Welcome to miss trendy treats I’m Missy and Today I’m Showing you how I made This fun Emoji Cake With the surprise Inside that’s Sure To put a smile on Anyone’s Face I Found this Idea online I actually Loved the Idea that Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio Came up with She Made This Really cool Super Mario Cake and That when you cut Into it it was the Mushroom on the inside so if you want to see where my? Inspiration Came From I’ll leave her Link in The Description Below so i only Use seven of the white ones for the Inside of the Cake and I removed all the Caramelize Ation Around the Outside of the Cakes Because I wanted to Make sure that when i cut Into the Cake Later that it was Just all White Instead of Having Any Little Brown Spots besides the Poop Emoji I Began By Putting a little bit of Frosting Onto the Center of my cake Plate and Place my first layer of the white Cake Onto the Frosting I then Applied a strip of White Frosting on Either Side of The first layer and Then Smoothed it out I Place the next White layer on Top of the first and Then Began Measuring about A 1 and a quarter inches in Placing A Toothpick in to Mark The one and a quarter inch Spots I did This on Both Sides Where The Frosting lines are Trying to Finish Making the Sides I always Left With four inches in the Center of the Cake i cut the Cake along the Toothpick Lines and Remove the Center I Then Marked my first Chocolate layer four inches Wide and Cut it Down Before Adding it to the Center of the White Cake I Carefully Added Chocolate Frosting to the space being Sure not to get too close to the sides as I didn’t want the Chocolate to Bleed Over to the white when Cutting Into it i placed my four inch Piece of chocolate Cake Onto the Center and Press it Into Place so I ended up taking, one of the 8 inch Square Chocolate Cakes and One of the 8 inch Square white Cakes Removing The Carmelization I made A cake Pop mixture with each one of Those I will leave a link in the Description of How I Make my cake Pops so that you Can, Make this Yourself as Well using my 2 and 1/4 inch Round Cookie Cutter I Carefully dragged it to the Center of the chocolate Cake near the Top and Filled it with my white Cake Pop Mixture for the next Chocolate layer i cut it to 2 and 3/4 inches Wide and Placed it Directly on Top of my Strip of white Cake Pop Mixture I cut out two white strips About 2 inches wide each Applied A line of Frosting Onto the white Cake and then place the two inch Strips on each Side Using the Larger end of This Tip Number 12 I press it Into The front of the Cake to mark the Placement and then Push It all the Way Through the chocolate Cake this is going to be where the eyes will sit Rolled up some white Cake Pop mix and pressed in Place Into the Carved out strips I Then cut Out a two and a quarter inch Chocolate Piece and Then Carved out Two lines Down the Center and Then Filled that in as well Using the Same Tip Number 12 I flipped it Around and push the Smaller end Into the white Cake Pop Mixture to carve out the Center of Each Strip I Did This to the other Cake Piece as, well I Rolled out some Black colored Cake Pop mix and Push it Into the Carved out Parts of the white Cake Pop mix in Order to Make the black Cake Pop mix I just dyed some of my chocolate Cake with some Black Food coloring Once all of the White Carved-out Pieces Were Filled I carefully Picked up the top Piece and Slowly Rolled it Over the Top of the Bottom half of the eyes the Ensure They lined up to each other to, Add the White Layers I measured from the Edge of the cake to the chocolate Side and Cut it down to the Appropriate Dimensions Mine were Two and a half inches wide each Once Again I applied a strip of Frosting and place the Pieces on Top I cut out Another Chocolate Strip about Two and a quarter inches Wide and Began Sawing Down the sides at an Angle A Piped A Strip of Chocolate Frosting Down the Top of the last chocolate Piece and then place the angled Piece on Top of the frosting to secure so this Point on the Dimensions of the Top of your Cake are gonna Be a little bit Different Than mine Because when I went to cut mine Down in and Triangular Shape your triangular Shape may be a little bit Different and So it’s not going to be the exact measurements so what I recommend Is Just