“DESSERT” Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep.8

– [Ben] Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London looking for the exceptional things in food that’ll help make our, and your lives, that little bit better, in amongst constantly ribbing each other. Some of us are chefs, the rest
of us, well, we’re normal, but every video we make always starts with a suggestion from you guys. ♪ I’m gooey in the
middle baby let me bake ♪ (upbeat pop music) – Hello, I’m Jamie and this is Barry. – And this is chaos. – Oh, I’m freaking out, I’m freaking out. – This’ll be fun. – Why am I panicking,
don’t panic, don’t panic. – Might just make a sandwich. – Oh no. (snappy rhythmic music) Well, the last time we
set ourselves up to fail. – Janice.
– Janice. – Janice. – Theme? – [Janice] Today’s community
selected theme is dessert. – That’s such a wide ranging thing, that I think that might be an issue. Oh, I really hope you’re not going first. Janice, what’s the order? – [Janice] You will go
in alphabetical order. (Jamie laughs) (Ben groans) – How you feeling mate? – Just– (James laughs) – I’m so lost, I’m trying to think of the last dessert recipe I looked at. – This is gonna be a good video. – [Janice] One at a time
the boys have 10 minutes to cook and add to a final dish, the remaining team will have no idea what’s happening behind
them until it is their turn. – Where do I start? We’ve written a whole
book on Desserts in Duvets so we should have plenty of options, but the only recipe that is sticking to the top of my mind,
Snoop Dogg’s cookies. – Do you think it’s
the kind of thing where there’s just a catalog? – Cookies. (group laughs) – Cookies! – One thing we know is that
baking is not a science. Let’s go for a hundred
flour, I’m gonna make some white chocolate,
apricot, and cranberry cookies ’cause they’re like Snoop
Dogg’s just a bit more fancy. A hundred of caster
sugar, ooh, that’s a lot. Then fifty of light brown sugar. How much butter do you put into it? 125 of butter. ♪ Don’t know what I’m doing ♪ ♪ Baking isn’t my thing ♪ ♪ Making up as I go ♪ While that butter is melting, I’m going to chop some dried fruits. Needs to rise, so baking powder. Mixy, mixy, mixy. One egg. Is that how you make cookies? Is that how you make cookies? How do you make cookies? I’ve literally gone blank, is this not how you make cookies? I’m now panicking,
thinking this isn’t right. Mix the wet ingredients and
the dry ingredients together. I’m doing my job properly first, so that nobody gets angry at me and goes, Hey do you know what? Barry, you’re not that bad of a chef. Pour our apricots in,
cranberries going in. That has to work, and
that is a cookie dough. I’m making a cookie. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (horn blares) I’ve done something. A bit like the CloudX, no idea if it works until it goes into the oven and comes out. But if it works, that’s pretty good. And I’d rate myself, oh… I’ll go with a seven out of ten. Barry Taylor out. (upbeat percussive music) (horn blares) – Cookies, that’s not
really a dessert yet is it? I’m just hoping that they won’t stick if we put them on this. I reckon they’re gonna need 12 minutes. So if I put them in now, then in the first couple of minutes of… James’ time he’ll work out what’s needed. As long as he checks the oven of course. Cookies, not exactly a desert, so we’re gonna have to need
to put something on it. Okay, this will be fun. A zabaione. It’s super versatile,
it’s basically egg yolks, sugar, little bit of booze, and a flavor that’ll work with the cookies, and we’ve got a nice dessert,
you can dip these cookies in. Literally egg yolks, about a
teaspoon of sugar for each one. Some orange zest, then I’ll juice some in. A little bit of alcohol. Tradition, it might be white wine, it could be limoncello, I’ve
got some Grand Marnier there so sticking with the orange theme. We’ve also got in here a
bit of a caramel starting. If there’s one mistake I’ve made, it’s to make a zabaione. ‘Cause I can’t really stop this this now. I just really hope that Barry thought about his cookie recipe. Because if you don’t weigh it out exactly, or use a ratio like the one, two, three, then it might not be very cookie like. – One thing we know is that
baking is not a science. – You wanna to keep going until
you can get a ribbon stage. My failure here is running out of time.
