DISNEYLAND PARIS JAN’20 VLOG 5 | Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration & Cocktails at Sequoia Lodge!

DISNEYLAND PARIS JAN’20 VLOG 5 | Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration & Cocktails at Sequoia Lodge!

Hi guys and welcome back to a brand new Disney vlog!
– Hello. So picking this up straight away from last times vlog. And we are rushing over to Studios because we want to try and catch the last of the
day, Frozen: A Musical… Invitation.
– …invitation. But we’re a bit later than we thought cause we got stuck behind the parade. So fingers crossed we can join the queue.
– Yeah. [MUSIC] They’re coming for ya!
– There’s a march. Martyn: It’s Darth Vader. Stand aside for the empire. Dan dan dan dan da da da Right, so here is the Frozen
musical invitation show. [MUSIC] [As Sven] But Christophe, you promised. How about a little lullaby before we go to sleep. [As Sven] But you can’t eat a lullaby.
Sven buddy, you can’t eat everything all the time. # Reindeers are better than people, Sven
don’t you think that’s true # Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat
you, everyone of thems bad except you # Let’s call it a night,
good night # Don’t let the frostbite bite Goodnight buddy. Who wants to go to the North Mountain, now. All right but what time is it?
– Why? Haven’t you ever heard of breakfast? Ow Anna! I’m so glad you were able to come.
Feels so good when the gates are open right? Wow, what a crowd. [As Sven] It’s gonna get carr-hots in here. People of Arendelle, I want to hear you.
Let’s have some fun together. [Speaks in French] Oui! Oui! And throw to the left.
– Okay. And right. And left. Everything looks so gorgeous. Is everybody here? Elsa? Elsa, it’s me, it’s Anna welcome.
[Olaf Laughing] Olaf!
– Of course. Hello, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs. Welcome. I’m so glad you made it
to the North Mountain. Surprise!
– Come on everybody! # Let it go, let it go # And I’ll rise like the break of dawn [MUSIC: Love is An Open Door in French] So just to update you. We’ve come out of the Frozen, a musical invitation. It is chucking it down with rain. It is so rainy.
– But apparently they’re still going ahead with the Galactic Celebration so that’s good.
– Cause it’s our last time to watch it this trip we’re gonna stand in the rain for it.
– We’re gonna have to do it. But the Frozen thing was cute.
– It’s really cute. I would recommend getting there early like the people said because it is really busy. We went to the last show on the quiet day.
– And then they closed it off didn’t they after a certain amount of people I think.
– Also it’s all standing. There’s no seats. So bare that in mind if you’re tired or you don’t like standing. It’s cute, you go into two rooms and each room has a little musical performance. Yeah, it’s cute.
– I really liked the first room we were in. Which was…battling me with your brolly.
The first room which was with Sven and Christoph and Anna. That was really cute.
And we got to sing. # Reindeers are better than people Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, due to weather conditions beyond our control, the show will be
shown in an adapted version. Thank you. Is there normally people in this?
– Don’t know. Maybe less fireworks? There might be people who come out on the stage. Announcer: A triumphant year in screen history.
On May 25th, Star Wars premiered. A long time ago
in a galaxy far far away. Yoda: Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future, the past.
Old friends long gone. Han Solo: It’s true, all of it. C3PO: We’ll be destroyed for sure. This is madness. Look at the size of that thing. Today is the end of the Republic. All remaining systems will bow to the first order. I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you. This is some rescue. Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Never tell me the odds. The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us,
it binds the galaxy together. Always two there are. A master and an apprentice. At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge. You were the chosen one. It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!” Darth Vader…. …rise. The force is with you young Skywalker
but you are not a Jedi yet. Join me and together we can rule the galaxy
as father and son. Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started. The rebellion is reborn today. The war is just beginning. And I will not be the last Jedi. The force will be with you… …always. Oh, so we are pretty soggy.
