DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs with Kenzington  | Kamri Noel

DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs with Kenzington | Kamri Noel

(upbeat music) – Hello my darlings! It’s Kensington, from
the Kamri Noel channel. And today, I am back of course, because, who wouldn’t want to watch more of me! (chromatic scale) And I’m going to show you
guys how to make these D-I-Y luscious cupcake bath bombs. And these are gonna help
you relax in your bath time and have more of a spa at home. And you can either keep
these for yourself, or give them to your friends, and they will think you’re
almost as awesome as me. But before we get started,
make sure you like this video and subscribe to this channel. Now on to the D-I-Y. (barbershop music) Step one! Start making the bath
bombs by mixing together the dry ingredients. This includes one cup of baking soda, half a cup of citric acid. Half a cup of cornstarch, and half a cup of epsom salts. And that’s it for the
base of your bath bomb. (barbershop music) Ahh. You smell good enough to eat. In a separate small bowl, combine
two and a half tablespoons of coconut oil, three fourth teaspoon of water, two teaspoons vanilla extract, and four drops of food coloring
in any color that you want. Now stir your ingredients. Oil and water don’t mix very well, so don’t worry if they
aren’t 100% combined. Bum bum bum! Step two! Combine your wet and dry ingredients. Your mixture should feel
a lot like wet sand. It will stick together, but
it’s going to be crumbly. Put this powder in a
cupcake tin that is lined with saran wrap, and push
it down so you can form your bath bombs. Step three! Frosting! In your mixing bowl blend
together three tablespoons meringue powder, and six
tablespoons warm water until it’s frothy. (mixer) Then add one pound powdered
sugar and one teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix on high until stiff peaks form. (upbeat music) Gently take the bath bombs
out of the cupcake tin and place them into foil cupcake holders. Put your frosting into a
piping bag and pipe away! And you can’t have a
cupcake without sprinkles so add as much sprinkles as you want. Go us, we did it! Your cupcake bath bombs
are ready to be used! Woo woo! And now that you know how
to make these delightful bath bombs, it is time to try them out. Yay! But before you go, make sure you subscribe by clicking right here. You can watch my other
Kensington videos by clicking right here. And you can watch the other
videos by clicking right here. And oh, I’ve overexerted myself
talking to you guys. It’s time for my bath. Cupcakes, take me away! (sigh) This is the life.

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