(horn blares) That’s going to need another minute or so. I didn’t add much I just used
a lot of time whisking things. I think I’ve saved the
cookies from sticking. Six. (midtempo hip-hop music) (horn blares) – I am terrified. There’s a caramel. I know that. Is that like a zabaione or something? Oh, oh. There’s cookies, I
wasn’t expecting cookies. Oh, I’m freaking out, I’m freaking out! I think I might fold some
double cream through this, so it’s like a really,
really light custard. (laughing) I don’t know what to do. Gonna whisk this up and then
I’m gonna fold some of this in. Trying to make a dessert out of cookies ’cause they’re like a sweet treat. I feel like I’m not doing a good job, but I just don’t know
where to go with this. The other guys are gonna
look for stuff to do, and I haven’t given them anything to do. What I’d really like is this to set, so it needs to be chopped up and then just like over the top. We have some cookies. Okay, okay. I want them to melt some chocolate, with some ginger in it. I’ll start segmenting this
so they know what I am doing, because that’s all I’ve got time for. (horn blares) They are gonna freak out! Three out of 10. Can I leave now? Thank you. (James sighs) – I don’t want to, James. – I didn’t want to either. – I’m really happy just here. (horn blares) ♪ I am nervous because
desserts aren’t my thing ♪ ♪ And I don’t know what to
do so maybe I’ll just sing ♪ Right, we have cookies,
nut brittle, this is– – [Ben] No tasting things. – Lemony.
(buzzer buzzes) And white chocolatey, and… Just lemony. (buzzer buzzes) It’s lemony.
(buzzer buzzes) But what is it? Oh no, it’s orangey.
(bell chimes) Look, there’s orange. (laughs) Dark chocolate, ginger, orange. Just me, or? (sighs) (laughs)
(whimpers) What the actual… That’s the 3rd time I’ve checked the oven and there’s still nothing in there. Well, whatever this is, isn’t my concern. What I can add to it, is my concern. I’m… (crew laughs) Here’s what I’m gonna do. I… (laughs) I am going to melt some chocolate, grate some ginger into it and some orange. (laughing) I could have
used the microwave, but this is like the real
way to do it, isn’t it? I don’t understand what
two chefs have done. Barry would’ve made cookies. What is that lump? Why are there lumps? It’s lumpy, Barry did that. This has to melt before Mike comes in, because if it doesn’t, he’s going to know that this is what I did. I’ve got a plan, so it doesn’t look like I’ve not done anything, I’m gonna put things, here, with tools that makes it look
like I’ve just dropped them because I’ve just finished working on it. When you make chocolate orange, do you just squeeze orange juice into it? Zest. Zest. Always zest. Now, the big thing is
here, do I wanna help Mike or do I wanna cover my own back? So… (laughs) Alright, I’m in two minds
because that has to go in the fridge to cool down quicker, but I have to get that out. Otherwise, he won’t know it’s there. ♪ This isn’t melting quick enough ♪ ♪ La da da da ♪ ♪ Should have put it in the microwave ♪ Still could put it in the microwave! What is he doing? (hand drumming) (laughs) Oh, he’s gonna know that was me. Nut brittle, you’re gonna
(horn blares) ask me to rate myself
out of 10, aren’t you? I don’t think I deserve a number. (laughs) It’s time. – You smell lemony. (horn blares) Okay, okay, you’re okay. Some cookies, some splodgy cookies. Is that what we’ve got? So, we’ve made cookies in 40 minutes? Am I supposed to do something with that? Do we drizzle? Do you do a cookie stack? (laughing) Oh, those lumps are lemon.
