Confetti Birthday Cake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 796

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I’m going to bring you what I like to call my Confetti Birthday
Cake. Now, my birthday is in November, I have never
had a birthday party in the Summer. So, what did I do last weekend? Celebrated
my own birthday. With a birthday cake! And I figured I’d share this recipe with you
because so many of you write me and send me e-mails saying ‘Can you show me a birthday
cake?’. Now, you know I don’t make any sort of fancy
cakes with fondant and all these cool characters, that’s just not my style – I like really good
food! And I love anything homemade. So this is a gorgeous fluffy, light vanilla
cake with a gorgeous buttercream, so it is absolutely amazing, let me take you over the
ingredients so we can get started! You’ll need all purpose flour, baking powder,
salt, granulated sugar, egg whites, unsalted butter, softened at room temperature, a little
bit of sour cream, some whole milk, vanilla extract and I’ve got some jimmies! Now, this is what’s going to go all the way
through my batter, and it’s going to be so good! Now, comment below and let me know what your
childhood birthday cake was, now to be completely honest with you, when I was a child, I didn’t
want a birthday cake, I wanted pastiera. That was the birthday cake of choice! But I would
love to know from you – And I would love to know when your – your birthday month and what
the cake that you would like to have. And maybe you might see it pop up on Laura
in the Kitchen! So, I thought that might be fun! I’m just taking my egg whites and I’m going
to use my standing mixer to whip these up. I’m going to whip these until they’ve got
stiff peaks and I’ll show you what it looks like when they’re there. It should take a
couple minutes. Beautiful! Now, I don’t need the egg whites at this very
moment, I actually need them later on in the recipe, but like I did previously on a different
episode, if I need to whip the egg whites and do it in the standing mixer, I might as
well get them done and out of the way because you can’t whip egg whites in a dirty bowl,
so you want to get those done and out of the way. So now that that’s done – and don’t worry
if a little bit remains, that’s totally fine! I’m going to put this back on, I’m going to
switch to a paddle attachment and I’m going to add – get my beautiful egg whites, look
at that – out of the way. I’m going to add my softened butter, really
important that it’s nice and soft. And my sugar. I’m going to get these nice
and creamy and fluffy. My excitement is making me stutter, but this is going to be gorgeous,
and now you’ve noticed we haven’t added whole eggs, and that’s because we want this to be
a gorgeous white fluffy cake, it’s absolutely delicious – really a treat, I have to say,
but so worth it! Especially if it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday and I will eat cake all I
want! Ha! It’s my pretend birthday anyway! I’m just going to whisk this up, or mix it
until it’s nice and fluffy. That’s looking good, I’m going to add a splash
of vanilla extract and at this point, I’m also going to add my sour cream. I’m not adding
very much but this little tiny bit is going to go a long way and give you the fluffiest
thing ever – the fluffiest cake ever, but if you don’t have it, you can use yogurt,
if you don’t have yogurt, just use a little extra milk – it’ll be totally fine. So, raise this up, get these combined, and
in the meantime I am just going to take a quick second to mix together my flour, baking
powder and salt. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Just want them to be pretty much mixed together. Now, I”m going to add half of my flour – about
half. And half of my milk. Bring this back up, mix it together and then
you add the rest of your flour, the rest of your milk and your batter is almost done! That’s looking gorgeous, I’m going to add
my jimmies in now, and the jimmies are really the best kind of sprinkle confetti to use
for this, but by all means, you can use anything that you prefer, this is just what I prefer. I’m going to just take that off now. I want to be able to fold in the egg whites
by hand, that way I can make sure that they’re not being over mixed and they deflate. But,
totally forgot to tell you that the first thing you want to do, of course, is get your
oven preheated to 350F, get a couple of 9 inch baking pans, or cake pans, whatever you
call them, line them with parchment paper and spray them well with some non-stick spray. Those are ready and waiting. And now what I’m doing, I’m just taking my
spatula, and I like to mix everything from the bottom, up. Look how gorgeous that is. And now, I’m going to take my egg whites – I’ll
do half at a time – and mix that in there, this is going to be just beautiful and it’s
going to help the cake rise and it’s just stunning! Just going to mix that up. Once it’s all mixed, you want to divide the
batter evenly, or as even as you can manage among your baking pans, or your cake pans. Okay, now these are going to go into my preheated
oven at 350F for about 30-35 minutes or until they’re fully cooked, and then we’ll get going
on making the buttercream which if you love wedding cake frosting, that’s what a buttercream
is, it is just.. ah! The stuff of dreams. Okay, let’s pop this in. My cakes baked for about 30 minutes and I’ve
let them cool completely on a wire rack, and now what I’ve done with one of them – they’re
not too domed, because remember, we didn’t add the egg yolks, we just sort of whipped
the egg whites and it falls a bit, kind of like a pavlova almost. What I did, I put it on a cake stand and then
I just put a few pieces of parchment paper around so that the cake stand itself doesn’t
