Day in my Life at the Sapporo Snow Festival ❄️

Day in my Life at the Sapporo Snow Festival ❄️

Hey guys, good morning and welcome to
Sapporo Hokkaido! I’m here with my friend Chiaki and we are here for the Sapporo
Snow Festival! It is so cold as you can tell. I’m very happy to have this fluffy
scarf that I got in my fukubukuro! We’re also joined by Chris and Pete Donaldson, and Natsuki and his wife are here as well. Hi Natsuki! and we’re currently exploring the food area, there are so many food
stalls. Hokkaido is famous for lots of different foods like potatoes, dairy
products, ramen, what else… corn, crabs, everything! All the
foods of Japan. They have a kabocha dango pumpkin rice ball – dango shiruko! Yeah red bean soup! I love it. It’s a dessert so yeah it looks so warm I never have pumpkin
dango it kinda tastes like pumpkin pie, it’s so good! it’s not too sweet you know if you’re kind of iffy
about trying the red bean paste that is in a lot of Japanese desserts I think oshiruko is a good place to start because they mix it with hot water it’s
kind of watered down and it’s really yummy and I feel like you guys would all
really like it give it up we’ve got an ice igloo smoking lounge and Natsuki is excited so the main attraction of this festival
are the ice and snow sculptures and they’re just absolutely amazing when it
turns to night they do like a projection light show on them which is really it
took 3650 people to build it 28 days maple
syrup after sweet Christmas in England should I know in London you cannot get
hectic oh yes but detective but Amazake! My favourite She’s gonna try amazake for the
first time I feel like it for sure it’s sweet yeah sweet but not too sweet
kind of like rice and sugar okay Nice right? yeah that’s like
sweet rice How is it? does it taste like beer? Light light Lighter and sweet it’s like they mixed beer with some kind of blueberry pop Look at this little train! You can ride it through the ice sculptures Cup noodle, and this guy Ah it’s kaonashi but again he’s kind
of covered in snow can’t really see him Natsuki’s lining up for the kiddy slide there’s one snack I need to warn you
guys about it’s called long potato but it’s like potatoes sugar and cake but in
a gross way He looks so sad, why’s he so sad? We’re back, it’s night time now we took a little rest in the hotel
it was so cool we kind of needed to warm up do not underestimate how cold it is in
Hokkaido it is very different than the rest of Japan even living in Iwate
Prefecture which is quite up north this feels so cool so yeah we’re gonna check
out the festival at night time it see what it looks like they do lots of like
light-up displays and the TV tower Look they’re still carving some sculptures
here it’s cool to watch them we couldn’t tell what this was before because it was
covered in snow but it looks like somebody’s finally come and cleared the
statues of all the fresh snow from yesterday so that’s good
we can finally see what they are it looks like they’ve set up a mobile
Pokemon Center for the Sapporo Snow Festival it’s really cool they’re
selling plushies and stuff They’re closed at the moment unfortunately I
can’t go inside but can take a peek we’re just walking down the street to go
get some dinner this shrine looks so pretty in the snow
so we have here fried octopus balls the food of Osaka some wonderful viewers who
have now left the restaurant Actually bought this for us as a present but
there’s a catch one of the takoyaki in here is filled with karashi – spicy
unpleasantly tasting mustard and so one of us at the table here will die. three two one so badly timed Normal. Normal? Normal face. I’m gonna go
I’m gonna go next and I’m gonna put a little England flag a little Britain
flag Did you just say England frag? I’m gonna say goodnight here. We’re going back to our hotel to warm up. It’s so cold! Jesus. We just got outside from the
restaurant we’ve only been outside 30 seconds my legs are already painfully
freezing. Right now we’re in the Susukino District of sapporo it’s kind of
like the downtown it really reminds me of Osaka – it’s really cool at nighttime! I
hope you guys enjoyed the vlog make sure to go check out Chiaki on YouTube. Her
videos are in Japanese but maybe you guys could practice your Japanese skills! And
I will link everybody’s Instagram and stuff down below as well. Thanks for
watching guys!

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  1. Ahh, this looked like such a fun day! I love the snow and I wish we had snow festivals similar to those in Japan where I live in the U.S. The atmosphere seems so lively and the food looks great.

  2. Saw the snow sculpture of Snow Miku. You, Chris and Natsuki have to go to a Hatsune Miku/vocaloids concert and get Natsuki’s reaction on video.

