Dairy vs Dairy-Free Taste Test

Dairy vs Dairy-Free Taste Test

Can dairy-free be as tasty as dairy? Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. I have learnt some things
about my body, this year. – Hmm.
– (laughs) I’ve learnt that I am at least,
somewhat, allergic to maple syrup, – especially when you pour it on my body.
– Yes. And I am at least, somewhat,
lactose intolerant. Oh! Which makes this an interesting
episode for you, because your exercise now
is to find dairy-free alternatives, – to dairy products.
– Yes. And that’s what we’re going to
see if we can answer today. Can we tell the difference between
dairy-free and dairy-d products. It’s time for, – ♪(bouncy music)♪
– Can we tell if there’s dairy (Link) in there, while sitting
on our derriere? So we’re going to be presented with
two items. They look very similar. One is dairy, one is dairy-free.
We pick which one we think is dairy-free, and we plant
our dairy-free flag in it. The loser of this exercise
has to eat a dairy-free milkshake, but, it’s actually just a blended
version of all the dairy-free products – that we are going to be sampling today.
– Yummy. ♪(upbeat music)♪ Okay, first up we have butter. (Link) Oh, this is going
to be tough, I can tell. – Let’s start over here?
– We’ve applied the butter to bread, We’ve done that–
We’re not going to be eating any of the stuff straight.
So we’ve kind of disguised it a little bit, to make this
a little more challenging. – Here you go.
– Thanks for the bread, buddy. Thanks for the buttered bread,
buddy-roll. We’ll be bread buddies. Now, smell first. – Smells like buttered bread to me.
– Smells like buttered bread. Really does. Oh, I got some on my nose. You know what really butters my bread? What? I don’t know, I was hoping
you could tell me. (both laugh) See, I went buttered side down. You went butter tongue. I don’t need to eat the bread actually. – Fake butter is made out of–
– Plants. (Rhett) Plants. I don’t taste plants there.
You taste plants? I don’t taste plants. Except for the plants
that made the bread. Is that cheat–
That seems like cheating. But I’m gonna do it too. Hmm, it’s a milder foretaste,
but a stronger aftertaste. That’s tough. Well, they did a good job. Can’t go wrong. The fake butter people,
did a good job. Fake butter people, you ought
to be commended. And you are over here. (Link) I think this is–
this tastes better, and it’s not actually butter. There is a slightly different aftertaste
that hit me at the very end of that, which was the only deciding factor for me. I feel like I’ve got
to go here, man. – Okay. Alright.
– (makes a silly sound) It’s a crap shoot. – (Stevie) Alright, Link, you’re correct.
– (ding sound) – Yes!
– Oh! I got you. – Not really.
– There was a kind of, a different little thing
at the end, there. ♪(upbeat music)♪ We got an ice cream sandwich, cut into many little pieces. This one’s thicker right off the bat,
which screams ice cream to me. – Oh yeah.
– You know? – The cross section–
– This might be compensation. This might be compensation for something,
they know it’s not real, so they make it – extra big. So you won’t notice.
– (Link) The cross section. (Rhett) I don’t know. Let’s try the shorty first. Well, it’s stumpy. Yeah, I know. – There’s coconut in that.
– Yeah. Who added coconut? Is it coconut flavored? – She’s not answering.
– (Stevie laughs) I’m not even going to eat
that one, ’cause I don’t eat dairy. (both laugh) I don’t need any dairy
in my life, man. I can’t be getting dairy,
’cause it goes in my system, and it causes problems. But I wonder why it tastes
so coconut-y. If you don’t like coconut,
you’re not gonna like that. But, if you like ice cream, you might
like it, if you also like coconut. (Stevie) Alright, guys,
you’re both correct. – (ding sound)
– Yes. ♪(upbeat music)♪ Alright, now we’ve got dairy-free
salmon verses dairy salmon– No, actually, it’s the cream cheese
on the bagel. It’s not the salmon. (Rhett) But we have disguised it
on a salmon and onion bagel. Which I would never eat. Really?
Well, you’re about to. And, if somebody served it to me,
I would take that stuff off. – Can’t do that, friend.
– (Link) Can’t do it. Okay. You want to start over here?
I’ll bite this end, and then I’ll give you the other side. You’ve got to experience the salmon
and the cream cheese, but then you’ve got to ignore that. I mean the onions. (Rhett) Which are both
strong flavors. Salmon really comes through,
doesn’t it? Hm mm. The salmon swims upstream
in my taste system. I couldn’t gain a lot of information
about that. The salmon blocking my view
of cream cheese. That’s tough. – So you’re not a fan of this?
– Nuh uh. It’s not that bad. (Link) I’m trying to find the cream cheese
in my mouth and just focus on it, but when you just use it like glue,
like we’re using it here, I think we’ve already determined
that dairy-free is a viable option. Am I right? I tasted something. I was actually thinking this one. – Really?
– Yeah, ’cause I didn’t– I tasted more there. I tasted dairy. – (Stevie) Link, you are incorrect.
– (ding sound) – Oh.
– Alright, so we’re tied up now. Alright, tied it right up. ♪(upbeat music)♪ Okay, so these salads have been
bathed in ranch dressing, which is dairy-free?
Let’s find out. We’ve also got some carrots,
some lettuce, some coo-coombers, – and some tomatoes.
– Coo-coombers are my favorite. Coo-coombers are not my favorite. (Rhett) Make sure you really get
the sauce-ies on there. (Link) Got to get that sauce. I don’t know if that took me
all the way to the ranch. I don’t know if that got me–
That got me, like, to the driveway of the ranch,
but not all the way to the one-story home. (Link) Maybe this one will
take us the rest of the way? Do you prefer a ranch style house? Oh yeah, I’m thinking about
when I get older. I don’t want to be going up those steps. Yeah, that’s what my mom says. That’s why they’ve moved into