get dirty once i go ahead and frost it. We’re going to make a really simple buttercream
and it really couldn’t be easier. The first thing you’re going to do is you need to start
with butter that’s been softened at room temperature – that is so, so crucial! You absolutely need
it to be at the proper stage. So what I have here is a good amount of butter,
because again, this is buttercream and I’m making this in my standing mixer just because
it’s easier and needs to whisk for a long time, so just going to pop that in. Just going to add some vanilla extract – about
a tablespoon of it – because it is a vanilla buttercream after all. And I’m just going to whisk this up until
just the butter starts, you know, gets going, and then i have some confectioner’s sugar
here and some whole milk. Just going to wait for this to kind of get
a head start and then we’ll add in the sugar. Okay, now what I also have here that I failed
to mention is just a small pinch of salt, and because this is all confectioner’s sugar
– which I know is a lot – but it is a buttercream, you just need to add a little salt to cut
all the sweetness. It really does – it’s a great balance. I’m just going to add my sugar, trying to
not get all over the place, and I think I did pretty well. Let’s see. Yeah. Pretty well. And just a splash of milk, only
a couple tablespoons of milk. And now I’m going to get this up and get it
going and mixing, and this could take up to ten minutes, I mean buttercream goes from
messy, to crumbly, to perfection, so you just need to have patience and the great thing
is you’re not doing it by hand, you’re using a standing mixer, so it makes life a lot easier. Just going to let that continue to go, go,
go until it’s the perfect consistency and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s
there. That is perfection! It took a good four minutes of mixing, but,
I mean look at that!It’s so fluffy. Look at that! So worth the wait. So worth it. And yes, again, it’s really rich
but I promise you this is a once in a while treat – it’s like a wedding cake, you don’t
eat it very often and most of the time, frostings that are used on wedding cakes are buttercream. So I’m just going to mix – I get like immense
pleasure when it comes to buttercream because if you make buttercream at home, then you
know the consistency that you are looking for, so there’s just something about it that
just gives me great pleasure, so this is completely done, and now we’ll get going on frosting. I’m just going to take a little bit of it,
not too much, about I’d say a third. And I’m just using an offset spatula here,
a flat spatula to just smear this, you don’t have to go all the way to the edge, although
it doesn’t matter because we are going to cover the whole thing. Mmm, I can’t wait to have a slice of this,
you have no idea! If your birthday is in the Summer, jealous. Very jealous. Take the remaining frosting. Trying to get it all out of here. Now I have – my birthday is in November, and
I remember one year my mother threw a birthday party for me in the Summer because I remember
crying because all my friends when I was a child – their birthdays were in warmer months,
so they could have parties outside, and I never could, so I remember my mother once
threw me a party in like the middle of July which was amazing. So, I envy those who have
Summer birthdays because they get to be outside and have parties. But, I’m just going to frost this, as you
can see I’m draping down and then this is where I love my rotating cake stand, and this
is why, by the way, you put parchment down because if that were to happen, especially
if you are anything like me, you are a complete and total mess when you frost cakes – it helps
a lot. And then I just like to take the top and just
do little swirls like that. You don’t have to do this, clearly I’m not
a master at decorating cakes, it is just my way of making it look fancy. It’s terrible, I know. Decorating cakes is not my forte – okay? Or my mother’s. This is why the parchment is so beautiful,
because now, you get to take the parchment off and you have no mess on your hands. Don’t ya love when that happens? No mess, and then you look like a pro and
then you don’t tell your friends that this is the trick, that way they’re like ‘How did
you manage to do that’ and you’re like ‘I’m that good! I know!’. And then I’m going to take additional jimmies,
because I want everyone to see that this is a confetti birthday cake. And I’m going to
put them all over the top. The more the merrier when it comes to jimmies! Now, somehow, there’s a plate and a fork in
front of me. Which leads me to believe that even though
it’s only my pretend birthday, I should still have a piece of cake. So I’m going to do it! I’m going to go in for it! Going to go in for that right there. Oh, that’s going to be a big piece Laura! But it is your pretend birthday, so you really
should indulge. Waaaaa! Now, if you don’t like as much frosting, half
the recipe – make half the amount of frosting, it’ll be a really thin layer but hey, it’s
your pretend birthday, you do what you want! Look at that! Look at the jimmies all the way through. Look! If you had a confetti cake for your birthday,
thumbs up this video. And I love you, and I’m jealous of you. I
really do like my pastiera. That’s where it’s at! Mmm hmm.. It’s such a beautifully flavored cake, that
buttercream is like that wedding frosting that we all know and love and we get to eat
like maybe once a year. Absolutely divine. Go to to get this recipe,
I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me, let me know what your favorite birthday
cake is because I would love to recreate it for your special day. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you soon! Bye bye!

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