what Jamong is saying) (Jamong is wondering what’s wrong with this guys) (Seungah is changing the subject again) – How long did you take to come here?
– About 15 mins? – It’s not that far
– We can take a walk together I will give you a ride – Where are you going later?
– I’m going to a gym but I’ll go back to home if you can give me a ride Hey! We are supposed to go a gym together,
aren’t we? Well…it would be better to get a ride so that we can go back to home conveniently You are such a bitxx We are supposed to go to a gym later
but look at her…what the… You should behave properly! – What’s wrong with you sis?
– Don’t piss off and you should shimmer yourself down She looks older than you
so you can call her as an elder sister of yours What the heck are you talking about? You should admit that you look older than Seungah You guys really bug me You are stunning too
Don’t worry sis Did you just say you are stunning “too”? Are you guys trying to make a fun of me?
Don’t mess with me (Dear Jamong..
I mute all the bad words that you’ve used) (There are a lot of holes on the chair) You can use this
(Passing a cushion only to Seungah) Is there any?
nothing? – Here has another for my precious bag
– Fxxx you asshole! Hand it over to me! My bag would say he’s hurt without a cushion I can see that a bag is made with leather so it would be scratched without a cushion Look at mine which is quite similar to yours
we are like a couple lol – Jamong : Please hand it over to me
– Mogwa is trying to intercept Jamong’s cushion My butt is hurt!
You are not the only one who has a butt! You chair doesn’t like ours so you won’t need a cushion for your chair! Jamong is looking for a cushion (Apology Jamong…I will bring you out to a fine restaurant later) – Jamong : Never mind since I have fats on my butt
– Mogwa : I think your butt is quite flat What are you saying?
I do have this gorgeous butt I’ve been squatting a lot to make this glamorous butt Seungah : It’s freezing (trying to cough intentionally) – You catch a cold?
– I have a sore throat Hang on
I’ve got something for you I will go get something good for your throat What a busy body… Mogwa gets her a cheese cake and apple juice This contains a lot of vitamins to soothe your sore throat Hey! It’s not yours
Well…I just want to have a look! You can just have a look at distance – Thank you for the drink
– (I feel really sorry for Jamong) Mogwa…I thank you for all these (Seungah is exaggerating the gratitude) (What’s wrong with them today…) Such a precious juice..
I don’t think I can drink this – But…Jamong doesn’t have anything to drink though
– Mogwa : She has her chamomile tea Hello…? I bought this for me you bastard! You didn’t use a singe penny to me
What are you talking about? I’ve bought something for you last time
Don’t you remember? Like…10 days ago I treated him to a lunch yesterday and the day before yesterday but you can’t buy me a cup of tea? – I treated you to a dinner ten days ago!
– Yeah…right…ten days ago… Don’t worry sis. He will buy you a dinner alte – I’m sorry for having this only for me
– You don’t have to feel sorry – I don’t actually don’t want to drink that
(Jamong seems really angry) (You can have yours, bitxx) (Getting her attention to the cake) – How did you know that I’m so into a cake
– Hello…? Why are you taking the two folks out? – You are not going to have this?
– (Of cousre Mogwa is going to have lol) Me?
This folk is for me (Jamong…I will treat you to nice dinner later!
I’m so sorry!) He is really bugging me. It’s too obvious that you do care only for her. Is this some kinda bullying me? I don’t like your behavior today
It’s very rude Don’t get me wrong I understand that you care for her
but it seems like you care for her to my face I fell like being outcast by this group Please don’t quarrel – Mogaw : You are not even good looking
– (Jamong loses her words to say) What are you talking? She is stunning and good looking
though not as stunning as me Don’t take it serious
We are just having a fun here – Do you have any plan for dinner?
– I’m available ~ What’s wrong with your tone? Jamong is mimicking her
“I’m available~” You don’t do that I like seafood but I’d like to go bbq today I like seafood though
Let’s have seafood today It’s raw food
(Seungah is playing her act perfectly) – Don’t you eat seafood?
– I love seafood but I’d like to go bbq today I won’t go with you guys if we are going to bbq today Let’s go to have bbq today I will treat you to a dinner You’ve told me that you are out of cash! I have a credit card
I told you I’m our of cash, not a credit card Shut up Let’s go have seafood today
I will bring you guys to a dinner – I want to go bbq!
– But she said she is going to treat us to a dinner – Why don’t you treat us to a dinner for seafood?
– I want to have seafood! – Mogwa~~~
– Mogwa~~~ Don’t do that!
Stop it! They are in a battle of acting cute
Seafood vs BBQ I think she is more adorable than you
(Mogwa sets a fire on the battle) Let’s go to have bbq today I’m upset
(Jamong is acting cute) Jamong is falied on acting cute lol Jamong is slightly sulking – Don’t be jealous
– I’m not jealous but just feel a bit sulk to Mogwa – Mogwa does too obviously take care of you
– Don’t be upset. I haven’t seen her for awhile Don’t be anxious. Mogwa takes good care of me because I’m looking good Oh…dear
Do you think you are prettier than me? Second Round
The pretty vs The pretty Well..I’m satisfied with how I look
I think I’m quite stunning Oh…are you?
By the way..I think I’m prettier than you though But through a man’s point of view,
they think I’m prettier than you though I’m not comfortable with the words you used
“Don’t be anxious Jamong. You should understand it because I’m prettier than you” – You should admit that I’m pretty
– But I’m also a good looking too I didn’t say you are not a good looking but all I want to say is that he might think I’m prettier than you I feel terrified to girls Aren’t you a girl too? I’m generous and kind
I don’t get easily jealous to someone What are you talking? The size of my heart and generosity are like the pacific ocean Round Four
“The fight over boobs” I can see that she puts something in her clothes
to make her boobs look big – It’s mine! I didn’t put anything to fake!
– Are you kidding? I can see that you put something there – I won’t lose this fight
– Me either! – What”s the size of your bra?
– What?! The size of bra is not a big deal!!
The size of boob is matter! Don’t get us wrong
We are best friends (Jamong and Seungah are best friend indeed) (That’s why I’ve asked to Seungah to prank Jamong) (Jamong gets really angry) You guys don’t even get me in the conversations
I don’t want to be here anymore (She’s crying) Don’t go Jamong
We should hang out together today (I think it’s time to tell her the truth) Don’t be upset Jamong.. You guys have fun
I don’t want to be here anymore (Mogwa feels really sorry for Jamong) Hey! This is a prank! – What?
– This is a prank! We were kinda boared so… (Should I kill this bastards?) Is it a prank?
Are you sure? (Sincerely apology to Jamong) You can look around and will find a cam Shit… She’s crying Let’s go have seafood I was a little sad that I felt like being bullied by you Dinner is on Mogwa! Stop it! Are you going to buy us a dinner?
You’ve told us to treat to dinner, didn’t you? You will buy me seafood?
Yeah! – It’s on you
– Okay don’t worry