Measuring From The Edge of the white Cake Over to the Edge of Where the chocolate Cake starts and Cut your Piece to that Size and Place it on Top There’s a little bit of Frosting This until You Get to the Top and then place your last full layer on Top to finish it off so I just Frosted My Cake Place it in The Fridge and Began Working on my Emoji Pieces I found These free Emoji principles Online and I will leave a link in the Description if You want to use These as Well to print Them out I Begin Cutting out each of the Faces and Rolling out some Yellow Fondant Using my Cutting tool i cut Around each of the heads Including Any Features that May be Sticking out like Where the kissy Heart will Be To Avoid Any Confusion I laid each of the cutouts With the Corresponding Faces To create the Faces i cut out each of the Features but kept the rest of the Face Intact as it will Help With Placement Later for This One I rolled out a piece of Brown Fondant laid the Mouth Onto the Fondant and cut Around it I Grabbed My Yellow Cutout Laid my Template on Top and Applied the Mouth to the opening with some Water To Keep The Fondant from Drying out While I’m working With other Colors I wrapped it With Plastic Wrap After Cutting out The red Eyes I rolled out some red Fondant Cut Around each Heart and Then Adhered Them to the face with my template and a little bit of Water Now my first one is done Make the face With A heart Sticking out A bit I cut out the Heart and The oval eye I Place The Heart on Top of my red Fondant cut Around it lined From my template Up to the Cutout and Adhere the heart With a little bit of Water I Did This With The oval eye as, well To Make the Thinner Pieces I rolled out Some more Brown Fondant I started with the Mouth and Just molded it to the Shape on Top of The template Once I was happy with the length I trimmed it down to Size To Apply to the Cutout I brushed on A Little bit of Water Laid my template Back on Top of the Cutout and lined it up Underneath Another Way of doing this is i laid the template over the Cutout cover the Fondant Piece over the template and Then Quickly Split The Template Out and Pushed it Into Place Once I got to the Mouth of the laughing Emoji I cut out the Mouth With Brown Fondant and Placed it on to the Cutout To, Add the Teeth I cut out the Teeth from the template laid it on my white Fondant cut Around it Lay The template Over The Brown Mouth Applied a little bit of Water to the back Lined it Up to the Cutout Portion of the Template and Press it Into Place and Voila Once All The Emojis were Completed I grabbed my cake out of the Fridge and Began Sticking my Emoji Faces to each side of the Cake I Ended Up Making A Fifth Emoji for the Top so all five sides were Covered Which is totally optional of Course Once i cut Into it this is what We Had and Then Every slice after it if You liked this tutorial Please Give me A Big Thumbs Up if you Make This Tree Please Hashtag me so i can see your awesome Creations Don’t forget to subscribe and hit That Notification bell as I make a new Trendy Tree, every Week i promise you won’t be Disappointed And if You so i ended up so at this Point I just took my cake I frosted it and Threw it in the Fridge Begin and Begin Skipped Over Because it you know I Or There’s for the inside Emoji for the inside Poop Emoji for the inside Poop Emoji for This Part so, we ended Up Taking one of the chocolate Cakes so I ended up taking, one of the 7-inch and I also baked for Mixture First 8-inch Square Chocolate Cakes and I know

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  1. Hi, Missy. Your Emoji cake looks absolutely adorable. I am glad you liked my Alice anime cake. What do you love about Sleeping Beauty? Have a good day, Missy. 💗💗💗

  2. Watching this I immediately remembered Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio doing this for their Super Mario cake, but cudos to you for adding this great emojis twist to it! 😊👌🏻Love the cake 🙂

  3. Lol!!! The poop emoji is hilarious inside the cake. My 4 year old is going to giggle so much when I show him this video.

  4. hola madre mia esta fabulosa hija que ingeniosa. lo blanco del relleno que es? es una pena que no te entiendo nose tu idioma, lo blanco me refiero a los ojos y la boca

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