[ENG SUB] 字母蛋糕/饼干食谱 How to Make Monogram Alphabet Cake/ Hazelnut Biscuits

[ENG SUB] 字母蛋糕/饼干食谱 How to Make Monogram Alphabet Cake/ Hazelnut Biscuits

Hello guys, I’m Wendy from IWEN If you’re new to my channel, WELCOME! Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and CLICK on Notification Bell to receive all my latest videos ok! last week i made my boyfriend’s birthday cake this week I’ll be making my brother’s birthday cake Because their birthdays are so near only 1-2 weeks apart So I’ll busy making all their cakes What cake I’m making today? I’ll be making viral cake from internet Monogram Alphabet Cake Previously, I made Number 8 Cake before You can click the icon above to watch the video if you haven’t do so They are also easy to make and pretty to look at but there’s something special because there is NO CAKE in this cake~ why is it?>because my brother is into gym fitness, so he didn’t like too greasy cake so today I adjusted a bit to make biscuits for him this dessert is based with thin layers of biscuits paired with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries, blueberries and top it off with pretty little decoration on top~ i love the end result so much. Look so delicious and pretty Also, I did some……………. really stupid things actually every time i will film the moment how we celebrated their birthdays as a memory and also their reaction after tasting the cake this time, i accidentally carelessly set my mic its wiring there got loose! i didn’t know until I film the whole thing and watch! after watch only realize there was no sound! No sound x3 so no remedy, i only can do voiceover by recording my own voice voiceover to cover their voices so let’s stop talking and let’s get STARTED~ first, pour all purpose flour into a big bowl put a sifter on top we are gonna sift ground hazelnut, you can use ground almond too now add on icing sugar and salt sift all the ingredients through as there will be lumps inside them thus, it’s important to sift them well After that, whisk them well with wiring whisk now add on cold unsalted butter make sure they are COLD i cubed my butter and freeze them for 15-30 minutes before using now use a fork to combine both of them together press all the dry mixture into the butter until you reach bread crumb consistency like this this ensure flakiness in your biscuits next, add on one big egg also add in vanilla extract now continue to stir them stir until they stick together and form into a dough then it’s ready divide the dough into 2 portions as we are making 2 layers cake right? line your baking sheet with a parchment/baking paper place one portion of dough on top and cover with plastic wrap this ensure the dough won’t stick on your rolling pin roll them thinly using rolling pin until they reach 0.4cm thickness, which is relatively thin now remove the plastic wrap and store them into fridge for 30minutes it will be a lot easier to cut into desired shape once they are cold and harden Today, I’m using “J” alphabet paper template use a knife to cut off any excess dough apart from this alphabet using a smaller knife will make the cutting job for curvy part easier once done, peel off the paper template remove all the excess dough don’t throw away these excess dough, can use them to make some decoration as you desired i used the excess dough to make some small flowers by using some cookie cutter to cut the shape out store them into the fridge for 30 minutes again once set, you will notice they have harden there, see it? bake them in preheated 180C for 15-20 minutes Repeat the same steps on the other half of the dough now melt your chocolate, i’m using dark chocolate today you can use white chocolate as well ok, once they are baked, the edges of the biscuit turn golden brown and they are harden after cool too look at it, such an adorable flower repeat to make the second layer biscuit now brush a thin layer of the slightly cooled dark chocolate earlier on top of the biscuit this sealing process will prevent biscuit from getting soggy after applying cream on top for the J on top layer, both side of the biscuits were brushed and sealed with chocolate because both side will be in connect with frosting this ensure the biscuits won’t get soft Now, prepare half a batch of my cream cheese frosting i will put video recipe links in DESCRIPTION BOX prepare a piping tip No. 805 place it into a piping bag add in the frosting i really love this frosting recipe very tasty and also its piping consistency is so stable and just suitable for this project place 1st layer of biscuit on your cake board then pipe on the cream cheese frosting dollops by dollops, so cute~ just like so, two by two, pipe until the whole alphabet is fully filled the neater the frosting the better, especially for those frosting on the outside, since it will be exposed after that, put them into freezer for 30 minutes to allow the frosting on top harden in the meantime, we are gonna make some mini decoration i put just few drops of red food coloring onto a tiny portion of my cream cheese frosting then using Wilton 2C piping tip i wanna pipe out some mini frosting kisses so cute, all these can be used as decoration you can pipe as much as you like with variety of different sizes as well i also used Wilton 2D piping tip to pipe out rosettes i place 2 tone color frosting here original frosting and pink frosting so pretty right? place them into freezer for 1 hour once set, place on the second layer biscuits on top repeat on dollops of frosting layer so cute~ try to pipe at the same position as the frosting at bottom layer so that they look really neat and pretty once the biscuits are covered with frosting, we are gonna make the decoration on top i throw some fresh blueberries into gold luster dust shake them a bit, then you will get gold blueberries now begin decorating, you can decorate however you desire i first place my fresh strawberries on top then my flowers the rosettes on top and also some cubed little strawberries pieces and my gold blueberries and some tiny frosting kisses once the decoration fully cover the top, then they are done~ is it pretty? love the color combination so much right? see, totally no sound. Nevermind, i will do my own voiceover u made it yourself? wow~ how is it? pretty or not? what do you mean? light the candle. Let’s sing birthday song Yeah~wow cut like this, like this~ wui, cut like this~ how was it? i made all the 5 voices by my own this is called voiceover when there are no remedy. haha now, it’s time to cut the cake, look at it! inside! wow~ isn’t it pretty? layers by layers of different texture i think the biscuits combined with cream cheese and berries should be quite tasty Let’s hear their comment How is it (the taste)? nice~ dad? really tasty~ because i’m using cream cheese frosting which is not too sweet both of their birthdays really near almost 2 weeks apart only look at this~ wow, when you scoop it, there’s cheese pull feeling is it pretty? fragrant crispy hazelnut flavored biscuits plus half tangy half sweet cream cheese frosting and also fresh juicy blueberries and strawberries, erm~ so pretty and tasty. Hope you can give it a go~ remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t do so WATCH my previous video on Chocolate Brownie Cookie Cake! FOLLOW ME on my social media, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM See you again next week. BYE BYE~

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  1. 这次尝试了网红字母蛋糕,你的字母是什么呢?哈哈~这是上回的数字蛋糕影片 Number Cake Monogram Cake: https://youtu.be/4ytgR9SNL4s

  2. 真的看起非常的好吃~~~还有那个麦哥风没声音真的有点好笑,不过主要还是蛋糕超好看的❤️

  3. iwen很像你做蛋糕你有放塔塔粉如果没有塔塔粉可以放柠檬汁你facebook什么名字我去找你instagram找不到你

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