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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Apart from Indian food another food I love very much is the Mexican food because there is a lot of similarities between indian food and Mexican food, we make samosas they make empanadas you know we make lot of curries there are lot of similar moles they make but today we’re going to make this awesome empanadas but to the taste of an Indian so dear friends let’s go ahead and make masala for this today I’m using mincemeat the lamb meat i’m going to make it the same way we make for our keema samosa fillings so let’s go ahead and make, for making this mince meat masala add some olive oil do not add too much oil in this, in this add some onions that are finely chopped and we’re just going to saute this onions little bit once the onions are slightly sauteed add chopped garlic you know while the onions are slightly getting colored add some chopped green chillies, cumin powder and in this add small pieces of potato that should be enough and also small pieces of carrots, green peas and also add minced meat you know you can use chicken whatever today I’m using lamb meat in this add some chili powder and we’re going to cook this till these potatoes are also nicely cooked and the lamb also will be nice and dry put the lid on and cook it on a medium flame for few minutes so that this vegetables and the lamb cook nicely now wow the moisture from this meat is enough so i have not added any extra water in this so now add salt to taste and also I’ve got some nicely chopped bell pepper this will give a nice taste to my dish and lot of people add raisins if you want to add raisins add it if not you can skip it i’m just going to add few of them just for the flavor of it and I’m going to cook this with the lid on for a few more minutes Wow now this is all getting cooked well now the vegetables are also nicely cooked usually they add lot of meat in this but for these empanadas what I’m making I love to have lot of vegetables also in this if you want to use more of meat that is even better i’m going to finish it by adding some chopped coriander and i’m going to add some garam masala, our Indian-style garam masala and mix it now this is cooked i’m going to put it on the side and let it cool to use as a filling for my empanadas now we’re going to make the outer sheet just the way we make our samosa sheet, for this empanadas we’re going to use some other mixture here I’ve got eggs in this i’m going to add vinegar, salt and some water i’m going to use this to make the dough for the dough take all-purpose flour that should be enough in this you can add some baking powder only if you are going to bake them but you know for frying you don’t need to i add pinch add butter you know just mix this with this flour till all this flour becomes a nice crumble this is going to take some time now pour this mixture of vinegar and egg you know I added some water it is not required if you want you can add little bit make this into a nice firm dough just the way we make our pasta dough now you know make this into a sheet and if you’re baking them you got to make it little bit thicker but if you’re frying they can be little bit thinner I do not want to make them really big the way lot of people do I just want them to be bite-size so I’m just taking a cutter here and cutting my roundels this is easy you know after you cut them just apply the egg wash on the edges because we want them to be sealed it is not necessary that you can just apply a little bit of water also and they’ll easily seal now take some of this meat mixture put it in the center like this very carefully just stuff the mixture inside and the edges just pick it up and just do it like this after that you can nicely decorate it I have already cut them with the cutter with nice edges but you can also make it little better by taking a fork and pressing the edges ok this will actually make it seal better also so here they are all ready look at this shape, you know in India we make so many sweets & snacks in this shape they call gujiyas we call it some other name but easy to make isn’t it, in this and then put it in the oil to to fry we will cook them for around eight to ten minutes now after cooking for around 10 minutes at 170 degrees centigrade the same temperature we fry our samosas they’re all nice ready you know look at them look at them and look at this awesome stuffing in these empanadas look at it the dough looks slightly thicker if you want you can make them slightly thinner also this chutney emm wow dear friends I hope you enjoyed to learn how to make this simple empanadas to suit our taste but not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you.

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