a ranch style house. I’ve been corresponding
with you mom about it. – (Rhett) Really?
– (Link) Hm mm. But they have no animals. You got to get animals
if you’re going to have a ranch house? Yeah. (Rhett) I’ll tell you right now,
the ranch flavor on this one, Super strong,
makes me want to pick it. But I also know that people who do
things that are imitations sometimes – Overcompensate?
– They over-blow things. And maybe this is overblown ranch. And maybe this is just your average,
everyday ranch. ‘Cause this seemed watered downed
to me too. But I think I just have to go
with instinct here, and I’m gonna– Yeah, do that. Alright. I don’t think Rhett answered
in the way he intended, but let’s go with it. – (Stevie) Rhett, you are incorrect.
– (ding sound) – Oh yeah! (laughs)
– You did it backwards, but it counts. – (laughs)
– Yeah, I meant this one has dairy. I was like, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Put your flag there.” You got to read your flag each time. – This says dairy-free on it.
– They always say dairy-free. So, you were right, but you put
your flag– – So I’m going to use that as an advantage.
– You can take it. ♪(upbeat music)♪ Sometimes this show turns into, like,
we’re being served like a six course meal. We just sit here, and our friends
bring us food to eat. They do this at my house, as well. – They come to your house?
– (Rhett) Yeah. The crew doesn’t come to your house?
I thought they divvied up. I do not like tomatoes, – but I do like tomato soup.
– Really? And I’m not going to explain myself. But, I didn’t know there was– Well, I guess cream
is in tomato soup. I did not know that either. That’s what makes it dairy. Alright, so, if I look at the viscosity. There’s definitely a viscosity difference. Which would make you think that
this was the one with the dairy in it. But let’s analyze by taste. So how did that one taste? It taste like tomato soup. I mean, I didn’t know that dairy
was in tomato soup to begin with. So, I learned nothing. If Chef Boyardee got a hold of this,
we’d some have some O’s, and some balls happening in there. You’ve got Chef Boyardee balls? Chef Boyardee throw some balls in there,
that be some good mess. I’ve never heard of the O’s and balls can. (Link and crew laugh) Oh wow! That’s a distinct difference. But listen, so we think
this is dairy-free, – we’re agreeing on that.
– Yup. But what I’ll say is that– You like it more? You usually don’t eat dairy-free
and dairy products next to each other. – That’s kind of against the point of it.
– Yeah. So, we’re stacking the deck
against this product, but, if I just isolate it. That’s legit good. I don’t think so, man.
Chef Boyardee wouldn’t let his balls get anywhere near that. (all laugh) And that’s why I’m going with
dairy-free. Which, this time this means
there’s no dairy in it. – (Stevie) You are both incorrect.
– (buzzer sound) What? (both) No! – Don’t you do that. Don’t you lie to us.
– No, that can’t be true. – Really?
– (Stevie) Yes, it’s true. – (Stevie) I’m not lying over here.
– Well Chef Boyar-donkey. (Rhett and crew laugh) ♪(upbeat music)♪ Now introducing, only available
at RhettandLink.com/store, – the dairy-free mug.
– (laughs) Which one is it? We actually have a whole line
of dairy-free merchandise. It’s all of our merchandise. Yeah, the hoodies are–
And the beanies are both dairy-free. I get them confused. We’re going to have to sip
out the same mug. Let’s sip at the same time,
and then switch. I haven’t been drinking coffee either.
Wow. I’ve been missing out. – Is this our normal coffee?
– (Stevie) Hm mm. – This is office coffee?
– (Stevie) Office coffee. I miss office coffee. Oh, you haven’t been drinking coffee
at all. I’ve been drinking tea.
I quit coffee too, man. There’s no milk in coffee
unless you add it. I know, but I’ve been– – Dang, man.
– I couldn’t put the milk in it, I just haven’t been even– – You’re flagellating yourself, man.
– I’ve changed everything about me. This is tough. Hold on a second.
I thought this was going to be simple. You know what?
One of the things I’ve noticed is that I drink coffee every day,
and once I decide I like the coffee, I no longer analyze it. And if this is the same coffee
I drink every day, when I analyze it, I realize I don’t like it. I don’t like it either,
I’m glad I quit. Glad to quit drinking coffee. – Man, that’s–
– Guys– It’s the same thing.
It’s a trick. Is one of these a powder? They’re both liquids? Man, this is a toss up. I got to go with this one
being dairy-free. This one has a little bit less
of a staying power on my mouth. – (Stevie) Rhett, you are correct.
– (ding sound) – Oh! Alright.
– Oh, man. Man, we tied! (silly voice) We tied, Clyde. We tied? Are we done? – We tied!
– Is that it? – That’s it, and we tied.
– We tied. We’re both dairy-free boys. (all laugh) (normal voice) Thanks to Chef Boyardee
for letting us mention his balls. – (laughs)
– And– Thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Teegan.
– And I’m Delaney. And we’re at the record archive
in Rochester, New York. – And it’s time to spin,
– (both) the Wheel of Mythicality. Watch Good Mythical Crew
tomorrow morning on this channel, where you can see Mike and Alex
get trained for a beauty pageant. And, right now, click through to
Good Mythical More, we are going to blend up all
the dairy-free items, and both drink them, – because we tied.
– (silly voice) Tied Clyde. (silly voice) We tied. – ♪(fanfare music)♪
– Gif! It’s a Gif of the day. Check it, kids. – Woah!
– (laughs) – (yells) Woah! (laughs)
– Oh! Trying to be cute, huh? Nope. – Failed again.
– Look at us. We’re cute. Nope, we’re not. (both laugh) [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. It's only fitting that they both knew the imposter icecream sandwiches because they worked in an icecream sandwich factory