– My feet. We’ll do an
update on what we thought of a galaxy’s celebration later on but we’re inside
the store now in Disney Village. Looking for your spirit jersey.
– Looking for the spirit Jersey. And we just met Fiona, so we’ll insert as well a little photo we took with her. And she watched the Star Wars show as well and she
let us know that there’s a really cool Star Wars backpack in here as well. Yeah. And I’ve spotted this cap here.
Trying to manoeuvre around Helena there. Jedi Master, you can look like Yoda. 24.99. How do I look? Helena’s laughing at me. Why? It’s cute but it’s weird. It’s the tufts of hair
like up there. Yeah cause I’m Yoda.
Here it is. Now the large on me, think a bit too large so I think I’m
gonna go for medium. If I can find it. Helena: This is the backpack Fiona was talking about.
It’s actually pretty good value. It’s in the sale for 15 euros.
– Darth Vader’s face. Helena: That’s really cool.
– I do like that. We’re going to leave you in suspense as
to whether I actually bought that spirit jersey. But we ventured over to Sequoia lodge.
– We’ve travelled through wind and rain. Our feet are soggy.
– We’re so soggy. Christmas lights still in the Christmas.
– We’re hoping to get a nice seat. Hopefully near the fire.
– We don’t know whether… But I feel like that’s gonna be everybody’s first thought cause it’s so wet and miserable, everyone’s gonna be like aw a
glowtini by the Sequoia Lodge fire. We have a horrible feeling…
– I think we’ve had the same thought as everyone. Horrible feeling that we’re
gonna get in there, the bar is gonna be full and we’re gonna have to walk back
to the hotel. I’m just gonna sit in Sequoia
Lodge anyway cause it’s cosy. Cosy feeling. Why are you laughing?
– Cause we’ve ordered a cheese platter. Grape, a cheese and grape platter to go with our glowtinis. Well you’ve got a beer. It’s what has to be done after standing in the rain for…hours. No. We are really…anyway I think we’ve said how soggy we are. But look, we managed to get a table… by the fire. Yay!!
– Loads of chairs actually. There are. Also as we walked in we bumped into Tracey and Paige who watch our channel, so thank you so much for saying hi, it was so nice to meet you. I think you go home tomorrow as well. So yeah, I hope you had a really great trip.
– And you got picked… Paige got picked fro the stunt show.
– Oh yeah, that’s cool. I’ve never known anyone that’s been picked for that. So our drinks have arrived.
We’re just waiting on our cheese platter. But…
– Look what happened. How is that for a prime spot. Yay! Martyn: So here is our cheese platter.
– And there’s a man inside the fire. Martyn: He’s actually in the fire. This is a starter
for the pasta I’m gonna make when we get back. Yeah it is. We’re just leaving Disney village
after our drink at the Sequoia Lodge. That was a lovely evening. The fact that we got put next to the fire just made it even better. Such a lovely server.
– He was great. Oooh, couldn’t catch his name. I was trying to look at his name badge. It began with N and was four letters.
I think it was like Neve or Nigi, something like that. But he was lovely.
– And he was just so attentive wasn’t he? Yeah. And he actually helped us get the seat by the fire.
– Yeah. He spotted someone leaving and he came up to us and was like, do you want it? Yeah.
– We were like, yeah. I think he saw we’d eyed it up but then we thought, oh we
can’t be bothered to move. Then he was like, do you want it? And he held it for
us as well cause I think some other people tried to come in.
– Bless him. So that was great and the cheese platter…
– That was a good shout. …if you want a snack, get that cheese platter and he
actually brought over a couple more things of
bread without us asking as well. He was like, I saw you went empty and brought it over. I love cast members like that. They make it.
