Egg-less Banana cake recipe

Egg-less Banana cake recipe

today we are going to make Egg-less Banana Cake ingredients required are 1 bowl Maida flour/white flour, 1bowl milk, 3 bananas 2 tbsp oil,1 bowl sugar, 1 tbsp butter lemon yellow edible color,1 spoon baking powder,vanilla essence first of all take a mixer jar and add 1 bowl sugar add bananas and grind them take out the banana and sugar paste in a bowl add milk mix it add 1 tbsp butter mix it add maida add baking powder mix it if batter is thick so we add some milk in it add 2 tbsp oil mix it properly with spoon or beater add 4-5 drops of vanilla essence pinch of lemon yellow edible color mix it our cake batter is ready now take a aluminium vessel apply some oil and sprinkle some dry flour to it pour the batter in aluminium vessel now put tawa on gas stove with some sand on it as shown place the aluminium vessel on the sand as shown cover with lid and cook for 45 minutes on low flame after 45 mins check it with fork cake does not stick to the spoon it means it is well cooked now wait for 10 mins after turning off the gas stove and take the cake out in plate by flipping our egg less banana cake is ready to eat thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe

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  1. When you say one bowl how much ml/gm is it. Bowls come in various sizes. Difficult to gauge the correct measurement. Please gv me measurements in ml/gm.

  2. Very yummy recipe thanks for sharing good afternoon dear friend watched full video friend please subscribe k bad prees bell jarur dear

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