Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today, I got so many requests to do something
Dragon Ball Z, and I’ve been meaning to for a long time because I love
this Japanese Anime. I’ve been watching it forever, since I was
a little… Littler Ro! So today we are gonna make fancy Creme Brûlée
Cake Balls, but we’re gonna make them with the little Dragon Balls.
The things you’ll need today will be: Heavy cream, corn syrup, vanilla
extract or you can use 1 fresh vanilla bean, but I’m just gonna be using
vanilla extract, it’s very easy. 4 eggs, regular sugar, lollipop sticks and
star sprinkles. These were so cute, I found them in this pack, I just wanted to show you, at Target, so they’re selling the Justice League, little sprinkles set pack, and that’s where
I found the little stars. and last but not least, 1 white cake. Which
I’ve already pre-made, right here! First thing we’re gonna do is head over
to the stove, we’re gonna take all of our ingredients and we’re gonna make
some creme brûlée from scratch. Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Now we’re gonna make some homemade creme
brûlée, and if you don’t want to take the time to do this, if you’re in a
hurry, you can just go to the bakery store or the cooking aisle at the grocery
store and buy some pre-made creme brûlée, but this is so good and so
easy! OK, so the first thing you’re gonna do is preheat your oven to 325, mines
already going. And then you’re gonna need 2 pots, a medium sized pot, and
a larger pot. And in the larger pot I’ve put a bunch of
water, so you can start bringing that to a boil. And in the medium pot we’re
gonna pour 2 cups of cream. In the medium sized pot with the cream, you’re
gonna set the burner to low heat, I’ll put it, about a 3 or a 4. And
you’re going to slowly let it slow boil. Now we’re gonna add 1 teaspoon
of vanilla extract to the cream and stir it a little bit. And if you make a little bit of a mess that’s
OK. A little extra vanilla… Never hurt nobody! While the cream is heating up, we are going
to mix together 4 egg yolks and 6 tablespoons of sugar, and just to get
the egg yolks just crack it, and you want the yellow. You don’t want
the egg white, let the egg white go somewhere else, just the yellow! So you just mix it for about 30 seconds until
it’s nice and smooth like this. Ooooooooh! So our cream is starting to boil, it’s getting
all those bubbles, it’s rising, it looks kind of froth… Frothy, so you’re
gonna want to remove it from the heat right away, like so. Turn off my burner! And now, you’re gonna let it sit for 10
minutes, and once it’s done you’re gonna slowly add it to our egg-sugar
mixture and mix it up! So here is our cream and egg mixture, and
when I mixed it in I poured in a little bit of the hot cream first, then mixed it
around, so that the eggs acclimate to that temperature, and then poured in the rest
of the cream. The reason you want to do that is so it doesn’t
cook your egg, which actually could because the liquid is so hot.
Now take a spoon, and using it, just scrape the top of the bowl to get
off all the bubbles, so it’s nice and smooth! After you remove all the bubbles
from the top, you’re gonna pour it into, I have 2 cereal bowls. Usually
you’d use a little ramekin, but these are like individual sized, but because
we’re going to crumb them with our cake to make cake balls, I’m just
gonna use 2 cereal bowls! So the next thing we’re gonna do, after
you’ve divided your cream into 2 bowls is you’re going to put them in a baking
pan. And I’ve put down a little towel, a lot of people do this, this is just a little
wash cloth. And we’re gonna stick the 2 bowls here,
and that water that’s been boiling on the stove, we’re going to carefully pour
it about 1/2 way up, and then put this in the oven. It is set to 325, and bake for 30 minutes. After your creme brûlée is done baking,you’re
gonna put it in the fridge for 4 hours. And I just took these out, they look so yummy!
Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! OK, so you’re gonna set these aside, and
now you’re gonna take your vanilla cake, I just cut it into sections, to show
you how to crumb, this is basically how to make a cake ball. Or a cake
pop, same idea. So you just take 2 sections of it and rub
it together over a big bowl. Usually when you make cake pops you use frosting,
you do 1 cake to 1 little tub of frosting as a ratio. But these are
gonna be so good, the creme brûlée cake balls! You’re gonna take 1 cake to
the 1 recipe of the creme brûlée, so you’re just gonna take these and scoop it
all into the bowl with the cake crumbs. Oh my gosh this smells so good! Once that’s all mixed together, you’re
gonna take a baking sheet, like so, and put a piece of wax paper on the top. And you’re gonna get your hands in there!