– So now we’re gonna head back to the hotel. Okay, one day we’ll be able to walk past a shop without going in. Martyn: I think if I was a kid again at this time, I would be all about these masks. any
kind of them. I just loved anything to do with sort of like dressing up as
characters when I was a kid. Like the film The Mask with Jim Carey, all I
wanted when I was a kid was a mask to put on to look like him. So I think I would
love all these. We’ve come across a new spirit jersey line. Belle of the ball bronze. So inspired by Beauty and the
Beast I take it. And it’s got like the bronze glitter and
then yeah, bronze writing. That’s nice.
– Yeah, it’s cool. Just to mention as well,
there’s also ears and then there’s a lounge fly bag I believe as well around
the corner. There. I really like that.
– The lounge fly bag? Yeah, it’s a nice bag. I really want that grey jumper.
– This one. Martyn: There’s not many left.
– I know. I always look at it. So it’s got Space Mountain, Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, Hollywood tower. I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse Martyn: Look at his hat. This sums up how I feel
every time I’m walking around. And then yeah, this is the one I’ve got. I do quite like the R2D2 one. I saw that all the way back on our first Florida
trip I think. And I thought about it but I thought
that’d get too hot. Is this the one which Steph Michalak gets when they go.
– I think so yeah. This is good, I love it. So we’re back. I’ve notice how exhausted my legs are
now. We did a lot standing today. We didn’t sit down.
– We only sat down to eat for half an hour at midday….and we just sat down now at Sequoia Lodge.
– We sat down on rides. Sat down on rides. We sat down on big
thunder. But yeah, it was, well I just got the giggles cause Martyn just opened up
the wardrobe and was like, oh what a day to himself and I started laughing. But it’s so true like, it has been an incredible day. The amount we have got done, so this is our
third vlog of this day. That’s just how much we did.
– It’s the fact that when we started talking about what we’d done today…
– And I thought it was yesterday. You thought Star Wars this morning was yesterday. It feels like yesterday. Oh it’s incredible
and we have just figured out that we don’t need to leave the park until four
o’clock, no half four tomorrow. So we’re gonna go for extra magic hours, so we’ve
got half eight to half four which is practically a full day again in the
parks tomorrow so very very excited. Got a couple of Star Wars things to do.
– Yes. So…are you gonna carry on the vlog or
should I say bye to them? I’ll carry it on.
– Martyn’s gonna carry on the vlog. I’m gonna jump in the
shower. I think Martyn’s gonna make me some pasta probably put on a vlog won’t we to eat.
– It’s meals with Martyn. Right I’m gonna jump in the
shower and I will see you in a bit. Before I put on the pasta, we did keep you in suspense. Did I buy this spirit jersey? Oh yes I did. I love it. So I got it in a medium because the large that I have,
though it’s comfy, it’s just a bit too big. So this is the medium and this is
the Star Wars spirit jersey. So you’ve got the galaxy, you’ve got the stars and
then you’ve got the lightsabers crossing over and on the back you’ve got Star
Wars The Rise of Skywalker. Love the blue colour. Love that the episode title is on.
I didn’t originally because I hadn’t seen the film and I wasn’t sure whether
I’d like it just because I wasn’t too enamored with the last Jedi but I
absolutely loved this film and I want to see it again so much. I loved it.
So yeah, I thought gotta get the spirit jersey. So I’m gonna be wearing this
tomorrow. Also just to mention earlier on today our toaster actually blew, the fuse
went and everything, so we asked reception if we could get a new toaster
and they followed that through and we’ve got a brand new one. And we’ve got some
YouTube set up and ready for when Helena gets out of the shower and actually one
of the channels we really like watching is aclaireytale since she did
her CRP in Disney World but she’s also recently been to Japan and started
uploading Japan vlogs. So that’s what we’ve got ready to watch. Et voila!
– Merci. endeavour [Imitating Lumiere] We now present your dinner. So we had the pasta. As usual I made way too
much. Which is what normally happens. Did you finish mine?
– No I didn’t finish it. I left it over there. And I’ve made a
cup of tea. Got it in me Indiana Jones cup. You’ve got the titchy cup.
