Cupcake Box Project

Cupcake Box Project

Ever wanted to send your guests home
from a party with a treat? Or take a quick thank you note to a neighbor? This
simple little cupcake box is sure to impress. To make it we’re going to use my
all-time favorite Cricut cartridge, Sweet Tooth Boxes, and the Cricut Expression 2
machine. Let’s start by cutting the cube box and the flip lid with the heart cut out
at 9.5″. Now, let’s cut the cupcake holder that
fits down inside the box. Finally, using your paper trimmer, cut down a piece of
thin plastic for the lid; a 3″ square will work just fine. Now, let’s put
it all together. I like to use my paper trimmer with the scoring tip to quickly
score the folds. A few strips of Terrifically Tacky Tape on each of the
corners will hold it nicely in place. Before we put the lid on the box let’s
first tape in the plastic cover. Now we tape the lid to the box. Perfect! All we need to do for the
cupcake holder is score it, fold it, and put it in the box. Now for the final
touch: the cupcake! Just that fast you can be ready to share a treat with a friend.
This is just one of thousands of great projects you can make with your Cricut
Expression 2. Be sure to look for more inspiring projects right here at

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  1. So complicated these are things ur using and no one has this stuff in they house so can u make another video just like using paper and pencils etc ….. The stuff u would have in your house please

  2. Cool, not very helpful though considering no one just has this expensive machine laying around the house. I don’t consider this DIY, the machines practically making it for you, you’re just assembling

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