Ditch the Marble Cake and make THIS instead! Chocolate & Vanilla Layer Cake ( KEK LAPIS )

Ditch the Marble Cake and make THIS instead! Chocolate & Vanilla Layer Cake ( KEK LAPIS )

hey guys we’re going to give marble cake
a makeover today we need a more modern look for her
so today I’m going to show you how to create these beautiful and delicious
alternating chocolate and vanilla cake layers okay so let’s talk marble cake
it’s one of those cakes that I think we’ve all had at least one star in our
childhood it’s a simple delicious chocolate and vanilla cake swirl
together however I thought it would be really fun today to kick it up a notch
and I’ll be showing you how to create beautiful alternating chocolate and
vanilla cake layers I’ve creamed together the butter vanilla
and sugar for about two minutes and then you can start adding the eggs one at a
time if you’re new to my channel welcome make sure to subscribe and click that
notification bell I post new videos every week as soon as the eggs are
incorporated you can add the flour baking powder salt and the buttermilk
you want to add the dry ingredients all at once making sure to sift them we want
to avoid as much as possible any lumps you’ll notice this batter is quite thick
and it will yield a very buttery moist almost pound like cake it’s delicious
the batter may seem like it’s about to separate this is normal because of the
acidic components in the buttermilk make sure to not over mix this batter and at
this point you’re going to bust out your scale if you don’t have a scale just
divide the batter as evenly as you can I do like to weigh out the initial batter
and then add half of that batter back into the first ball so it’s easy cleanup
we’re going to transform one of the batters into a chocolate cake batter
this is quite simple you’ll need some cocoa powder which we’re going to bloom
with some hot milk what this does is it brings out and deepens the chocolate
flavor of the chocolate cake make sure you get every bit of the cocoa mixture
into the cake batter and you’re going to mix this just until it’s combined this
shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds okay this point if you were to make you know
the classic marble cake he would add the two cake batters into one pan and swirl
them together using next but to create those even alternating cake layers what
you’re going to do is take out your scale again that way every layer has the
same amount of batter you want to use a buttered and floured cake pan lined with
parchment paper spread the first layer as evenly as you can and you’re going to
pop this in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for
about eight to ten minutes and you’re going to repeat this for all your cake
layers now let’s talk for a moment the baking time will vary depending on your
oven because these cake layers are so thin you don’t want to walk away this
process of creating all the individual cake layers will take some time but it’s
so worth it also you may be thinking won’t the first layers dry out you know
by the time the last layers are done baking the answer’s no I would never
give you a dry cake however at least keep in mind this is definitely more of
a breakfast cake you know to have with coffee or tea kind of like a loaf cake
texture its moist but dense in a good way once the last layer is done baking
you’re going to let the cake still like this for 10 minutes releasing the sides
of the cake from the pan and then you’re going to flip it over and flip it over
again and allow for the cake to cool completely okay so while the cake is
cooling we’re going to make the glaze we’re going to make and without a glaze
which is similar to ganache in some way so you’ll need some roughly chopped
chocolate along with some heavy cream and you’re going to microwave this
during every 30 seconds until everything is completely melted and combined while
it’s still hot you’re going to add the Nutella and there’s your glaze
now this needs to cool at room temperature for about half an hour if it
should thicken up too much what you can do is just pop it back in the microwave
for 15 seconds you’re going to pour this over the cold cake make sure to put a
plate or tray underneath to catch the excess glaze and give it a good jiggle
to smooth out the glades now I do like to trim the
caramelization around the sides of the cake which will reveal not only this
beautiful pattern but also a super moist cake if you love to bake if you love to
experiment with different styles and if you have some time on hand make this
it’s a cake that’s perfect for any occasion make yourself some hot tea or
coffee cut yourself a big slice of this cake and you’ll be one of the happiest
people in the world it’s delicious its moist and they know that like glaze it’s
just the cherry on top of this amazing vanilla chocolate cake

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  1. It looks incredibly gorgeous Emma, I liked the cream very much. Now I'm very sure of your talent in pastry, there are no other words left to tell you. Congratulations, my dear. Have a great evening.

  2. You always inspire me to bake Emma…I fall in love with each of ur creation…you encourage to be creative..with ur inspiration I recently baked a orange brownie and they turned out just perfect..my family was in love with them😊😊
    Thank you for such beautiful recipes ❤️❤️

  3. I have been making marble cake, but this looks awesome..
    I wonder if you have chocolate layered cake with raspberry cream frosting..

  4. Looks good and on time, have to make this just need to get all that I need, thank you so much for this so good recipe …….

  5. I love how you say NUTELLA. Now Whenever I say it, I say it with your accent. 😊 I watched an old video of yours [Reese’s Peanut butter cups] and I said oh yeah!

    She did used to start the videos with an on camera appearance. I’m making the peanut butter cups this weekend. 🤞🏽

  6. Wow! I'm so happy I discovered your channel. You always have such awesome ideas and tips! This cake looks absolutely amazing and delicious! 😍

  7. “I would never give you a dry cake”
    You’re the real queen when it comes to cake 😭💜 for me Emma’s cake = PERFECTION

  8. Making it tonight because my sister and I used to love marble cakes when we were younger and tomorrow is her birthday so I thought it's the perfect cake for the occasion, thank you Emma so much for this, as always, beautiful recipe 💕

  9. 🧕🧐سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته حلويات لذيذة رائع جدا جدا جدا 👍🤗👏👏👏👏

  10. I will be making this today for valentines..thank you emma for your delicious and wonderful cake..Happy valentines and God bless always..from philippines

  11. I enjoyed every second of this video because of Emma's personality and positivity. I'll definitely try to recreate this recipe and enjoy every bite of it. Thanks Emma.

  12. Hi, I offer my congratulations on Valentine's Day .. And I offer to my sister all love on all your wonderful recipes, and this recipe also .. I have been subscribed to your channel for a long time, but for the first time I comment so that you can have all appreciation and respect

  13. Oh my gosh I love this and it looks beautiful and elegant Emma! Nothing is too hard for you girl, you are so awesome. Can you please one day show us how to make an Italian Cream cake? I have never tried one but I saw some on pinterest the other day and almost drooled. looks so pretty xo

  14. Hi Emma! I love your channel so much and ever since I found out abt it a year ago I've been watching your vids nonstop! I bake all the time and your the one who helped me finally find a perfect macaron recipe this cake looks so good and I can't wait to try it 😘

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