(buzzer buzzes) Jamie did that because I
smelt his hands earlier and they smell like lemon. (buzzer buzzes) What am I gonna do? What do I do? Okay, so I’m gonna dip them. I know that Jamie made this. And then I’m just gonna, put it like that. I’m not even sure if this is gonna pipe, but we’ll find out. I’m put gonna put a tiny bit in this and see if it will pipe. I mean, it smells fantastic. Yeah, it pipes. Oh, what do I do with this? Oh, this is ridiculous, right, come on. (laughs)
(snorts) Okay, ready? (crew laugh) Yeah! (wood banging) And then like, some maybe
like, scattered across. (laughs) I think this looks terrible, I have no idea what I am doing. (horn blares)
And I am done. I couldn’t really have done any more, who knows what that looks like? I can’t even tell. I think that looks terrible. I’m gonna give myself a
five because it’s edible. I think the most
depressing thing about this is that you could say that Jamie made this and people would believe you. (springy piano music) Put it this way, it looks better as it is. Baz, you good mate? – Yep. – Just be nice. Three, two, one. – Yeah! – Oh, it’s not that bad! It’s bad, but it’s not as
bad as I thought it’d be. – [Janice] Don’t all celebrate at once. I don’t think it looks bad. – Straight off the bat,
that’s not far from what I was aiming for, but very different to what I was aiming for. – Why were you aiming for anything? This was Barry’s idea. – [Ben] Well, I had to pick up from there. – I wasn’t expecting the
cookies to be the dish, I thought it’d be a component
of, that I thought would be crumbled up or soaked in something. – I felt for you guys
because I didn’t know where you were gonna go with it. – Cookies, zabaione,
brittle, chocolate, plated. – Bleh! – It’s underwhelming to look
at, but maybe not to eat. Well.
– Well. Guys.
– Shall we try it? – [Mike] Let’s eat them. – Good color on the cookies. – Cheers.
– Cheers! – Cheers.
– Cheers. – [Janice] Pass on the blame. – Yeah, that was a good textured cookie. – The zabaione is very tasty. – I’ll tell you what,
the orange and the ginger that you get from that chocolate is… – It’s not very good is it. – [Mike] It tastes alright. (crew laughts) – That’s not. – Bar being in a glass, that is what I– (group laughs) – Do you not like it? – I think it’s alright. – It’s like you bite into it hoping for a lovely, chewy cookie– – It’s not a lovely– it’s
not a lovely, chewy cookie. – It’s not, it’s like
crispy cookie, right? – Let’s not, let’s not
lie to the audience. – I think it’s delicious! (group laughs) – Alright then, we’ll go down the line. Baz, pass or fail? With dessert as the criteria. – I’m not saying the– – [Mike] One word, you’ve
gotta say one word! – But if it was– – One word! (group laughs) – Fail.
– Fail. – Ebbers? – It’s a close draw pass
and a fail, I’m saying pass. – Well, do we need to ask James? James? – Do you want me to say it? It was a fail. – It’s a fail from James. – We’re better than that, fail. – I have to agree. I just don’t know how we communicated down the line to get to that– – Like I’m gonna make– – Like we must have just jinxed it last time because it happened– – Yeah, I’m gonna make cookies but the cookies aren’t the thing. (group laughs) – I think I gave myself
a five, I can’t remember. – I offered to not give myself a number. – How many minutes did you work then? – Three.
– There you go, there’s your number. – Three out of 10.
– Well, okay. – I gave myself a three as well. – Did you?
– Three for James, Ebbers? – I gave myself a six and a half. – I think I was the same, six, seven-ish? – But not for the cookies, because they… – The cookies weren’t the thing though. – No, I made great cookies for the side– – Your performance was like– – Ah, yeah, top dollar. – Barry gets a six for
turning up in his, uh… (group laughs) – Thank you for your themes and the orders, that really helps, we’ll be using them in every single video and make sure you like this video. If you’re liking, pass it on. All of those themes and
orders really help make us better which is why I like– – They’re great! – We’re on a progress, were
doing good stuff aren’t we? – Right, well talking of good
stuff, dad joke of the week. Some look forward to it, others… – Is it still me because
I thought you were gonna– – No, it’s definitely still
you, I’m not qualified. – Well actually, this
week’s dad joke of the week is a celebrity dad joke of the week. – Okay. – Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton– – Yep. – Posted this on Twitter
and I really liked it. – Oh, yeah, okay, gotcha. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I thought that was
a set up but it’s not. – No, no, no, no, no. How does a butcher introduce his wife? – How does a butcher introduce his wife? Go on. – Meet Patty! (both laugh) Every Wednesday, Every
Sunday, four o’clock. – Brilliant.
– See you soon. – [Ben] As we mentioned,
Sorted is just run by a group of friends so if
you like what we are doing, then there are loads of
ways that you can support us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Thanks and see you in a few days. (upbeat hiphop music) (James groans)
– Ugh! Goodness me.

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