DIYS DE DOCES KAWAII 🍪💗 Bolsa Cupcake, Caderno de Sorvete e Chaveiro Cookie | DIY Amino

DIYS DE DOCES KAWAII 🍪💗 Bolsa Cupcake, Caderno de Sorvete e Chaveiro Cookie | DIY Amino

Hi, everyone,
I am Dany Martines! Today I want to show you
an app have been using and have been enjoying:
DIY Amino. The developer has asked me
to check it out. As I enjoyed it a lot,
I am going to show it to you. It is a community of people like us,
who enjoy creating. I am going to show you
some cool stuff. After you create an account,
it displays the app’s home, where you will find
lots of inspiring ideas and projects. You will also find a chat
to participate in discussions on many topics. You will find lots of inspiring ideas
in the DIY directory. You may also post
your own projects there. You will be able to meet and follow
a lot of people, including me. Search the ‘members’ tab
for Dany Martines and get closer to me. Call me up for a quick chat. I created a poll for you to help me
choose the upcoming video’s theme. Choose between
flamingo, diamond, or cactus. Donwload the app. The link is in the description box below. It is available for Android and iOS.
Best of all, it is for free. Today’s ideas are super, super cute.
I loved the projects. Let’s roll! How about customizing
a notebook? This one was really old.
I covered it with double-sided paper. I printed the background, and stuck double-sided tape at the back,
all around the edges. Peel it off,
and stick it to the cover. Look at those charming ice-cream cones! Cut out an ice-cream cone shape
using black EVA. Glue it right at the center. Use EVA in different colors
to cut out the other ice-cream shapes. Glue them on the black background. There are also some stars.
I glued them on a black EVA shape, then glued them on the cover,
close to the ice-cream cone. It already looks cute,
but there is room for improvement. Use felt-tip markers in darker shades
to outline each shape. Smudge the ink using cotton swabs.
It is very easy to do it. Trace and smudge diagonal lines on the cone
to fake a real ice-cream cone. Use the same technique
to outline cheeks of a little-face-to-be. Use the template to sketch the face
on the shapes. Drip a drop of black nail polish
on any plastic or acrylic piece you find at home. Use the point of a manicure stick
to take some of the nailpolish to outline and fill the eyes
and the lips. Take your time to do this part
so it works well. Use white nailpolish
to add the eye sparkles, use red for the tongue,
then use other colors to add candy sprinkles
all over the white shape. As soon as it dries, your super kawaii notebook
is good to go! Use this same technique to create
different cover designs for your notebooks. If you have already enjoyed
this first idea, leave your like below because you will see
lots of cute stuff today. We are going to use
beige EVA on the next idea. Use the template to cut out a circle,
then use hot iron to shape it. Just place it on the bottom of the iron
and the shape will come out. Jerk the iron sideways
to remove the EVA circle from it. Make another shape like this one. Apply hot glue
at the back of one of the circles, and stick a keychain ring to it. Then stick one side to the other. Use felt-tip pen along the edges,
then smudge it to add a nice effect. I used orange at some parts,
then beige at others, adding a shade effect
to the whole piece. Pick a front side, then glue a black EVA
eyeglass shape to it. To make the chocolate chips
of this cookie, I cut out brown cirles
and moulded them using a hot iron. Let’s now draw the face. I made the cheeks, then made the eyes and the lips
using black permanent marker. Use white nailpolish
to make nice eye sparkles. A nice tip: use base coat
to paint the chips and the glasses and bring out the colors
and add extra shine to the keychain. This super cute keychain
is good to go! I just need to decide if I am going to use it
on my keys or on my purse. Which do you prefer?
Tell me down below! Let’s start this DIY with black velboa.
Flip it over, fluffy side down. Use the pattern to cut out
this shape on black EVA. All the templates are available for download.
You will find the links in the description box. Place the EVA shape onto the cloth
and cut slits all along the leftover strip. Then just glue the slits on the EVA
until the shape comes out. I used hot glue
because it dries on the spot. Glue a smaller felt cutout
to hide this messy side. Make another alike shape
and glue the cloth on the other side, making a mirrored shape. Set it aside and start making
the edge of the purse. Cut a strip measuring about 40cm lengthwise,
measuring as wide as you want for your purse. Cut a hollowcut slit right at the center
to place a 15cm zipper. Wrap this part in velboa. Flip the zipper and glue it
facing down. It is really quick
and it looks groovy. Flip the cupcake shape
with the felt side facing up and stick the strip around it. Notice that I placed the zipper
at the top center of the shape, instead of following the outline. It should look rounded. I overlapped one part with the other
at the bottom. The purse is taking shape. A tip: cover the edges with matte satin ribbon
to hide imperfections. I chose this pink shoulder strap
and glued it at the side, right at the center. Bring the ends together and glue the strap
until about the zipper line. Do not forget to measure the strap
using your body as a reference. Place the other part
with the felt side facing down. Use corresponding EVA colors
to cut out and glue the cupcake shapes. Let’s practice smudging
with felt-tip pens technique. Outline the shape with the pen
and smudge using cotton swabs. I think this smoke effect
makes all the difference and makes your handcraft pieces
even more beautiful. I smudged some of the creases
at some places such as at the cup and the marshmallow. Place these white EVA shapes
cut out from the template at the top, then scatter EVA cutouts all over the pink shape
to fake candy sprinkles. Let’s add a kawaii touch to it.
Draw a face on the cherry, then smudge cheeks on the cup,
and add eyes and lips with black marker. Do not forget the details. Use white nail polish for the eye sparkles,
and for the outline at some parts. Tell me if this one
does not look adorable! After it dries,
glue it to the purse. Let me show you how the straps look
after glued to the purse. Apply glue all around the edge
then place the cupcake on it. Use satin ribbon
to hide imperfections. Now this super cute purse
is good to go! Add a coat of varnish to keep your purse
extra protected from dust. Use damp cloth to clean it. I am in love with the final result!
It looks as if bought from a store. Adorable! Do not forget to tell me below
which was your today’s favorite, do not forget to download the app
DIY Amino, the link is down below. I am going to upload super cute GIFs
of today’s DIYs. Follow me there, ok? See you around!
Kiss-kiss, bye-bye! English Version and Subs:
Laeticia Maris

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