So you’re gonna roll them about the size of a golf ball. They don’t
have to be a perfect circle because we’re gonna stick them in the freezer
and they start to harden, and then you can re-roll them to be the perfect
circle. So right now just try to get the size right. Once you got all of your little cake balls on the
tray, you’re gonna put these in the freezer for about 2 hours. Pyah-pyah-pyah! That was my fighting scene. Ba-ha-ha-ha! I made a bunch more of these little cake balls,
I just took them out of the freezer and I just wanted to show you how
round they can get! So I took them out when they’re still cold,
re-rolled them, so it’s more of a perfect circle, just like that. So what
we’re gonna do now is take lollipop sticks, and on the bottom, which
is a little bit flat because they’ve been sitting on the sheet. You’re
just gonna push the lollipop stick in, and then stick them into the styrofoam. I finished putting all the cake balls on the
little lollipop sticks, I just made a bunch of them, I made a lot
extra, just in case I mess up some. And now, we’re going to make our sugar dip. Take 2/3 cup of water, 2/3 cup of light corn
syrup, and 3 cups of sugar. Once you’ve got all the ingredients in the pot,
now place it on the burner, turn it to a medium-high heat, and begin to
stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Once it’s dissolved you’re
gonna leave it on the heat for 10 minutes. You’ll know when it’s ready when
it starts to look golden brown! Get a large bowl filled with ice water, and
then remove your sugar bowl from the heat and submerge it into the bowl. Wait until the sugar stops boiling, and then
take your cake pop, and dip it in. Once you’re done dipping your cake balls,
this is what they’ll look like. I put 7 of them here, I have extras, this
is 1 of the extras because I wanted to show you how to remove the lollipop
stick, it’s pretty easy! These are pretty durable, so you’re just
gonna take your fingers and just twist the lollipop stick, that will loosen
it. Awwwwp! Ta-da! And now we’re gonna do the final step and
decorate these to look like Dragon Balls! Now you’re gonna use the star sprinkles,
I found this pack again, just to remind everyone, from Target. But they have
them everywhere, grocery stores, Michael’s, Bakery stores.
So I just wanted you to see what I got so that will be hopefully helpful! And I poured them out and I separated a bunch
of red ones, so you’re gonna want the red stars. And then for each Dragon Ball
if you’ve never seen the show, you’re gonna put 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars,
4, 5 stars, 6 stars, 7 stars! Ta-da! We did it! Here are our Dragon Ball Z Creme
Brûlée Cake Balls! They’re so cute! We have all the little
red star sprinkles on there, they turned out so good! Oh my god, we did it! We collected all of
the Dragon Balls! Oh I get to summon a Dragon and make a wish
now! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm! I got my wish! Hmm, hmm, hmm! These are delicious! I’ve never made Creme
Brûlée on Nerdy Nummies before, so this was really fun. So thanks you guys
for suggesting this! If you have any other ideas for any other
Nerdy Nummies! Please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do
my best to make it happen! OK, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Merp! Hwah-hwah-hwah! That was Dragon Ball Z Moves! And you’re gonna roll them about the size
of tennis balls… Background: Golf balls… Oh, oh my god yeah! Like get your hands in
it! Background: Tennis balls! Well golf balls, yeah that’s, holy moly! It would be like, a HUGE cake ball!

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  1. cool recipe! you should do some cake-like versions of HP candies!
    NO do something Rick and Morty!
    NOOOO do like an imposter food! They're my favorite to watch. Like a desert that looks like a burger, but it's all sweets.

  2. Hey I m from future and here to tell u that Ro will hit 10 million subscribers and will eat her diamond play button !

  3. Omg this video is so old and i love dragon ball z why did in i watch this earlier oh oops i was 6 when it came out so it wasn't interesting back then

  4. I made these today as an edible cake topper and I must say that Rosanna makes this look so easy. Had trouble with the sugar mixture hardening in the pot way too fast. Second problem was that I couldn't get the stars to stick. Tried several different ways to get them to stay, nothing worked. Finally I tried sticking them on the cake ball before the sugar dip and it actually made them look even better!

  5. omg! my cousin is a huge fan of dragon ball! then i started watching it and fell in love with it too. these are awesome! could you ever make the dragon from dragon ball?

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