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Hi Cupcakers!
welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’ll make cupcakes with a
delicious flavor combination, Chocolate and mint. Chocolate and Mint Cupcakes. Many of you requested this recipe, and I loved the result. The chocolate cake has intense
flavor and the mint frosting is refreshing. The only complex part about
the recipe is flavoring the frosting. But there are other options, I’ll explain as we go on. If you want to see how to make
it, stay because the recipe starts now. For the cupcakes we’ll need:
all purpose flour, sugar, milk, sugarless powdered
cocoa, unsalted butter, lemon juice, eggs, baking soda, baking powder,
vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Start by mixing the lemon juice with the milk. We’ll get a homemade buttermilk
that will give juiciness to the cupcakes. Let it rest for 10 minutes, now place the
room temperature butter with the sugar in the mixer. Mix at high speed for 5 minutes
so the butter blends with the sugar. After this add the eggs one by one
beating them a little before adding them. This is optional, but it makes the mix easier to blend. Now mix until all is fully blended. Once ready add the vanilla
extract and mix for a couple of seconds. Check that all is mixed correctly. Now in a colander place the flour, the cocoa, the baking soda, the baking powder,
tap it and our ingredients will be sifted. Add the pinch of salt and mix at the lowest speed possible. Remember that after we add the flour
we must avoid the gluten from developing. This way our cupcakes will be super spongy. By now our buttermilk should be ready. It has some lumps, but it’s normal it hasn’t gone bad. It’s just perfect. Add little by little to the dough and it will be ready soon. Check that in the bottom of the bowl
there are no ingredients left without being mixed. Now our dough is ready. Now we’ll fill our cupcakes capsules. In my case I’m using standard size
capsules, they are 5 cm wide in the base and 7 cm on top with 3,5 cm tall. But never mind the size of the capsules, what’s important is not to fill
them more than 2/3 of their capacity. I made 14 cupcakes with this quantity,
but it depends on the size of your capsules. Once ready take to a pre-heated oven at
180°C with heat on top and bottom with no fan. It depends on the oven, but mine were ready in 22 minutes. It’s best to pinch them with a stick to check
if they’re ready before removing them from the oven. Out of the oven let them cool down 5 minutes in a cooling rack. After this, remove them from the pan
and let them cool down over the cooling rack. This way they won’t become humid and detach from the capsule. To make the buttercream we’ll need:
unsalted butter, icing sugar, cream cheese, and mint paste flavoring. Optional edible green coloring. Mix the butter at high speed for 5 minutes. It’s best of the butter is at room temperature. After this sift the icing sugar with a colander. Mix a little so the butter absorbs the sugar. Now the sugar won’t go flying. Mix at low speed at first, then raise
the speed to high and mix for 5 minutes. After this add the cream cheese, really
cold and mix for 2 more minutes at high speed. Now time to add the flavoring. You can use mint essence if you
can’t find the paste, even mint liquor. It’s best to add the flavor little by
little, taste and add more if necessary. The mint paste colored the cream a little, but not so much. So I’m coloring it to intensify the color,
and I’ll mix until it’s fully blended. And our buttercream is now ready. I’m using a Wilton’s 2D
nozzle, but use the nozzle you like most. After applying the buttercream, add
some chocolate sirope. It will be irresistible. Now add a little more cream so it looks like the chocolate comes
from beneath it. Add a chocolate to finish the decoration. The cupcakes are now ready to enjoy. I’m going to show you how
spongy they are, so you’ll make them. To know if a cupcake is well
done we have to check the capsule. The capsule has to be attached, but it
has to be easy to detach, and it must not crumb. As you can see it’s soft and spongy. The flavor combination it’s delicious,
the chocolate and the mint are incredible. I can’t stop taking bites of the
cupcake, the mint gives it a fresh taste. If you liked the recipe hit the Like button and share with
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See you next Tuesday with a new recipe. See you soon Cupcakers!

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