  3. What's with all the YouTubers going to Sapporo/Hokkaido this year? Sharmanda, Abroad in Japan, Chiaki, Mike Chen, Only in Japan * Go…who else?

  4. Pumpkin mochi sounds so good! The snow festival always looks amazing, I'd love to be able to head up there sometime. I don't think I've ever experienced cold like that before though so will have to prepare ourselves well haha

  5. With so much snow it sure isn't around freezing point, do you happen to know what temperature it was that day?

    It does look awesome there, I did know about this festival though. Hope I can go there myself one day!

  6. Hello from Canada! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I hope you get something nice for Valentine's Day. As of now, it's -8, but wait in 15 minutes…it could change and be much colder.

  7. How much plastic can one country waste? Those soy milk muffin things – plastic bag, plastic container, paper around the container, what a mess.

  8. This was really nice to see, thanks for the video. I myself hate the cold 😅. It looks so beautiful, but all I want to do is hibernate.

  9. Aww wish I knew you were up here in my neighbourhood! D: Hope you had fun at the festival! This is the first time I haven't gone since moving to Hokkaido. xD

  10. Macross and gundam in ice ☺😊😀😁😂5 smile's ( we generally get sand made one's 😕'O'well no slide without the board.

  11. It can get really cold where I live too. Sometimes I wear fleece tights under my pants. I love your jacket though, wish I had one like that. Thanks for making videos like this; I feel like I'm on your adventures too 🙂

  12. 知秋さんのインスタからシャーラのYouTube知ったよ☻

  13. Wow, the palace that was built by 3,650 people depicts a palace in one of Warsaw parks, where every Sunday from mid or end of May until the end of September there are live Chopin music piano concerts 😀 🙂

  14. Hey Sharla, what was the name of the down town area at the end of the video? It looks like a good place to stay. Is it close to the sculptures? Thank you!

  15. I freakin loved Sapporo Snow Festival! They had a giant Pikachu ice sculpture when I went as a child back in 1998! 😀

  16. It's so weird, I only follow 4 travelish blogs (sharla, chris, Miley Chen and chonnyday) and all 4 are at this festival. Looks like it must be fun!

  17. You could really almost mix that Pumpkin Oshiruko with Apple Pie for some reason, ig because of the texture maybe haha. 😛 Seeing everything covered in snow like that looks so beautiful & breathtaking! 😍Experiencing a snow festival like that one looks like a lot of fun!

  18. Why do Japanese wrap everything in plastic? It's kinda baffling me but no matter how small the food item – or anything really, it's going to be within plastic packaging. Is this just my imagination or do they really have to catch up in that regard?

  19. Chiaki’s voice is soooo super cute! I had to subscribe to her!

    Sharla, you look so pretty in that jacket. You are glowing and you look so happy! We got snow here in Georgia for the first time in a long time a couple of days ago, but it melted quickly. I wish I could go somewhere with lots of snow for a few days!

  20. As someone who really struggles to enjoy themselves during winter, festivals like these would be amazing to attend. If you suffer from seasonal depression, this is such a great way to get outside and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones! Amazing video as usual 💕

  21. My favorite part …

    Natsuki: points to himself normal face

    points to Pete Happy mustard, happy mustard 😂😂😂😂

  22. Thank you for this video…Sapporo is my home and I'll be there this coming June to visit my family…can't wait! Stay warm!!! :))

  23. I love how among all of the Japanese and English being spoken and I hear Chris’ accent and I’m like oh yes Chris is here

  24. I like ur videos👍👍👍👍👍👍Sharmander🗣i'hve been watching u for abt an hour & i just wanted to let you know….
    how beautiful u are up close😊😊😚💐💐💐💐

  25. Awww snow festival <3 But a bit sad that you didn't include the Shuri castle snow sculpture in the video. XD Okinawa people were moved when they saw it. (and I was proud, as I was one of the helpers)
    But well, there were too many nice sculptures, hard to include them all I guess 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for showing Sapporo! best city 💙

  26. Cold? If compared to Tokyo, definitely yes. If compared to inland Hokkaido, no. But sure -10°C in Sapporo is unusually cold. When I came back to Sapporo after visiting Asahikawa, -10°C felt quite nice without freezing off my hands and feet! Mind you though, it got to -26°C one night, and I drove to Etanbetsu River where the minimum was -36°C.

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