Easy Easter cupcakes 2018

Hey guys this is Veronica and today I’m
going to show you how to make very easy cupcakes for Easter and I have my helper
and we’re ready to have fun for these cupcakes we’re going to be
using some peeps these are.. you know you can find them at the store very easily.
We have some sprinkles and these are for Easter
all the colors for Easter We have chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and we
need the cupcakes I already have chocolate cupcakes, here some toothpicks
and the frostings I have a couple of different colors right here
you know just the spring colors and let’s get started. So what we’re
gonna do, we’re gonna grab some of these peeps so now that we have them here to
separate them so we’re gonna insert the toothpicks on
the bottom of the bunnies very good so we’re gonna grab our cupcakes and I’m gonna put some buttercream ha we’re gonna add some sprinkles to
this cupcake and so we don’t get a mess for the sprinkles we are gonna use a plate. -Put them in your hand- and you’re gonna stick it on top of the cupcake there you have it, this is a very simple and easy cupcakes. We’re going to do next one. As you can see I’m holding
my tip and my piping bag at 90 degrees angle is pretty much like a rosette / Swirl Put in the middle, there you go. yeah like this push, push, push, around, around, up, up, let it go…. very good OK, so the next one we’re gonna be
using this green but this is different look we’re gonna make some grass grass
with this one it is 253 and all we have to do is again a 90 degrees but you know
just kind of like touching the cupcake we’re gonna press and we’re gonna be
pulling up a little bit and then just release and for this one we have the little
chocolate bunnies so now that we have a cupcake all we
have to do is just press this little bunny and the same frosting is going to
hold, hold on to it if you like it like If you like it like this you can leave it like this nothing
else or let me show you On this one I put some sprinkles and it look looks
very nice so it could be without sprinkles or with sprinkles I had some
fondant flowers made so we can add one here. And on these one is like they never cut the grass. For this one we are going to be using the eggs OK so here I have some melted
chocolate and I’m gonna put it on my piping bag I’m gonna try this two ways
one of them is I’m just gonna be piping crosses. I’m gonna put this on the
freezer. So we finished with the cupcakes and
this is what we made and right now I’m just gonna have to take some pictures so
I can put it on the blog and if you wanna check it out then link is in the
description box below so I already took the pictures and who wants cupcakes? It was so much fun making this easy cupcakes for Easter. If you didn’t like
the video please give a thumbs up share with your friends and subscribe for more
videos like this one if you need a recipe for the cupcakes check out my
blog the link is on the description box below and I will see you next time you
take care bye bye

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