Cupcake Decorating Ideas — Apple Cupcakes | Parents

Hi. I’m Moria Greto from Family Fun here to
show you how to make these adorable Apple Cupcakes. For this recipe, you’ll need cupcakes,
red frosting, red sugar sprinkles, tootsie roll midgees and green tootsie fruit rolls.
You can find the complete recipe at Frost the cupcakes then coat each in red sugar
sprinkles. Mold a small piece of a tootsie roll midgee into a stem shape. If necessary,
warm the midgee in a microwave for a few seconds to make it more plyable. Form a leaf from
a small piece of green tootsie fruit roll and pinch it against the stem. Repeat for
the other leaves and stems. Insert the stems into the cupcakes, clever to the core, a crate
full of these apples are perfect classroom treat.

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