Cupcakes, Confections, & Cakes, Oh My! | Sugar Rush | Netflix

Three,two, one…This isSugar Rush.Four teams of brilliant bakerscompete against each otherand the clockover three rounds of competition.Why do I feel like time speeds up in here? Whatever speed you’re at, double it.Round one, cupcakes.That is quite a presentation. Don’t have too much fun ’cause
you need to win $10,000. Okay.And round two, confections.Oh, that was off the chain. I think they just hit the nail
on the head with this theme. This is, like, an Instagrammers dream.Third and final round, cakes.It’s cake time.We have no time.This is a horse race.I have never made a wedding cakein three hours. Oh, this part makes me so nervous.My hands are shaking trying
to put these decorations on the cake.
What happened? Uh… -We’re not bothering–
-Stop bothering him! Feeling the pressure, feeling the heat? Aren’t you guys done yet over there? Now it’s a competition for real. Are you okay? You’re a mess. I’m feeling very judged. The team going home today is going to be… This is nerve-racking. With the long pause. Come on!

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