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  1. 야이 미친… 후 아직도 그날 생각하면 열받아 ㅠㅠ승아까지 꼬시다니 걍 겁나 울어버릴껄ㅡㅡ!

  2. 모과형 이 분이 부러운 건 처음이네 하… 인생… 여사친은 얼굴로 사귀는 게 아닌가 보다 어떻게 하면 저런 여사친 두지? 평범 그 이상의 여자들

  3. 자몽.모과형 두분이 결혼 안하면 삐질거임!서로 사랑하는게 눈에보입니다!내가 젊으면 절대 안놓을겁니다…자몽!

  4. 자몽이님 유행어 : 너무하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    그리고 자몽이님 정도면
    성격착하신데 욕도 잘 안하고
    차분하면서 말잘하는 성격이네
    얼굴도 저 정도면 디따 이뻐요
    절대 못생긴거 아닙니다 이뿌심

  5. 자몽이두~
    고기먹자 할때..
    머릿속에 생각이 넘 복잡해서 말이 헛나왔어~^^*
    항상 응원할테니 힘내구…
    미소짓는 일만 가득하길~
    먹는거 갖구 몰카에 당해서 좀 안쓰럽긴 했어..
    먹는거론 장난치는거 아닌데..
    그치 자몽아..?
    울 자몽이 화이팅 하렴~^^*

  6. 야이~ 모과xxxx~~~ㅋㅋ
    착한 자몽님 왜 울려요ㅠㅠㅋ
    영상보면서 빡쳤내!!!ㅋㅋ
    난 모과형 보러오는게 아니라 자몽님 보러오는건데 이쁜 자몽님 울리지마요~~~

  7. 자몽씨는 착한 여자가 아주 심뽀 나쁜 남자를 만나서 고생하는 여자 같아요밥도 항상 자몽씨가 비싼 거 사고, 모과형은 쫀돌이 아둥바둥,,,,

  8. 오디오가 문제가 있나 웅성거리는 거처럼 잘 안들려서 보다 패쓰.

  9. 자몽씨 성격 대박이네요..저정도면 나라도 대쉬 해보겠어요.. 얼굴예쁜여자는 많아도. 성격까지좋은여자는 잘없거든요.. 자몽씨 너무조으다..

  10. 자몽님 같은 천사가 없네요~외모 OK, 성격OK 뭐하나 빠지는게 없네요~나중에 모과형님께 눈물 쏙 빼는 아주 큰 복수 재미있게 해주세요~자몽튜브에서 볼 날을 기대해요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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