Dump Cakes By Cathy Mitchell As Seen On TV Cookbook Review

hey what’s going on down here for nine malls if you haven’t already please subscribe my channel if you want to support my content go to patreon.com / 9 moles and today I’m reviewing another Kathy Mitchell cookbook into the a/c on TV cookbook called dump cakes already reviewed dump dinners but now I’m read review dump cakes that’s 250 incredibly delicious recipes and more just dump and bake so the last book wasn’t the healthiest but since this is dessert I don’t think anyone really cares pink lemonade cake sweet hot apple dumped cake but the recipe and I just you know recipe after recipe and they’re not you know none of them are really complicated and that’s what makes this that makes this cookbook so great you just dump the ingredients in and bake alright so I’m going to try the raspberry yogurt cake if you want to make this just use one can 21 ounces raspberry pie filling one cup Greek yogurt 1 cup water 1 package about 15 ounces yellow cake mix and grade one peeled lemon you preheat oven to 350 spray 39 inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray red raspberry pie filling into prepared pan with yogurt and water in a large bowl and I’ll put it at cake makes a lemon-peel beat one to two minutes or until well blended spread batter evenly over raspberry filling bake 30 to 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean cool least 15 minutes before serving so I’m gonna get started I have my filling and actually I’m just gonna spread hand like set with some nonstick cooking spray there we go and we have our filling so just one canvas and spread it out let me just take this yeah that’s really good ok now we’re going to mix see replace this so I’m gonna put the students to side kinda ok so one cup of Greek yogurt so probably use two of these my spatula out okay we got about a half cup and then we got another container of the Greek yogurt then we go some plain Greek yogurt their set the oven and preheat oven here okay and next we have one cup that’s the water and swimming together that’s blended next we have the yellow cake mix the package and adding that and the lemon feel here so i got the limit already peeled it feel the zest off no all right it’s almost paper towel there we get lemon peels in there okay and beat one to two minutes so I’m just look at the timer and beat 1 the 2 minutes okay that’s already now I’m gonna bring the pan back with filling and there it is and what you want to do is you just spread batter evenly over the raspberry filling ok we’ll see if i’m going to spread this evenly making a huge mess all right that might be as good as I can get it ok so now I mean that’s as easy as that that’s all you do and you bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean so gonna let the oven preheat put it in ok this is the finished product ID let it sit for about 15 minutes and i’m ready to give it a taste test so this once again is the raspberry yogurt cake and this is a dump cake so let me try it out it looks delicious was not difficult at all it’s probably the easiest desserts I’ve ever made and here we go some of that cake let me put on a little plate it’s kind of like a cobbler got to get it out with a spoon argument easy is very hot still even though i love the city for more than 15 minutes and that’s what it looks like okay let me get it a taste test here we go and it’s not too bad some one of the greatest desserts I’ve ever had it’s not bad i do like the cake the berries taste ok it doesn’t really come together and tastes amazing but it’s not bad so I like the way it looks though maybe I used different fruit filling yeah it’s decent not my favorite though alright so uh huh i think i cant judges cookbook by just one recipe but i like the idea of dump cakes i definitely recommend the Kathy Mitchell dump cakes cookbook and i also recommend the dump dinner cookbook as well so once again these on Amazon or go for very cheap provide used it’s a great deal it’s a fun way of cooking so I do recommend Kathy Mitchell quick and easy dump cakes you like my videos please subscribe you want to support my content go to patreon.com/9malls or just search patreon for 9malls

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