EASY Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe – Molten Lava Cake

EASY Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe – Molten Lava Cake

hey guys today I’m gonna show you the
secret to making molten lava cakes where the center always stays runny with this
trick it doesn’t matter how long you’ll cook these for the center will always
stay liquid they’re great for whenever you want a chocolate hit and
they make the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day dessert the molten cake
batter is one of the easiest cake batters to make we’re going to start out
with some eggs which seem a lot but this recipe does make around eight to ten
cakes if that’s a lot of molten cakes for you you can definitely half the
recipe I’ve added my sugar and you want to beat the eggs and sugar until they
triple in volume and become pale keep in mind this recipe does not contain any
leavening agents besides the eggs so we really do need to incorporate air into
this mixture in order to give lift to the cakes once your eggs become pale you
can go ahead and add the melted chocolate and butter I’ve melted both
together in the same bowl and your dry ingredients which you always want to set
if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click the bell I post new
videos every week okay so you’ll notice as you’re mixing these ingredients that
the chocolate will sink to the bottom of the bowl so what I like to do is give
the batter a good mix with my mixer or a whisk but I do recommend you finish
mixing the batter by hand with a spatula scraping the bottom of the bowl so the
chocolate incorporates well now you’ll need some ramekins disposable or not
it’s up to you however whichever you decide to use you need to butter them
well or the cake will not pop out so grease these well and I do also like to
dust them with some cocoa powder instead of flour now traditionally you just fill
up the ramekins and you’re good to go but if you’ve ever made molten lava
cakes you know that if you over bake them even slightly the center will set
completely unfortunately and you will not get that runny molten center so I’m
going to share with you a little sneaky trick for you guys which is great if
you’re a novice Baker or if you’re just having a hard time with molten cakes
you’re going to take some chocolate and put it in the center of
your molten cakes this is a great sneaky trick to always get a runny Center even
if you slightly over bake the cakes you do want to coat the chocolate and some
flour this will just prevent the chocolate from sinking to the bottom of
your molds tap these gently especially if you’ve hidden some chocolate in there
and you’re going to place them into the fridge for about 30 minutes now the
great thing about molding cakes is that you can make these up to five days in
advance put them in the fridge and then bake
them off whenever you want how cool is that bake your molds and cake or cakes
in a preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius or 420 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes
the high heat will stuck quickly the edges of your cake without cooking the
center turn your cake or cakes onto a plate if you’re using real ramekins
where a kitchen glove or you will get burnt and add a good dusting of powdered
sugar or my favorite vanilla ice cream vanilla ice cream with molten cake is
such a winning combination if you love molten lava cake as much as I do I
really hope you’ll give this to try it’s so delicious and chocolaty and the
always liquid and molten center is just amazing

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  1. I just realized something.. this involves barely more work than those instant powders sold at supermarkets. I see no point in using those when the real thing is so easy and certainly much much better..

  2. Hola emma! Una vez soñe que entraba a masterchef mexico y preparaba este postre y ovio no me salia y me corrian!😢jajaja

  3. Please tell about measurement of recipes…like you put sugar but u did not mentions cup or any types of measure…
    Thank you..

  4. Yum. If i wanted to make these red velvet, would I just leave out the melted chocolate and add the baking soda and vinegar after mixing in the dry ingredients?

    Chocolate is my bae 🤤

  5. Wow great hack. Thank you for sharing that. Chocolate is my BAE. Emma, I also have a question for you. Have you ever baked with Einkorn flour?

  6. Just so you know Emma, you're the only youtuber whose recipes i actually do and dont just watch cause im hungry lol 💖💖💖

  7. OMG
    I can see all that molten chocolate Lava is juz busting out of it
    Oooooozing seriously loved it looks yummylicious 😘 an heavenly gooooooooood 😘👍

  8. Wooooow!!!!!! 😲😲😲yummmy 🤤🤤🍫🍫🍫🍫Thank you for sharing!!! ♥️💕♥️💕😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹

  9. I live in Sicily, quite near mount Etna, so I can tell I have a lot experience both in lava and chocolate 🍫😍 this is why I'm gonna absolutely try this 😋 so as always thanks for this marvellous and easy recipe 😘

    Moreover, let me express my deep appreciation for introducing closed captions 🧸 💖👍


  11. Do the 150g of chocolate include the chocolate you put in the center of the cake or is this only the amount you need to melt with the butter? I do assume it’s the latter rather than the first but still…

  12. Omg 😍look Heaven.want to taste it😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Ciao sai non tutti sappiamo benissimo l'inglese,lo parli benissimo brava,in indobox oltre le dosi potresti ,come in questo caso,riposo freezer e cottura(tempo gradi).
    Grazia cara.
    Io di solito faccio tortini dal cuore morbido di Luca Montersino

  14. Omg I had a recipe for lava cake listed down and I was ready to make it tomorrow until I just watched your video. Can’t wait to try your recipe instead!!! 😍😍


  16. Tried this recipe and it was delicious, especially when paired with vanilla ice cream! Although I would suggest baking it longer for 12-13 mins, otherwise it’s just a goopy mess

  17. For anyone who wants to know why she coated the chocolate with flour is because putting flour in it will help the chocolate distribute evenly throughout the cake. 🙂

  18. Hi Emma, how long do you need to beat the eggs and sugar to get them to triple in size? I've tried twice now (I mixed it much longer the second time) and both tries only make enough for one ramekin! I am halving the recipe but that should still make 4-5 servings shouldn't it?

  19. Omg!! Everybody read my comment: it works!!!! I Just made it right now and it's so delicious and too easy!!!! I'm eating it right now with some milk. Thank you!!!

  20. Okay I literally just found your channel and I’ve already watched half of your videos 😅 I wana make every recipe now hahah. You’re like my fav food channel now ❤️ also its 12am and I’m craving all these yummy recipes 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  21. Hello! What are you using, gas or electric oven? I need some tips pls. I don't know which one is better in terms of baking cakes and cupcakes. Thanks!

  22. I made this and this hack totally works! I had a hard time with lava cakes I had tried it 4 times and had failed! This hack not only gave me success but also the lava im the centre was so delicious because it was pure melted chocolate..and I recommend using 70% cocoa chocolate for the centre as well, it will really cut the sweetness and bring out that chocolate flavour..

  23. Your cakes are amazing. I tried chocolate coffee cake. It was super awesome. I have tried choco lava cakes many times but could never get that gooey centre. I want to try this one. I want to ask you that in the oven the cake should be kept at the lowest rack right? And the heating rod while doing this cake should be for both the sides or only down side? Please reply.

  24. Is it compulsory to freeze the cake before baking??? Is it must to place the pieces of chocolates in centre of the cakes???

  25. I made these few hours ago and OMG THESE ARE SOOOOO GOOOD! I did cut the recipe in half, the result was excellent. I highly recommend everyone to try this. This is a foolproof recipe and taste divine!

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