Cookie Costume Contest Final – Vote for your favorite Costume!

Cookie Costume Contest Final – Vote for your favorite Costume!

Hi Cookie Runners! As you know, we are currently holding a Cookie Costume Design Contest and the final voting phase just started yesterday! Over 2,000 players entered and after reviewing all the entries we selected the last 8 Finalists! As you can imagine, selecting the Finalists was incredibly difficult as there were so many amazing entries! In the end, in addition to the criteria mentioned in the contest rules, we focused on 3 factors from an artistic point of view. 1) Originality! The creation really stood out amongst the thousands of entries 2) Concept! There was a clear concept and you can easily understand what the artist went for with their creation. 3) Design! The creation looked appealing and it should appeal to a vast range of players. With that in mind, let’s have a quick look at the 8 Finalists’ Costumes! Macaron Cookie by 아기곰 Squid Ink Cookie by 엔다다 Millennial Tree Cookie by 因念 Sorry, I hope I pronounced your name right! Fig Cookie by 폭주 고라니 Whipped Cream Cookie by 홍제제 Sea Fairy Cookie by 제니jeny Peppermint Cookie by Kuro Lee And Salt Cookie by Luka Alright! These are the 8 Finalists! Which one did you pick? If you made your choice, you can vote for it in the game now! You get 200 Crystals once you vote so don’t forget to do so! The votes are open until December 3 and we’ll have the winner’s announcement on December 9! Alright! That’s all for today! Thank you all for watching and I’ll see you next time! Bye-bye!

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  1. Thank you Devsisters! You gave me an opportunity to practice my art! I may not have gotten selected, but that's OK – because it's part of improving!

  2. i hope im not the only peppermint supporter bc i really hope he gets a costume,, that astrological(?) aesthetic matches him perfectly and imagine that with his skill!! ngl id pay for that costume aaa i really hope he wins😫😫😫

  3. Oh my gosh i hope sea fairy cookie was the winner of the cookie costume contest, also i hope this new year update is about sea fairy cookie too because last year was about moonlight cookie

  4. omg i want millenial cookie's, water fairy cookie's and whipped cream's cookie costumes OMG they looks amazing!! why do we only choose one!??? TT TT

  5. Speaking of costumes, we need a costume for Pitaya Dragon Cookie

    W e n e e d o n e.

    But anyway, all the costumes shown in this video are amazing, fantastic job to the people who made them..!

  6. When you go to the comments to see who voted for fig cookie but you see none

    This post was sponsored by the fig cookie costume gang

  7. all the designs are so good and cute!! sea fairy's costume has my heart but oh gosh macaroon and peppermint and sea salt stole the show as well, ahhh it was a difficult choice!

  8. Personally tied between Macaron and Sea Fairy but chose Macaron as Sea Fairy’s had a similiar design to some of the other costumes shown like Salt’s as it was also sea themed.

  9. I chose Millenial Tree, but Sea Fairy would be my second choice. These two need costumes, and more development. For legendary cookies, they're falling behind badly in the meta and need a boost, along with candies. On the other hand, the other cookies are more common and easier to work with, or already have costumes. Whipped just got a legendary costume, he doesn't need another as good as this design is. The Jump Jelly horse Fig is cute but not a costume I'd spend money on, it feels like one of the common skins from the gatcha. The squid treasure one is exceptionally unique, along with the salt cookie one, they're both very well designed but I wouldn't pick either over MT or SF just because of their class. The Peppermint one is cute, but it comes off as a bit to simple design-wise, while the macaron one is quite eye-catching and probably would be my third choice.

    Both the SF and MT skins are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and I hope that one of them gets chosen.

  10. Sea Fairy Cookie.
    I don't have Macaron, Millenial Tree, and Fig.
    I'm uninterested in Salt
    I like Peppermint but I prefer Sea Fairy
    And Whipped Cream already got a costume, not trying to offend anyone
    Sea Fairy Cookie deserved the costume

  11. Everyone will probably cross out my babey boi whip bc he just got an outfit but
    some people such as me can give that boi a chance to have another outfit edit:so I'm basically begging devisters to make more than one winner ngl

  12. Millennial tree is great it’s just that’s such a boring cookie to use. Whipped cream deserves their emo moment, represent for the sad bitches out here

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