– The little cup. It’s just enough though cause I wanna get to sleep.
– Yeah. To be up.
– And… Oh no.
– Right, I’m gonna bring this up. So a second ago
I bring Helena a cup of tea and she says it’s not full enough.
– Don’t make me laugh. I’ve gotta go and fill it up more.
In a nicer way than that obviously. Yeah, I didn’t like order you.
It’s such a small cup anyway and you filled it halfway.
– Cause I know, anybody that has watched our sit down videos and you see Helena with a cup of
tea, you know there’s like, it’s just on the edge of spilling. And then I spill it.
– And then you spill it. So we just wanted
before we ended this vlog to just go over the Galactic celebration, the Star
Wars show because we didn’t have a chance to talk about that because it was
just chucking it down with rain. Oh my gosh.
I can’t get over how rainy that was. I’m so glad that we stuck to our guns
and watched it anyway. Always take an umbrella to Disneyland Paris.
– Always. Always. Cause it would have been unbearable and it?
– Everyone was standing under the
shelters like Stitch live and the one at the back, the big theatre place.
So all those places were all gone because everyone was under there. So I was just there trying to like, so you might have seen in some of the clips maybe, the
umbrella comes into shot because I was trying to like hold the umbrella over
the camera but I, and I know that you did as well, absolutely loved that show.
– Loved it. It was just so good. It made me want to just go and watch the films. Yeah.
– They picked all the highlights and the projections were amazed and onto the Hollywood hotel. It was an adapted version because it was
raining and so I think the bits we’re on the screens, the characters were I think
if it’s not raining, they actually have the people out on the stage.
– They actually come out yeah. A bit like when they do the Christmas show.
– But even with the screens it worked. Yeah, it’s just so epic. All the sound bites, all the like quotes. And like all the
lasers and stuff happen around you. At certain points it’s projected like behind you as well. It’s quite immersive. I tried to pan around to catch some of that happening.
One of my favourite bits is where they went through all of the posters for
every film. I caught a bit of that on the vlog.
It was incre…what was it like now knowing like the story of at
least the three films, the original trilogy. Yeah, it makes it clearer like,
I watch it and i understand it a bit more. And you’re like, I know this bit.
– I also feel connected to it more cause I actually know the characters, they’re not just like
random people popping up. I’m like ahhh. And then they’re certain scenes that they showed that I’d obviously seen. I’m feeling like, I wish it was on all the time.
– I really like the music as well. I think the Star Wars music makes it more epic.
– Yeah, that’s John Williams. He’s just done so, he did Harry Potter.
– Yeah. You can tell. And so many other good soundtracks.
But we better get to bed. We better.
– So we’re gonna finish our teas and then… We’re up for extra magic hours.
– Get some shut eye. Cause we need to meet the Goof.
– We need to meet the Goof. We’ve made a little list of things we want to
get done tomorrow. Crush’s Coaster.
– It’s gonna be another great day. Like Helena was
saying, basically like another full day in the park
before we go home. And I think, touch wood that it doesn’t suddenly have truckloads of people arrive but it’s so quiet that we’ve managed to get so much done.
Like Crush’s coaster although we didn’t go on it today. It was always under
an hour. Which is unheard of. We’ve never experienced that.
– I’ve never experienced that. And it’s always the ride that’s over an hour.
– And then for today to be able to watch the parade which is I think is not in this vlog, maybe the one previous, but
to watch the parade from that spot that we had. And turn up five minutes before.
– Right in front of the castle. We were spoilt today really.
– It’s been such a good time to come. Yeah. It’s a
really good week to come if you’re thinking of, if you want to come for low
crowds, weekdays in January. Really good. Anyway we’ll stop rambling on and
we will see you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye.
– Bye bye. [MUSIC: Dreams by DJ Quads] SUBTITLES BY MARTYN BELL

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