Cowboy Cookies Recipe

Cowboy Cookies Recipe

Today we’re making cowboy cookies. [ music ] Come on In.
Welcome to my home. It’s Christmas time of course and we are going to make
some more cookies grandma cowboy cookies these are super super easy to make. It will take you probably no time at all All the ingredients you probably have
around your house because you’re, if you’re like me you’re already making cookies. For all the family that’s gonna be coming in for Christmas and I guess the entire family is coming in for Christmas. So really I need to get started
on this remember this is your first time here, Hit that subscribe button and ring that bell for notifications that way you know when a new video comes up and down in the description there are the ingredients and also links to all the
products that I use so this is always a fun one to do. The first thing I like to do is get my dry ingredients all mixed together. so I have flour, and I’m gonna put my cinnamon baking powder and baking soda. I’m just gonna use a fork because well it was right there and it didn’t need cleaned or anything and I’m gonna mix that yeah somewhat together and set that off to the side My oven is preheated to 350 degrees now I’m going to take my softened butter alright softened butter that’s nice thing about cooking under lights, is my butter softens quickly because it’s not real warm right now around here I don’t
know how your Christmas is I know a lot of people that I have been following on
like YouTube and those sort of things especially people in Australia they’re
like oh it’s Christmas time it’s really warm And I am like Oh it’s Christmas time… we’re
cold It’s really cold okay we’re going to mix that up I’m gonna add my sugar I am using raw sugar. you can use white sugar. you can use a combination of white and brown sugar it is up to you I like to add my sea salt now you can consider if you’re using just regular table salt you can put that in with your dry ingredients I use a pinch of sea salt right now add my egg. Hopefully one at a time hopefully one “ish” at a time I will stop this and give it a good scrape okay on low because recently we have had a flour accident I’m going to add my flour. Just until incorporated. while that is going I’m going to add my oats chocolate chips and peanut butter chips I love this cookie. this cookie is so much fun. one more whisk through. Come on guys scrapey, scrapey Everybody into the bowl alright now I’m just going to take my cookie scoop drop these by the scoop
full onto my silicon lined pan if you do not have a silicon lined pan you can use parchment paper I have not done these on a greased pan or a non greased pan so I cannot attest one way or the other and I am doing big cookies because well then
I’m going to flatten these out just a bit And yes I’m not trying to go for the
whole “they should look all pretty” no they should look like cookies you want to eat I’ve always found it interesting that there are people out there who do these absolutely beautiful like stained-glass frosted cookies they’re gorgeous and they take like three and four days to do a cookie. and I’m like that’s pretty and everything but then somebody takes two seconds to eat it No. that is not me I consider myself a rustic cook I am NOT a chef. I am a home cook I’m not a cake decorator I have said this repeatedly and yeah I’m never going to do the whole look at these cookies they look like stained glass windows not
happening okay now I’m going to take my cookies
over to the oven which I said was preheated at 350 degrees I’m going to bake these for about 13 to 15 minutes until they are just slightly golden
brown then take them out let them cool a bit and then put them on a cooling rack Our cookies are out of the oven I did let them cool on the pan for one or two
minutes then I took them off and put them onto
cooling racks. Now I’m going to give them a taste. Those are really good. they’re hearty you get the cinnamon flavor the oatmeal texture um they’re sweet but
they’re not overly sweet they’re crisp these are just a really good cookie
these are a hearty really good cookie the inside are really nice and moist and
though of course chocolate chips are chocolate chips and the peanut butter
chips are hidden in there this is so good. Now if you make this let me know you can get a hold of me on most social media at @cmcolemanhome. Don’t forget the ingredients are listed down below and there are description
card links in the description which will take you to my affiliate site for some
of the products and the ingredients that I use. I hope you enjoyed this. If this is your first time here remember to subscribe hit that bell for notifications and also share this video let other people know that maybe
they’ll make these cookies for you and I hope I get to see you again next time and take a look at these videos I picked out just for you while I eat this cookie. [ music ] there’s really good

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  1. I make these all the time! Except I use dried cranberries and white chocolate chips in addition. I also do a white chocolate drizzle on top to look all fancy and shit. I called them my Kenmore cookies cuz I learned how to make them on the Kenmore cook Channel.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Cookies should look yummy, not necessarily a work of art. If someone gets pleasure from taking all that time for each cookie, yahoo. I like yummy, rustic cookies.

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