  2. I’m a lactose intolerant n I’m watching this eating a cheese string.. probs should take my body more seriously

  3. I believe the ice cream was coconut because it was probably made with coconut milk – a non dairy alternative to milk

  4. 3:37
    rhett, have you ever heard of/tried lactaid pills?
    ((also, if you dont mind my asking, how sensitive is that lack toes in taller ants issue? im like… 4/10 on avg, weirdly it sways))

  5. fun fact: in wisconsin it's illegal to serve butter alternatives in state prisons. This was enforced to help the dairy industry continue to thrive. Yay dairyland!

  6. So.. in order for people to have dairy, cows are forcibly impregnated with a metal rod up their cervix. They then become pregnant for 9 months (just like human mothers) and they form a very close bond with their baby, in the exact same way that human mothers do. Within 72 hours, the baby calf is taken away from the mother and this causes the cow and the baby calf extreme distress. The mother will try to follow her baby as far as she possibly can and when her baby is gone she will cry and mourn for days. She will go to the same place where she last saw her baby and cry. Then the whole process starts again when the farmers forcibly impregnate her again, and she goes through the same cycle over and over again until her body cant take it anymore, and then she is murdered. As for the calves, if it's a male calf they are killed for the veal industry and if it's a female they will live the same tragic fate as their mothers. Please be vegan.

  7. And it almost feels like they are taking everything else on the shelf that I love and replacing with coconut. Like stop forcing it and give me back soy and almond lol

  8. they should have tried cheese, except pretty much all dairy free cheese is disgusting cries in lactose intolerance

  9. The ice cream sandwich I’d assume is coconut flavored because coconut milk is a common replacement for regular milk in ice dream for dairy free 😊

  10. Oh Link, we're similar in some ways (tomatoes), but never wanting to eat lox and bagel? It's manna from heaven when done right. It's good to try new things. 🙂

  11. -I've had Earth Balance. If that anything like vegan cheese my stomach can't handle it
    -I put silk soy milk creamer in my tea. It literally tastes like butter IT'S SO GOOD😄

  12. i swear rett has a really fast response to answer😂😂 like a professional comedian he has a joke as soon as the person is done talkin 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 kudos

  13. 3:34 cue flashback to the time that Rhett bragged about eating dairy whilst chowing down on an icecream sandwich made of cheese

  14. The dairy free creamer is actually a lie. It has casin in it which is one of the two proteins in milk. It also happens to be the part that people have a problem with and also makes it non-vegan.

  15. As someone who was lactose intolerant for over 12 years, and have had dairy for over a year, I think I have good input. Dairy replacement products arent as sweet and creamy. I guess if I were to make a comparison it's like dark chocolate to milky chocolate.

  16. I'm not sure if you're aware you can take a lactose enzyme to help with that. Down fall other only last 30 minutes.

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